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Honda Fit Maintenance



  • havingafithavingafit Posts: 22
    Has anyone noticed a "squeaking" sound with the steering wheel? It's not obnoxious or anything...just never noticed this on previous cars.
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    We've been getting a lot of rain here in NYC the last 2 weeks so for my commute, I've had my wipers on at least 2 hours a day for the last week to get this symptom. Aren't you in sunny California? How often do you use wipers? When I was in Las Vegas, the rental agency thought I was weird when I complained they didn't have washer fluid in the rental car. :confuse:

    After trying hard to hear the swishing sound I finally did. I had to go to a quiet area, turn off everything and did abrupt stops and zig zag turns to hear a really really muffled swishing sound. Haha. It sounds like a water bed. :)
  • hungarian83hungarian83 Posts: 678
    I haven't used the windshield wipers in a significant rainstorm yet, but when I commute to work in the morning on the interstate 5, it goes along the coast. It is usually cloudy and sometimes there are spots with very heavy fog that leave mist on the windshield, and the wipers do an excellent job of keeping it clear. Of course, they are brand new. ;)
  • els2023els2023 Posts: 29
    Does anybody else feel nervous about winter with the terrible ground clearance on our Fit Sports?

    Has anyone had any trouble with the front ground clearance yet?

    How about engine noise and lack of power, is it getting intolerable to anyone?
  • sfinstersfinster Posts: 17
    What *is* the ground clearance of the Sport? Everyplace I look says it's unpublished. (I suppose I could go outside with a ruler, but it's dark out...)

    I guess I hope I don't end up using my car as a snowplow! Mostly if the roads aren't clear I stay home.
  • dewaltdakotadewaltdakota Posts: 364
    I was thinking the same thing... ;)
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    We haven't had any problems with the windshield wipers, either. We have had occasion to use the intermittent level and it's OK. It's better than the last new car I bought - that one had 170 miles on it when I bought it (the dealer I bought it from had to do a dealer trade to get it, and the dealership was about 150 miles away). The wipers were all dried out and I had to replace them right after I got it. Wasn't totally surprised because the dealership it came from was in the middle of the desert.
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    Car feels a little sluggish right now. The car doesn't feel as peppy or sprints as well when it was new. Wait... its still new.

    Turned off the A/C today and the car sprints again. I wonder why the A/C is bogging down the engine now. When I bought the car, I felt the A/C had no effect on the engine's torque response. Hmmm....
  • shneorshneor Posts: 66
    I have about 1800 miles on my Base Manual. It feels like the AC has no effect, but when I check the tachometer, it looks like it adds about 100 rpm.
  • els2023els2023 Posts: 29
    Please let us know what happens with this and what your dealer service dept says about the AC now killing your performance.
  • sfinstersfinster Posts: 17
    Hmm. Same ground clearance as my old Toyota Sienna. No, I'm not worried about Midwest winters at all.
  • sfinstersfinster Posts: 17
    You might just have debris stuck to your wiper. The next time you're at a gas station cleaning your windshield, take a damp paper towel and run it along the wiper blade. You don't need a lot of pressure; just a gentle pinch between your thumb and finger. I'm always amazed at how black the paper towel is afterwards!
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    Please let us know what happens with this and what your dealer service dept says about the AC now killing your performance.

    With all the new cars I've owned, I think this is just a normal progression. The car won't be as quiet, won't be as peppy and the a/c will make its presence felt.

    Actually, first time I washed the car today and found that my right rear tire was only at 10psi and a nail stuck to it. :sick: I'm sure this made the sluggishness more apparent. Brought it back up to 32psi and its a little better but still not the same as when it was new new.

    Also while washing the car, I found the plastic guards inside the wheel well facing the headlights were both popped out of place. I got scared at first thinking that the car might have been at a body shop but I think its because the lower part of the plastic is very flimsy.
  • els2023els2023 Posts: 29
    Please let us know what happens with this and what your dealer service dept says about the AC now killing your performance.

    With all the new cars I've owned, I think this is just a normal progression. The car won't be as quiet, won't be as peppy and the a/c will make its presence felt.

    I don't see how this can be normal "progression" after probably a couple thousand miles. Maybe if you were nearing 100K miles.
  • I have over 2,000 miles. No loss of power, no squeaks, no rattles, nothing. Your car is still new, not even really broken in yet.
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    To clarify, I know there is nothing wrong with my car. However, I do know that the car right now does not feel/drive the same when it was new. The engine is a little racier, the idle variates at warmup (feels like going over waves - this just started 2 days ago), going over bumps is not as buffered and even the new car smell is gone. :P I did already put in 4030+ miles and the oil life is down to 50%. Who knows? When I change the oil and get the rear tire plugged, it might feel "new" again.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    My Fit is now down to 15% oil life and last night I went to my usual Jiffy Lube for a quicky oil change (I know there will be people saying this is a bad idea, but I've done the same thing with several different vehicles, including a Nissan Hardbody sold with 290,000 miles, a Toyota Tacoma with 188,000 miles and a Jeep Wrangler with 135,000 miles on it. The Hardbody - dead tranny but good motor - was the only one not in perfect running condition. I'd say I've had good luck doing this). However, they didn't have the book showing what type of oil filter would fit it. Looks like I'll have to figure out how to get to a Honda dealership to get it done pretty soon (sigh).
  • reddroverrreddroverr Posts: 509
    are you saying that you are going to take it to a honda dealership and go against the manual guidelines for break-in oil change? I'll be interested to see what they say.
  • fitman548fitman548 Posts: 172
    I read the manual last night, and didn't recall any specific text that said "don't change the oil until the indicator hits 0% the first time"

    Can someone point me to a page number???
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    What is your odomoter reading at 15%? Over here in NY, Honda only charges $24.95 for an oil change for the Fit. The lady even asked me if I had a coupon for additional savings. Haha.
  • jethadenjethaden Posts: 36
    You could order a Honda filter (or more) from College Hills Honda or equivalent. I did this when I ordered the floor mats. They even included the drain plug washer in their standard kit (or maybe Honda sells it that way). Price was something like $6 or $7.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Someone asked (and I forgot to answer) what the mileage was on the odo when I was at 15%. Answer is around 6500. The Fit went over 9,000 today and is down to 5%, so we went to a Honda dealer in Vegas (happened to be there this weekend) and got an oil change for $19.99! Maybe I'll just come here for all my oil changes from now on (though isn't a 300 mile one way trip to get an oil change a bit much?).
  • Your putting on some serious mileage.
  • fit_nessfit_ness Posts: 58
    Funny. I said I was a couple thousand miles away from my Fit in the post above yours and I'm in Vegas, too. I'll keep my eye out for a high mileage Fit that knows the mountains.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    LOL! You'll have to be quick, though - we're heading back to SoCal this morning.

    I don't drive in the dark much (my other half does), so I'm mostly familiar with the well-lit radio, and HVAC controls. Are the cruise controls on the steering wheel lit? They have raised bumps so you can find them without looking down, but I don't know that they are lit.

    As far as mileage goes, our last daily driver vehicle had over 50,000 miles on it the first year we owned it. I don't know if we'll put quite that many miles on the Fit, since our last daily driver (which we still own) was a Wrangler. A Fit Sport just can't go some of the places I've taken the Wrangler, and it will also probably stay home when we get the occasional big snowstorm. For some reason, I don't like messing with chains and snow shovels at 4 in the morning.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    You took the words right out of my mouth! I just cannot fanthom putting on that much mileage at that rate! Is there enough time in the day left to eat and go potty?! :blush: :P
  • sfinstersfinster Posts: 17
    There is an intermittent rattle in the back of my Fit. It sounds like it's coming from the rear passenger side.

    Theory 1: There are two access panels on the passenger side of the cargo area that don't fit particularly well. I bought some little foam "dots" and used them to pad the openings. It *seemed* like that fixed it, but then the rattle came back.

    Theory 2: The plastic liner on the hatch comes down to two points on the sides, and they're not particulary attached to the metal door at all. More foam dots. Again, for a while it seemed like the rattle was gone, but no such luck. My husband refused to ride in the car for a road trip; the rattle was so bad in the first two blocks that we turned around and took our lower-mpg car instead.

    Theory 3: The center rear seatbelt retracts into the ceiling. There are two metal pieces that slide into slots for storage. They don't seem to stay particularly well, though, and I'm wondering if the plastic on the lower clip is rattling against the car ceiling. I also noticed that there is a bracket around the belt where it goes into the car ceiling, and this swivels around very easily. Is it supposed to? Would you mind running out to your garage and checking for me? :)

  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I'll see what you are talking about in the morning - it's too dark to see much right now.

    However, one of the first places I would be visiting is my dealer - the car is still warranty, and the dealer should be able to fix it.
  • Have had my Fit for 2 weeks, it has 440 miles on it. Today I heard a weird very light scraping noise coming from under the right side front wheel. Goes away when I hit the break. This has me a tad worried to say the least. Seriously...the car is so low and I had on a skirt, so I wasn't able to look under to see what the heck was going on without literally getting down on my knees. Will do that in the morning in daylight. It sounds internal...not an obvious piece of debris caught under the car or anything. Anyone else heard such a weird sound?
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