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Honda Fit Maintenance



  • dewaltdakotadewaltdakota Posts: 364
    My Fit hasn't done that yet, but my Honda Civics have been known to get a few rocks inside the brake dust shield area, that would make a weird scraping noise, until the rocks came out (whether by the dealer's hand, or by pure luck while driving).

    With all of the rain we've had this past week, it wouldn't surprise me if you had some water carry a few small stones, or some gravel up in there. Try swinging by Pearson Honda's service area, and ask them.
  • that's exactly what it was. Bent brake shield is what they said. The two lane road in front of my office had uneven pavement this week. I think while switching from one lane to another I must have scraped the bottom of the car and somehow bent the brake dust shield??? They bent it back into place for charge. They said they see a lot of that on the Civics. Because they are so low to the ground, I'm wondering? Anyways...I'm good to go. Replacing it would not have been under they bent it back. I hope it stays bent back.
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    Someone asked (and I forgot to answer) what the mileage was on the odo when I was at 15%. Answer is around 6500.

    That was probably me. My Fit reminded me its at 15% when it was only around 5500 miles. I got my oil change this morning from the dealer for $26.45. It had 6043 miles (still at 15%) when I brought it in. Thanks.
  • edvisoredvisor Posts: 4
    My Fit developed a high-pitch noise at the top-center of the windshield during highway speeds. It's especially loud when I'm on a bridge or it's a windy day. Has anyone else had this issue?
  • dewaltdakotadewaltdakota Posts: 364
    There was a TSB for wind noise in the area you mention that should have been taken care of at the port. I would take it to the dealership, and mention the TSB as part of your complaint. The fix involves a tube of sealant and the molding at the top center of the windshield.
  • edvisoredvisor Posts: 4
    I made an appointment to have the problem checked out. The Honda service rep I spoke to doesn't know about a TSB for the windshield noise problem that I am having on my Fit.

    But it seems that this problem happens on other Honda vehicles as well. A Google searched turned up a bunch of threads about the same issue happening on other Honda vehicles as well (Especially on the Ridgeline).

    I'll post on the outcome of the service visit soon...
  • edvisoredvisor Posts: 4
    I found the TSB. Here is the link...

    Honda Fit - Wind Noise TSB - PDF

    I can now take the TSB with me to the Honda Service Department and save time.
  • fitman548fitman548 Posts: 172
    "On another note, Anyone else having problems with the lower pannels on the fit sport always hitting the road on driveway turnins and speed bumps?"

    I hit the underside of the front end while backing out of my friend's driveway too fast. The bumper popped out on the drivers side about a half inch...right at the the wheel well. The plastic hole broke that held the bumper on there...probably by design, as a shock absorber for collisions. I loosened the screw on the underside of the wheel well and put the tab back around the screw, and re-tightened it. Seems ok.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Honda Fit Noise - wind, rattles
  • Ok, I wonder if its connected but after I took my Honda Fit Sport 5spd for an oil change and warranty work on the A/C switch (its almost 2 weeks and still waiting for the part, just called the dealer and the part is on backorder), I started noticing a whirring sound mostly when I first get in the car. It turns out its the power lock switch. When I engage the lock, it has this whirring sound for about 2 sec. Once I flip the switch back and forth, it disappears. It will do it again after a while.

    Anyone have this quirk too and is it something to be concerned about?

    To the HOST, can you bring back the "problems and solutions" category? These micromanaged subdirectories are too much. You seriously can't categorize each detailed issue or subject. Thanks.
  • My driver's side sun visor rattles, and has since about 1000 miles on the car. I think it's actually the flap over the mirror that rattles. When the visor is tucked up, there's no rattle, but when it's in use, I can hear it. I might put a dab of silicon or who knows what in the corners of the flap to buffer it a little.
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    It dropped to 29 degrees yesterday here in NYC. My Fit started ticking (driver side dashboard panel where it meets the windshield) plus my ongoing rattle from the center vents made it seem my whole dashboard panel was coming apart. Anyone have this same symptom with their Fit in bitter cold weather?

    I unlatched the glove compartment and found that the rattle looks to be the air duct pipes being loose. Still haven't figured out how to secure/dampen it with sticky foam.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    It's been in the low 20's here in the morning and no rattles. If you're having rattles that loud, you'd think that the dealer could isolate and fix them. The only thing loose on my Fit is the 12v power outlet that I need to get looked at.
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    Honda dealer service. What a joke. :P

    I'm using a new dealership for service now but the last one was such a waste of time with me coming in 5 times for the same issue and them not being able to resolve it.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    I guess it depends on the issue. If it's an intermittent whine, rattle, or noise, or if you have poor mpg or loss of power, then it might be tough to find the because there are a lot of possible reasons and there may be a lot of replacing this or that until something works. A lot of it is just luck on getting a car without any problems and luck in finding a good mechanic at a good dealer.
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    Can you do me a favor and press the corners of the dashboard panel edges where it meets the windshield? Does it shake? Mine is shaking which is causing the ticking during cold weather and going over bumps. If yours does not shake then I am assuming my last dealer made more problems again than the original problem I went in for - I specified front center vent rattle which I found to be loose air vent ducts. Instead, it looks like they foamed up the windshield edges and in the process loosening up the dashboard panel. My Honda/Acura service experience has just been very poor. :(
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Actually, I had a Cougar that had rattles and by the time they tore the dash apart to fix the one rattle, they caused another one. Unless it's really bothersome, if I ever hear any squeaks or small rattles I'm just going to leave them alone. The dash on any car really isn't designed to be removed so many times and every time you remove it it will never be as tight as the initial installation at the factory. If it was really bad I'd bring it in, but not if it's minor.
  • I'm having the same problem as mentioned above. I have the ticking/clicking noise on the left dashboard where it meets the windshield and only happens when the temperature is below 40 or so. My dashboard is a little loose on the drivers side and the foam that meets the dashboard and windshield appears to be higher on that side than on the passenger side. I'm going to try and mess with the foam and see if I cannot fix it myself. I'll keep you posted.
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    My dashboard is a little loose on the drivers side and the foam that meets the dashboard and windshield appears to be higher on that side than on the passenger side.

    Hmmm. It might be by design then. I did see the foam sticking out as well on the corner driver side and not on the middle and passenger side. I just accepted that it ticks/rattles when the temp drops to the 40's. It usually disappears for the most part until you hit a bad bump/groove then it feels like the whole dashboard is loose (ticks/rattles). :cry: I am not wasting my time with dealer service anymore since they haven't been able to fix the problem. How many miles does your Fit have? I already have over 20K miles so I'm thinking it might be wear and tear as well. Haha.
  • "My Fit started ticking (driver side dashboard panel where it meets the windshield)"

    Although I'm in Phoenix, my car did the same thing in the same place in early morning cold. Maybe the rubber seal gets really hard.
  • My Fit has about 6k miles on it. The noise disappears after about 5 minutes in temperatures below 40F. And like you are experiencing - the noise does reappear after going over some rough pavement or bumps. I have to take my car in for an oil change pretty soon and I'll have them check the dashboard and to also raise the headlamps a couple of notches (like other people on the board are saying) the headlamps are aimed a little too low.
  • does any one know the reccomended interval for replacement as far as I know its a chain and it should last the life of the vehicle,can any one back this up????
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    does any one know the reccomended interval for replacement as far as I know its a chain and it should last the life of the vehicle,can any one back this up????

    As per Honda's website, the Fit has a 100,000-Miles-or-More Tune-Up Interval so it is most likely a timing chain. All you really need to change is the oil, fluids, brakes, rotate and balance the tires.
  • On the subject of maintenance, how often should I have my Fit's tires rotated?
  • jkandelljkandell Posts: 116
    The "maintenance minder" indicates tire rotation when you see a "1".
    Not sure how they figure it.
  • I am having the same "ticking" problem with my dash in cold weather, too. Only have a little over 3,000 miles on the car, so I'm disappointed with the noise. I also noticed that the portion of the dash covering the passenger airbag has some pretty large gaps on the left side where it meets the other dash panels. Anyone else notice this?
  • I bought my FIT in September of 2006. On February 23, 2007 I finally got my car into the dealer because the entire dashboard was creaking and rattling and basically driving me crazy.

    The dealer initially said they were able to duplicate the noise early in the morning but once the day warmed up ( I live in Connecticut) the noise went away. They called me and informed me that no action was taken and I could come pick up the car.

    Well, I picked up the car and quicky drove it around the block so I could confirm the noise. I drove back to the dealer and had the service manager come out and drive around the block with me. He definitely heard the noise and apoligized for it not being properly fixed.

    In a nutshell they spent two days tearing things down and here's the documented fix: "Mileage 19,237. Dash has multiple creaks and rattles @ base of windshield and aroun the lower "A" pillar trip area and around the instrument visor area. Contacted Honda tech-line. Tech-line had no info in database on this issue. Removed instrument visor and guages and road tested. Still hear several noises @ base of windshield area. Removed entire dashboard assy and found no EPT foam on underside of dash panel @ firewall area. Also found two vent ducts on t he drivers side that were conacting each other creating creak type noise. Installed a strip of EPT foam between ducts, installed EPT foam along the entire firewall area over sound deadening foam and also put EPT foam on underside of dash panel and insulated dash board locating pins as they were also a source of noise. Reinstalled dashboard assy, installed wool felt around instrument panel bezel and around instrument visor assy. Also applied wool felt to base of the "A" pillar trim panels. Roadtested again...dash area silent."

    My dash made a ton of noise, especially when it was in the 20's outside. Since the fix it is silent and a joy to drive again. Just wanted to give folks a heads up in the event you are experiencing a similar problem.
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    Nice! Which dealership was this? Sounds like they were very thorough. I did have this problem last year but got frustrated with the dealer service so I decided to do it myself detaching the glove compartment and foaming everything I thought would make a tick (I have an abundance of harddrive foam which works very well). Its fine or very minimal even after the below freezing temps we've had recently.
  • Liberty Honda in Hartford, CT. Service manager is Eric (last name escapes me at the moment).

    Also, check this other thread. ce/9845-rattles-im-winning-diy-fix.html?highlight=dash+rattle

    If it doesn't hotlink, cut and paste it.

    I drove to a Rangers game the other day in the city and the freaking dash noise drove me and the wife absolutely bat $hit crazy. My commute today in to the office...silent. Well, except for my need for early AM metal.
  • juliebljuliebl Posts: 1
    I had my oil changed two weeks ago and now the 15% oil life light has lit up. Does this mean that my oil was not really changed? Should I have it changed again and this time ask the mechanic to use the recommended oil from the handbook? How many miles can you go before it gets to 10%. I just looked at the book after the light came on, figuring it was fine to take to the local mechanic for the oil change but maybe I was wrong. Thanks
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