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Hi. I'm planning to buy a tonneau cover for my truck and I can't still decide which brand to buy. I've read that there are soft and hard types. It would be great if you guys can give some comparison. Do these need drilling? I'd like one that would keep the bed area secured since I put some stuff in for my small business.


  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 210,201
    Do you have an F-150?

    Two of my friends have BAKFlip covers. They flip back in four sections. I like them, because they fit flush with the side rails, and are thin, so, when you fold back, they are relatively light, aren't hard to flip.

    In contrast, our Tacoma has a factory tonneau cover, which is only three sections, but is a real bicep buster to flip, and is about 1" thick, sitting on top of the side rails. Not nearly as good.

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  • rek1aimerrek1aimer Allentown, PAMember Posts: 3
    +1 for the BAKFlip. I have the G2 and the thing is great. I did run into a bit of an issue with some of the weather stripping coming off and they sent me a whole new cover! They have great warranty service if you ever need them.
  • rickdonrickdon Member Posts: 123
    Bakflip is a really nice cover though pricey. Undercover is a good option also and looks similar to Bakflip.
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