Electrical problem with my '98 FE

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I have a Ford Escort LX (1998). Recently, blinker lights have gone out, as
well as the left rear brake light. So, I replace all the blinker signal bulbs in the
front (side signal bulbs included) and I replace the tail lights and brake
light bulbs too. Then I replace the rear blinker/signal light bulbs too. NOW the lights only work on the right side of the car!
No turn signals work on the left, and the brake light doesn't work on the
rear left! omg. This is true when I turn on the hazard lights too . the left signal
doesn't work in the cabin on the dash either. omg. honestly, I don't know
how to fix this by myself. Any help would help :)


  • GloriaWalkerGloriaWalker Member Posts: 7
    Got it checked by experts if the problem still persists.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Hard to say from this distance without a careful step by step diagnosis, but my offhand guess would be to check the ground wires at the extremities--the front and rear blinker light assemblies. Also your battery ground cable. Simplest things first before digging into the car's main electrical systems. Also check your fuse box for corrosion, as any electrical resistance can throw things off, too.
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