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I'm about to enter in to lease negotiations for a 2018 S5 Prestige in 90503 (Southern CA). Using various car buying services it looks like my best deal through that process is through AAA which gets me 5.6% off the sticker. I researched this site which suggest MF at .00190 and residual at 57%, 1% more residual if I add Audi Care. Any other information that I need to be aware of before entering the negotiation? Fees to avoid? Any other tricks they can use to extract more money from me of which I should be aware? Thanks everyone for their assistance on this site it has been very helpful!


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    I should also add the MF and residual is based on a 15k 36 mo lease
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    I should also add the MF and residual is based on a 15k 36 mo lease

    .00190 MF and 57% residual is correct.
    (58% w/AudiCare)

    CA fees are pretty straightforward.
    DMV fees are approx. 1.1% of MSRP
    $80 doc fee
    $895 acquisition fee
    $869 AudiCare

    Turn down any extras in the F&I office.
    Refuse any markups to the base money factor.

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    Thanks again!
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