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2018 Alfa Romeo Guilia Lease Deals and Prices

profseekprofseek Member Posts: 13
edited March 2018 in Alfa Romeo
Trying to decide on lease of 2017/2018 Ti/AWD Sport. Dealer with car I am interested in quoted me $656 with taxes and fees for 2017 Ti/AWD Sport for 24 month/10k miles.
Vehicle MSRP is $53,735, Sales Price $49,750. Was told MF was 1.17 and Residual 62% @$33,315.70 - Quote based upon Ally.
I realize 2018 amount may be marginally different, but does MF and amount - putting aside fact that I think the Sales Price is high and other dealers are offering up to 10K off sticker on similar cars - make sense.
Also, am I correct that the way this was quoted, there was no reduction in the MSRP if the dealer reached the Sales Price by deducting 'Rebates' only?
Also, if you could supply MF and Residual for 2018 24m/36m 10k that would be great.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • profseekprofseek Member Posts: 13
    Thank you for your response. The dealer expressed the MF as 1.17, but based upon what you said, he probably just forget to express it as 1.17% interest rate which does not seem to be competitive judging by responses to similar questions.That dealer also said they use Chrysler Capital but I don't think they are going to discount the car much so I am still looking. There is a 'sport package on the 2017 and that was what I was referring to. Is there a way to find out the GMAC and Ally MFactors? Do you know if an Alfa dealer must offer leasing through Chrysler Capital? Is the MF determined by the location of the dealer or the state where the car will be registered? I am asking that question because some of the cars I am looking at are not in NY where I will register the car. My main concern is the depreciation of the car and despite the 0% interest rate being offered on most 2017's, I am considering leasing to hedge against uncertain values 24 and 36 months forward especially if I were to purchase a 2017 now. Any thought on that would be greatly appreciated as well as the available MF for 2017 Ti; AWD Ti and any different MF or Residuals on any of those models with the Sport Package if that matters. My apologies in advance for the length of my response and sheer number of questions; I am just trying to educate myself in what's not a very transparent process. Thanks
  • profseekprofseek Member Posts: 13
    Thanks, can you give me the available MF & Residuals in NYS for 2017 Ti RWD and AWD Ti and any different MF or Residuals for either of those models with the Sport Package if that matters.
    Are there standard document; acquisition, etc. fees for Chrysler that you can provide?
    Thanks again.
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