2018 GLE350 loaner 36/7.5k. -what is MF and Residual and discount

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NYC - looking for the MF and residual on a 2018 GLE350 loaner 36/7.5k . if msrp is 61700 how much discount for the loaner with 4k miles

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  • cgroomescgroomes Member Posts: 3
    thanks. will see how it goes.
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    Have you been shopping new units, as well?

    It's important to have something to base it against. No point in getting a great "price" on a loaner, only to find out it's $10/mo. cheaper than a brand new example.

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  • cgroomescgroomes Member Posts: 3
    will look at new also. The loaner has 2.6k miles and deal is for 12.3 % off msrp. seems low
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