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Toyota Yaris Real-World MPG



  • Anyone else experiencing this? I've had my liftback since November. I live in NW Ohio. Up until about the past month I had been getting 33 city/37 highway. Now that winter is finally here it has dropped to 29-31 (mostly city). Seems like quite a dropoff to me. I'm still under 3,000 miles so haven't done me first oil change yet. I think I might switch to synthetic oil at that time which should help a little.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Yep... happens every winter (when it gets cold, which it is now). :(
  • Backy, you don't even own a Yaris. Please don't reply to my posts with your unqualified comments.

    I am interested in hearing from fellow Yaris and Echo owners on this question. Others need not apply.

    Thank you.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    The question didn't specify whether others were experiencing this with a Yaris. After all, you include the ECHO--which the last time I checked isn't a Yaris. But maybe the Yaris (and ECHO) act differently in this regard than every other car on the road today.

    As Steve Martin used to say,

  • This is the Toyota Yaris forum and you know that. People have been through this with you before. Go back to your Playstation.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Here is some SPECIFIC information about warm weather vs. cold weather fuel economy on a Corolla. Not a Yaris or ECHO, but it's another small-engined Toyota so it might be relevant. I'm sure you'll let me know if it's not or if it's not specific enough for you. Or if it's not what you're looking for you could just use the Page Down key, it would be faster and friendlier than picking on someone's post because it's not specific enough for you.

    lakesguy, "Toyota Corolla Real World MPG Numbers" #123, 30 Jan 2007 1:16 pm
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Although Backy is (seemingly) incorrigibly dedicated to singing the praises of Hyundais, there are a couple of things to keep in mind before taking pot shots at him:

    1. He is very well informed, as evidenced by his insightful economy car test drives/comparisons here on Edmunds;

    2. He's usually, although not always, right.

    In this case I vote with Backy. Your lower gas mileage is probably due to the onset of winter.

    The EPA has acknowledged, in coming out with its revised 2008 criteria for gas mileage reports, that one of the major factors decreasing gas mileage is cold weather. This is for several reasons: the engine has to run richer, hence less fuel efficiently, while warming up; the engine has a deeper hole out of which it has to warm up, so warm up takes longer; it's colder outside, so warm up takes longer; a 5W-30 or 5W-20 conventional motor oil is thicker and less fuel efficient at freezing temperatures (a synthetic, especially a 0-30, can help in this regard); using the cabin heater slows down the warm up process; and there is more road friction on a wet/snowy road than on a dry road. Until the car warms up, it needs a richer fuel mixture just to keep running, and friction is higher than at full operating temperature. And the tires are stiffer, and hence less fuel efficient while warming up. Finally, most people take short trips (5 miles or less) which amplifies the "hit" taken from the cold weather.

    This affects ALL cars, not just Yarii, so Backy was right to chime in; although the difference in mpg, in absolute numbers, appears greater because 15% of 37 mpg is a bigger number than 15% of 14 mpg.

    Finally, many states switch to "winter blends" of fuels which are also less energy rich and further affect mileage adversely.
  • I'm not looking for votes, pal. This is the Yaris Forum and I'm looking for qualified input from actual grown up owners like myself. I'm not looking for "probably" or "revised 2008 criteria." If you do not have actual experience to respond with, but are lonesome, please phone a friend.
  • You have a lot of hostility bottled up there. Did a bully steal your lunch money when you were a little kid?

    Winter driving and its associated fuel mixture will affect ALL cars, including your Yaris. There is no need to be acting like a spoiled little kid....
  • God you are SUCH A SAVAGE! I'm getting all excited now....HOW impressive. :P
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    In my Echo, which has essentially the identical powertrain to the new Yaris, winter has had virtually ZERO effect on my fuel economy. However, I live in California, where we don't get much of a winter (except for that CRAZY cold snap that lasted about a month). It DOES take longer for the little blue light to go out in the mornings this last month or two, and I have noticed that I have gone from a running average of about 41 mpg to about 39.5 for the last several tanks.

    Not sure if that helps, or if I'm qualified to answer...


    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • I'm acting like a "spoiled little kid" because I request some qualified input as opposed to irrelevant drivel from people who feel the just have to say something but have nothing of value to say? How would you say you are acting dkarsch by jumping into a thread to attack me when you have nothing to offer either? Maybe I'm not the only one with something "bottled up"?

    You needn't get too "EXCITED" lucy. Trust me, it will NEVER matter. And what's your excuse? No more spaghetti in the house? You don't own a Yaris either. All you do is make disparaging comments about them. Thanks for dropping by to leave another "DEPOSIT."

    Nippononly--at least you actually drive one of the cars I requested input about. Thank you for your input. (See, I can be perfectly civil.) As to your crack regarding whether you are "qualified," the weather in NW Ohio (per the post where I proposed the question) has been below freezing since the first of January. You must be pretty smart if you live in California. You figure it out...
  • When you act like an A$$ and are rude to people who are trying to answer your question, then you shouldn't be surprised when you are called on the carpet.

    As I stated before, and you should know this if you live in Ohio, winter fuel mixtures and the cold weather will have a negative affect on a vehicles milage. It doesn't matter if the car is a Corolla (which I drive), a Ford, a Nissan, or a Yaris.
  • Called on the carpet?? I have news for you...I don't work for you, butchey boy. The closest thing to a qualified answer so far was from nipponoly who drives an Echo. When you drive a Yaris or Echo feel free to share a real life experience. In the meantime go check the beagle for fleas and mosey over to the Corolla forum with the rest of the librarians and bean counters. And watch your language, too, there preacher.
  • Anyone ELSE hear the "PLONK" of a TROLL? :P
  • Oh, we hear YOU there, "LUCY." Now GO on and see HOW many CATS can fit in your "ACCENT."
  • I am very happy with my Yaris 5 speed 90 day average mpg.
    The average is 42.6 mpg. I live in Pennsylvania, and winter is a factor, but not as much as I expected. This car is excellent for fuel economy when driven correctly. I expect to get to an average of 44 mpg in the spring. :)

    date filled miles gals cost mpg
    02/07/2007 297.7 6.98 2.199 42.65
    01/31/2007 297.5 6.923 2.219 42.97
    01/22/2007 260.8 6.205 2.279 42.03
    01/15/2007 169.7 3.857 2.319 43.99
    01/09/2007 316.6 7.331 2.359 43.18
    12/28/2006 307.8 7.23 2.399 42.57
    12/21/2006 206.6 4.632 2.379 44.60
    12/15/2006 117.0 2.814 2.319 41.57
    12/12/2006 279.1 6.82 2.339 40.92
    12/01/2006 258.6 6.01 2.259 43.02
    11/20/2006 309.0 7.403 2.179 41.73
    11/09/2006 285.7 6.85 2.159 41.70
  • Wow, you're doing great fastrunner. I started driving mine (automatic trans) the 1st of November. I had initially been getting about 32.5 when mostly around town, as high as 37 when mostly highway. The weather was pretty mild here until early-January when it really plunged. We've been below freezing for weeks now; at times single digits (F) and below zero at night. My mpg has dropped below 30 now. I thought the weather might be a factor, especially on a new motor. But, I guess I didn't know whether losing 3-4 mpg on this vehicle would be normal, or not.
  • Wow ! Looks like you haven't dipped below 40 mpg ! Is this mostly city , or all highway? Very nice, are you coasting a lot ?
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    Here are my records going back to when I first purchased my 5 speed manual hatchback Yaris that I have lifted from my website:

    Fuel Purchase Records

    Date, Miles Traveled, Gallons, Total Fuel Cost, Driving Conditions: City, Hwy, MPG

    05/13/2006 212.70 5.776 15.30 90% 10% 36.8

    06/06/2006 359.60 9.650 25.27 100% 0% 37.3

    07/01/2006 372.50 9.987 26.86 100% 0% 37.3

    07/14/2006 134.20 3.493 9.43 100% 0% 38.4

    08/09/2006 392.30 10.212 28.38 90% 10% 38.4

    08/28/2006 230.30 6.048 14.57 100% 0% 38.1

    08/28/2006 209.00 5.530 14.15 0% 100% 37.8

    08/30/2006 396.20 10.109 26.58 0% 100% 39.2

    08/30/2006 403.10 9.974 24.13 0% 100% 40.4

    09/30/2006 297.80 7.960 15.99 100% 0% 37.4

    10/25/2006 373.70 10.159 19.80 100% 0% 36.8

    11/21/2006 316.30 8.534 17.14 100% 0% 37.1

    11/22/2006 390.60 10.311 21.75 0% 100% 37.9

    11/25/2006 400.40 10.198 22.22 20% 80% 39.3

    11/26/2006 280.90 8.058 16.75 0% 100% 34.9

    11/26/2006 301.90 8.772 17.54 0% 100% 34.4

    12/09/2006 363.10 10.249 21.51 70% 30% 35.4

    12/27/2006 328.30 8.994 18.97 100% 0% 36.5

    01/17/2007 354.10 9.856 19.41 100% 0% 35.9

    02/11/2007 360.10 10.181 19.94 100% 0% 35.4
  • You truly show your ignorance if you think that a question about fuel mileage dropping in the winter can only be answered by a Yaris owner.

    I guess the information from the EPA which micweb posted in reply to your message doesn't count?? Oh, let me guess, they don't drive a Yaris so their opinions don't count.

    Based on your problem with pent up hostility, your drop in mileage is most likely due to an aggressive driving style.
  • In that 90 day average, less than 5% is highway. It is also not city driving. It is mostly driving to and from work (37 miles round trip), on roads with a traffic light or stop sign about every mile. I usually do not have to drive to work during rush hour, so I can go easy on the gas. I do not drive below the speed limit, slowing drivers behind me. It does involve coasting when possible.
    I do have a scanguage II, which helps me to save fuel.
  • "You truly show your ignorance if you think that a question about fuel mileage dropping in the winter can only be answered by a Yaris owner.

    I guess the information from the EPA which micweb posted in reply to your message doesn't count?? Oh, let me guess, they don't drive a Yaris so their opinions don't count.

    Based on your problem with pent up hostility, your drop in mileage is most likely due to an aggressive driving style."

    There, you see, dkarsh. Once again you offer nothing relevant. I came to the Yaris forum and requested information from other Yaris owners. Qualified input. Information copied out off of other websites, "opinions," and general yack yack does not address my question. I can get that anywhere.

    Did you notice that 2 or 3 posters have dropped in with real life data that is relevant? If you look closely you might see that there is an intelligent, civil conversation taking place. But, again, you drop by to offer absolutely nothing but more provocation. And I'm the one with "pent up hostility"? I don't know what your problem is, but it must be hard to spell.

    And, oh, if you seem to get great gas mileage on your Corolla it's most likely due to running your mouth more than you run your car. Now, go find somebody in your own family to lecture. (I'll bet they seem disappear when the hear you coming don't they? ;) )
  • lhanson, it looks like you started out with about the same highway mpg as I did. Your city was about 4 mpg better though, and I really babied mine for the first 2500 miles. Slow starts, lots of coasting (to the extent that can be done with an automatic), and I tried to vary my speeds the way the book says to. My city driving is not like downtown, inner city driving, though. I'm in a small suburban "city," so it's more like the "strip mall" part of town. I had been using "regular" grade gas exclusively until my last fuel up when I decided to put in "plus" (maybe 1/2 tank) thinking it might burn a little better in the cold whether. My mpg did come up about 1.5 mpg which was during the coldest spell to date. Of course, Plus is an extra dime a gallon.

    Oh well, I'm up to 3000 miles now. Looking forward to converting over to synthetic oil and hoping to see some impressive numbers once the weather breaks.
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    Your driving environment pretty much describes my own. My car is garaged at night and I live near Memphis where our winter time temperatures about 15 degrees higher than yours. My commute to work is only 7.5 miles and I have about 6500 miles on the car after almost 10 months. I try to make sure that my tires have at least 40 lbs of air in them at all times. This is easy to forget when it freezing cold and it is very uncomfortable to be messing with an air compressor, but the cold air will cause you to lose a lot tire pressure which can significantly affect gas mileage.
  • ...I enter this forum. Seriously, no two vehicles come out exactly alike, and MPG can vary wildly. My '06 Corolla (no snickers please) gets 25 MPG in 50/50 city/highway driving, and I'm not Speed Racer. That would put me below average. I'm not surprised that Yaris MPG figures would fluctuate either. I just read a post on the Scion boards where a fellow is worried about his new xA only doing 25 mph as well.

    Yaris owners, I'm jealous of your average 10 mpg improvement on my figures. Enjoy the savings.
  • I have the 15" wheels and try to keep tires tires aired up to what the sticker on the door jamb says--32 if I remember correctly. The cold temperatures do make quite a difference. I've had to add air twice since fall.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Man, fastrunner, I like your mileage! When I first had my Echo I was striving to get that kind of mileage (in mainly commuter use and suburban driving, very little stop and go), and I found that if I really drove like there were eggs under the gas pedal, I could get my average up to like 42 or 43, which seems to be about where yours is. For me, achieving 40-41 mpg is very easy, requiring no special measures.

    How come you fill up so frequently? Seems like you typically go to fill up when you've only used about seven gallons.

    lucynethel: did you buy the new Accent hatch to replace your Yaris? Is your mileage a lot better now?

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400
    I believe 40 PSI is too high and will result in accelerated wear of your tires. The recommended pressure is 32 and 35 is the maximum permissible pressure on most Yaris tires, at least they are on the Yokohama Avid Touring tires.
  • Getting 1 MPG LESS with my Hyundai Hatch back.
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