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I had my Freestyle transmission serviced by a reputable service center right after I bought it second hand . It would lock into 1st gear once it got well warmed up and would only reset if I turned it off then back on . Yet the problem didn't go away till it had cooled off. I found that if I was setting at a light waiting that if I put it in neutral it didn't lock in 1st and did fine. It also would idle higher when this would happen.
I recently am noticing it surges a bit then or seems to slip a bit when accelerating . It has only been about 3 years since the service work was done. It has very low miles put on it since the service work and I don't drive it much at all since I live about a mile from work .
I HOPE this is only a low fluid level issue and not something expensive to fix .


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    The locking problem existed after I bought it and before I had it serviced .
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    This needs to go to a transmission specialist or a good general technician who has the scan tool necessary to access the car's TCM module. It's possible this could be an electronics issue, perhaps some shifting solenoid. The scan may reveal some good clues.
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