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Dodge Ram - III

meredithmeredith Posts: 578
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  • Blong1Blong1 Posts: 17
    Good day all, I posted this question some time ago and I am hoping there is some updated info out there.
    I have a 98 1500Quad 2wheel drive. I am experiencing a vibration/shutter when traveling in OD between 42 and 58 MPH. I was originally told that this was a "feature" of the lockup Torque converter and that if I took it out of OD it would be fine. Well a year has passed and the problem seems to be getting worse. It is now even there with the OD off. Any thoughts?? I went through the whell balance, tire rotation thing but no luck. The dealer insists this is normal and I shouldn't be concerned. I am heading to the dealer soon to have an oil leak (possible rear bearing seal) checked. Of course I wonder if all this shaking has anything to do with it
  • dtlawle1dtlawle1 Posts: 3
    That's the 5-star reply, near as I can tell. My brakes squeal (00' 2500 diesel -w- 3k on it), the engine chirps when I shut it down and the front end bottoms out at 15 mph over 25 mph speed bumps, all of which is apparently "normal". I'm gonna get it all taken care of next time I go in.

    As for the vibration, I don't have it, nor have I seen any one else complain about it.
  • Since you have the 2 wd, I assume you have the 2-piece drive line. Check the carrier bearing this may be where the vib is coming from. While you are under the truck, check the yoke coming out of the trans, as sometimes the bushing gets worn, or had too much clearance to begin with. I assume you are sill under warranty, so don't take "its normal" as an answer, unless they can prove it to you satisfaction. You can't sell many vehicles with a vibration at those speeds.

    Good luck
  • davids1davids1 Posts: 411
    Your tires. Goodyear replaced 3 of the 4 original Wranglers on my 99 Quad 1500 4x4 for being out of round. The tail end would start bouncing at about 45 mph and wouldn't stop until around 55. Those Goodyear tires really are junk, but I do have to give the dealer credit for standing behind them to some degree. It took two trips.

    I checked this myself the lo-tech way. I put the truck up on jack stands and dropped the trans into neutral. There was enough friction within the limited slip rear to keep the wheels spinning at a good pace. I then took a straight edge and placed it behind the spinning tire on a small step ladder so I could see how much the tires wobbled. The tires were out of round by a good 3/16". It doesn't matter how much you balance an out of round tire, it'll still wobble.

    By the way, if anyone does try this, be careful. This is not the safest operation.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Dodge uses Delco brakes in the Ram because they simply won the bid.

    When the redesigned Rams begin to appear next winter, look for AAM axles (formerly the GM axle division) in place of Danas, and the Allison 1000 automatic with the Cummins and tghe new V10 ayear later, also a GM product. The new OHC V8s are also expected to see high-torque-capacity Mercedes 5-speed automatics over the Mopar units, but that of course is now an in-house switch..

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  • markcordmarkcord Posts: 113
    I'm no diesel expert but isn't that engine chirp on shut down just your belt squealing to a stop. Something to do with the ?high compression? of the diesel bringing it to an immediate stop but the belt not being able to stop that fast?
  • dtlawle1dtlawle1 Posts: 3
    Yeah, that's what I've heard, but I don't hear it on other diesels, which makes me think if the belt has the correct tension, it wont do it.
  • lariat1lariat1 Posts: 461
    and your belt squeak. I have a 98 4x4 automatic with the cummins and I have run into the same problems the brakes squeal when I am running unloaded but when I am towing my boat (7000#) it stops. To fix this I went to midas and had them replaced @ 50,000 miles. The belt chirp I have found only happens when the engine compartment is warm and I cant find a fix for it but then again it doesnt bother me to much. The way I see it this is still the best truck I have ever owned which includes 4 fords and 1 chevy. I guess you can see how I feel about GM.
  • dtlawle1dtlawle1 Posts: 3
    Glad to hear your brakes lasted 50k LARIAT1. makes me cautiously optimistic. Feel the same way about the GM's. We just got rid of an Astro van that had loads of little things going wrong at 45k. I did like the extra legroom in the back seats of the GM trucks though. Have you found that your engine is to heavy for your front springs..??. Mine seems to bottom out over speedbumps.
  • lariat1lariat1 Posts: 461
    that no matter what kind of truck you buy there will be little irritating things about it, after all if they made the perfect truck we would buy it and never buy another truck. Anyway my truck has the same "bump" in it I know someone who has a 1/2 ton and it does the same thing. The only fix I know of is new shocks. I have noticed that I do not get the bump when I am towing I figure it is because of some of the weight being taken off the front wheels. With your brakes keep an eye on your rotors if they appear to be getting worn have your brakes done.
  • trambitistrambitis Posts: 21
    Hey Kcram or any other Ram devotees -
    I recently bought a 2001 Ram 2500 Cummins 6-speed and now intend to purchase a compression brake for it. Question is: which one to go with? I like the Jacobs reputation but the BD is about half their price. What say you?
  • Are there any web sites that have pictures of the 2002 RAM? Is the new RAM going to have a SuperCab version like the Ford?
  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Posts: 98
    I need to verify some rear-end/final drive ratio
    information. My understanding is that when Dodge
    increased the tire size on the 3/4 ton's for the
    2000 model year, that they also changed the actual
    tire diameter. The last information that I had was that a 4:10 rear end in this truck with the new tires would give you an effective final drive ratio of 3:77 to 1. Is this true?

  • bmckenziebmckenzie Posts: 118
    Dodge has offered P265's for years, that is the largest except for the new Off-Roadster which has 32 inch tires on 17 inch rims. On trannies and RPM it depends on which one you have 5, 6, or auto, my RPM's are different with my Cummins and a 5 speed than an auto.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    I believe the P265 is 1/2 ton only. The LT265 is 3/4 ton and maybe one ton (not sure). But previously only the LT245 has been on the 3/4. Your right on the tranny's. My calculations are for the auto and I did not specify that.
  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Posts: 98
    I should have been more specific, sorry.
    I am referring to the Cummins powered 3/4 ton with the Auto ( 47 RE ) transmission. I believe kcram has the specs for this. I'd be interested to know the RPM of the cummins with the auto trans and 265 tires, if anyone has this information. Reason is that I may order a new one, and I currently have a 3500 with Cummins/Auto 3:54 rear end. If I order a 3/4 ton with the same stuff except for the 265 tires, then this will drop the rpm of the cummins down even further, which IMO is too low. If the effective ratio is now 3:77 to 1, or somewhere in the neighborhood, I would opt for the 4:10 instead.
  • firemandavefiremandave Posts: 58
    I have an '01 2500 SLT; 4x4; QC; LB; Cummins; Auto; 3.54 LS with 265 tires. The 265s come with the SLT and SLT+ packages.
    At 70mph I'm turning around 1800 rpms. I don't have any complaints so far. My rationale for going with the 3.54 over the 4.10 was that I thought it would be the best overall choice for me. I consider the auto trans. to be the weak link in the drive train. When I pull a heavy trailer, I figure I'll be out of overdrive at least some of the time if not most of the time. At highway speeds, the 4.10 would be revving too high for the diesel, in my opinion. Even with the 3.54, it screams pretty good out of OD at 60mph.
    The down side is I lose some kick off the start (but it's not a dragster anyway), and I have a lower towing weight rating. If I were towing a lot in the mountains or if it were a work truck that towed all the time, the 4.10 (with a stick)may have been more appropriate. For me the 3.54 works well since I run empty most of the time.
    By the way, recently while towing my little 2000# trailer (in OD), I had to pass a car on a 2 lane state highway. I simply popped the OD off and I had all the power I'd ever want to blow right past the car, then I put the OD back on to keep the revs down and for maximum fuel economy.
    Good luck.
  • nascar6nascar6 Posts: 113
    I agree with firemandave. I think my choosing the 3.54 was a good one. My Cummins doesn't sound like it's lugging unless it's around 1200rpm and accelerating. I have the six speed manual, which took a 1/2 day to get used to. I would shift from 3rd to 5th missing the 4th gear gate, and then I found out what lugging a diesel was all about. Unless you plan on towing 10,000lbs often and through Colorado, the 3.54's should be fine. It rained today and anytime I started from a red light, I could get the back tires to break loose. I would hate to have a 4.10 in the rain.

  • firemandavefiremandave Posts: 58
    Hey Mike:
    How's it going? I sent you an e-mail last Thursday. Did you ever get it? How's the big dog running? 1600 miles on mine as of today (5 weeks old). Washing it is a real job - up and down the 6' ladder! I put mud flaps on it on Sunday. That should slow down the stone chips.
  • tundraturdtundraturd Posts: 1
    I am weighing 2 options and would like some advice. For the same price ($29,950), would you purchase a new 2000 slt 2500 QC 4x4, 5.9l gas, 4.10 axle or a 1999 SLT 2500 QC 4x4 5.9 Cummins with 11,750 miles 3.55 axle (includes leather, bed liner and nice canopy) Use will be primarily short commuting with occasional 25 mile trips hauling a 21' cabin cruiser?
  • davids1davids1 Posts: 411
    Consistent short commutes will not be good for the diesel.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    Give me a minute or two to dredge the comparative numbers. I had posted them in a previous chapter way back when, and just need to find them.


    Short commutes will not hurt the Cummins at all. I'm just 6 miles from work, and I have almost 60,000 on my 96 3500. The engine has been bulletproof after 4 years, even when I miss an oil change schedule.

    Wow - just 12 more payments, then I can stash some bucks for a 2003... moles from inside DC's Jeep/Truck Engineering say the new HD Ram (2500HD, 3500, and yes, 4500) will have crew cabs, higher GVWR, and mega-duty 5-speed automatics - the Allison for the Cummins, and a heavy duty Benz unit for the gasoline engines.

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  • cgarnercgarner Posts: 1
    Does anyone have the codes for the different axel ratio and limited slip or not? I am looking to buy a used 2500 qc cummins. Also, I read that someone mentioned the 2000's are down on power. Is this true?
  • lariat1lariat1 Posts: 461
    about the axel codes but I do know that Dodge puts all of that information on the underside of the hood, the sticker is all the way in the front and in the middle.
  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Posts: 98
    Hi guy,
    Don't forget about me now..:-) I think I'm going to list my truck on the AutoTrader site and buy a 2001 3/4 ton Cummins. The truck has been beautiful, no problems, 16.5K miles and rides like a dream. Problem is, it's just a little too big for us. The wife won't drive it 'cause having to watch the fenders, the additional length, and general narrow lane driving makes it a constant chore for her. So we're going to get something with 4 wheels and standard length frame.
    I'm going to miss it though, it's a beautiful running machine, no doubt about it.

  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    rlk, click Dodge Ram II/Post 46

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  • johnc12johnc12 Posts: 8
    Ihave a 1998.5 ram QC 2500 4x4 diesel with auto trans. and 4.10 gears.Ihave had it to my local 5 star dealer in AZ 3 times for tranny surges over 40 mph.I have had it flashed ? twice and cable and or connector tightened STILL DOES IT .Any help or recourse before I trade for a Chevy Duramax ?
    Johnc12 Thanks in advance .
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Withiout any further details, I would say your torque conveter may be dying. Over 40 mph, in 3rd and 4th gear, the TC is supposed to lock up and provide a direct mechanical connection. Surging at these speeds means the TC is failing to lock up, or failing to stay locked when it should. A test to check this would be, induce the surging as you normally would, then lock out OD, and try it again. If you also get the same surge in 3rd (at a slightly lower speed), it's the converter, and it will need to be replaced.

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  • johnc12johnc12 Posts: 8
    Once again Thank you for your quick response.
    I'am not sure what more details would help ,but here goes some.
    Over the last holiday I pulled my 5W up in the mountains in AZ.Most of the time o/d off. However,
    on one occasion pulling a hill and speed dropped off I turned off the o/d and the truck or tranny
    seemed to shutter for a couple of seconds then caught . I told this to my 5 star heroes.
    Now today I went out as soon as I got your response. And yes I got it to act up around 40MPH.
    Then turned off the o/d and it did it around 25 - 30 MPH . I have also had it do it a 75 MPH on the interstate with or without cruise.Does any of this help ? And how do I get a dealer to help fix it?
    Thanks johnc12
  • cattle1cattle1 Posts: 1
    I've located a '92 3/4 ton, club cab, LB, 4x4 cummins truck. It has the automatic tranny with overdrive. The truck has 99,500 miles on it. I'm considering purchasing this truck at a cost of $10,500. Are there any problems that I should be aware of with this year and model? What about the steering connector above the gear box? I've heard of some problems with it--is it an easy fix?? How much power will this older truck have? The engine seems to be in good shape. I'd like to pull a 24 foot steel, 4-horse trailer.

    Is this a good deal on this truck or should I stay with my '94 Chevy Z-71, 1/2 ton???

    Thanks for your unbiased input....
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