How do I calculate diminished value after wreck ?

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I have a 2015 Nissan Versa. I was rear ended which caused $5,108. in repairs. Structural damage only. The other driver's insurance is paying for the repairs & a rental car.
My question is how do I get a fair amount from the diminished value of my car ? Can I figure this amount myself ?
Thanks for your response. Drive safely.

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    Thanks for the information.


  • lizzie333lizzie333 Member Posts: 3
    Well, it's a tough world out there. And I thought just buying a car was overwhelming. LOL I shopped & compared prices for almost a year before finally buying my car. Little did I know I would be trying to get a fair deal again. ( With the DV )
    Thank you for your answers. Your time is valuable & I appreciate your advice;
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