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Asking dealer to do a dealer trade.

biancarbiancar Member Posts: 965
edited April 2018 in General
I have been to my local Volvo dealer, where we get our V70 serviced, a few times now to look at the new XC40 and XC60. I want to buy a XC40. The saleswoman and the sales manager are very nice people and have been very helpful, showed me all the features of the car, discussed my needs, and blessedly, the saleswoman was quiet in the test drive unless I specifically asked questions, so I could really concentrate on the car.

Now the issue is they do not have on the lot any car configured exactly as I want it. These are new and are just starting to come in. They also don't have anything coming in soon that is what I want.

However, a dealer 40 miles away DOES have exactly what I want, right color, right options, right wheels, everything. And this dealership happens to be where we bought our V70 8 years ago, and they were very good to work with, no complaints.

Everything else being equal, I'd like to give my business to the saleswoman who has been helping me. Should I tell her that I found the right car at another dealer, and ask her to do the trade? I'm assuming it would be simpler if I just went down there and bought it straight out from the other dealer, but after she and the sales manager at the local place (4 miles from us) have spent so much time with me, I hate to cut them out of their compensation for it. What is the best way to handle this situation?


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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 243,132
    Rather than pointing her to that specific vehicle, ask her if she can find you what you want. I’ll guess that they can’t get that car, due to the popularity of a new model.

    If they’ve shown you what they had coming in, but didn’t offer to look for a car, that’s probably why.

    Also, sometimes dealers don’t swap with nearby dealerships, as they are competitors. They often only do swaps with dealers a couple of hours away.

    So, ask them to find you a car, but then move on if they can’t.

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    biancarbiancar Member Posts: 965
    OK.  I know exactly what I want for interior color and options (loaded, with all packages, plus moonroof plus 19" wheels), but there are three exterior colors that I would accept.  If she can't find me what I want within those parameters, when would it be sensible to say "ok, I'll order it then."  If it turns out we have to order it, we might then decide to do an OSD order, so that's something else to think about as well.

    I'm not in any rush to get it, wouldn't mind spending one last summer with my 2005 Z - there are certain advantages to that idea anyway.  ;-)
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    isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    A lot of dealers wont trade with other local stores because of bad blood between them. I appreciate the fact you are considerate enough to want to give your business to the store that spent time with you. If you aren't in a hurry, let them order one for you!
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    biancarbiancar Member Posts: 965
    Well, a few nice spring days with the top down on the Z made me realize my convertible-loving days are not behind me after all. Looks like I will be buying a CPO 2016 Audi A5 (back seats go down, so dog crate can be accommodated - life revolves around convenience of dog, once again). Will see on Tuesday.
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