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Issues with turning at slow speed - into parking place

1994jeepgc1994jeepgc Posts: 1
edited April 2018 in Jeep
This is referring to an old forum discussion from 2008:
My 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with 5.2L is having the same symptoms listed in the above forum. My local shop replaced the front drive shaft thinking this would solve the problem - it did not. Before spending more money I would like to hear from others what might be the next best component(s) to look at. My old front drive shaft was in bad shape - u joint was binding. The problem with turning (not very sharply) seems to happen after driving 20-30 miles. Right or left turns into a parking place (or my driveway) feel like the Jeep is in four wheel low. Low level clunk in front end and feels like wheel is binding and "popping". I noticed that after turning into my driveway I left a small patch of tire rubber from the wheel "popping or skipping". This occurs going forward or in reverse. I saw in the old forum that someone rebuilt their front differential to solve the problem. As I think this would probably be expensive I am hoping for some good suggestions from the forum. Thanks!


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 4,900
    As mentioned in the other forum failure of the viscous coupler inside the transfer case is very common cause for having to slip a wheel when in a tight turn. The best part is that it can be replaced without removing the transfer case from the vehicle. I've done a number of them over the years.
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