05 chevy uplander added HP

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I would like to get an additional 30 to 60 HP from my 3.5 in my uplander. Is it as easy as a chip or will I have to go tubro, or cam etc. There are probably many options, but I do not know what they are.


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    Forget about it... some company called Accel Racing makes a chip for around $25.00 I hear... is supposed to add 20HP/20'lb, but I hear it just makes the 3.5 run too rich for the most part. Would you really consider "hot rodding" a mini van? I agree the 3.5 in our 2006 Uplander seems a little anemic, but I can't imagine dumping actual money into improving its performance... cuz its a mini van. I have the same engine, but with electric assist steering in my 2005 Malibu Maxx. It is very lively in the smaller car. I would consider a chip or thottle body spacer for my Maxx.
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    I use the vehicle every day and I drive 50,000 miles a year or more. Mostly, the miles are on the hiway and the van stays loaded. It would be nice to have HP for passing and so the cruse would not kick down as much. IT would be impractical to hot rod a 05 uplander, but thirty or so more HP would give it the power to perform to some degree. I cannot drive a Malibu Maxx anyway because the company that provides my vehicle does not offer that vehicle and it would not carry all the stuff I carry. If you had to drive like I do then you might be able to imagine dumping some money into improving its performance! MC
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    30-50 HP is a LOT of HP and would cost you a great deal of money to achieve (once you figured out how to do it). A more realistic goal might be a cold air intake system, if anyone makes one for your car and a free-flow exhaust system from the exhaust headers on back. All this might net you 15 HP.

    Your only other option if you really want 50 HP is to turbocharge the engine. Again, I have no idea if anyone makes this turbo for your engine.

    Be careful how you spend your money on "chips". Many are totally bogus and the few that are well-engineered will cost $$$ and come with certified dyno testing results.
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