Rusty handles and front logo

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I have honda accord 2012 in dubai. Recently the door handles have gotten rusty. Same has happened to front honda logo and front grill. There has developed a mark on bonnet which wasnt there when i purchased it from the guy.

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  • adilyarwattooadilyarwattoo Member Posts: 3
  • adilyarwattooadilyarwattoo Member Posts: 3
    Help is required
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    How long have you had the vehicle? Dubai is a pretty harsh climate with the heat and sun. How long has the car been in Dubai? Those marks on the paint sure look like some kind of liquid dropped onto it and ran off as they dried. The ones farther up on the hood didn't run as much because there's not quite as much slope.

    Rust on the top of the door handles, logo and grill sort of fit with the idea that something a bit corrosive came down on the car. No marks on the paint near the door handles because whatever it was ran off. Any marks similar to those on the hood anywhere else on the body? Like anyplace where liquid might collect, like that line in the door panel just below the handle, or down near the rocker panels?
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    Showed your pics to some friends at a repair shop and their reaction is that something acidic definitely dripped onto the car, maybe ate through the clear coat. As far as where that might have happened, you might have more of an idea of that that us looking at photos.

    You didn't mention that there were any marks on the roof. Maybe someplace like a parking garage where the runoff from floors above dripped onto the front end of the car.
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