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Lincoln Navigator No Start Questions



  • Hi I have the same problem my radio did not play the am /fm but cd play where is that solenoid
  • bzeller1bzeller1 Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Navigator w/ 64,000 miles. I have had for 4 years now. Starting after a huge rain storm in summer '09, it would not start sometimes in the early mornings. This problem is always when it is humid outside. It will not attempt to turn over. There is only a clicking noise when the key is turned. If I turn the key enough times, it will eventually start right up. However, this is getting progressively worse.

    Since the summer of '09, this problem has occurred during May-August, and has been pretty constant. For September - April, it starts up 100% of the time. This is no coincidence, but I need help connecting the dots on this. It is worst early in the mornings. Just last week, this happened again for the first time since the end of last summer. I live in Indiana.

    Further, when driving last week, the engine actually died when I was driving. This is the first time that has ever occurred. Whatever the issue is, it seems to be getting worse. Could it be a bad spark plug or plug wire, and when the moisture in the air rises, that is exposing bad wiring or something?? Any other ideas for what it could be??
  • jbarnebeejbarnebee Posts: 2
    Truck would not start today. Lights and sounds but only a click and engine wont turn over.

    Starter was pulled and checked, it's fine. Fuse and interior fuse panel ok. At that point circuit powers correctly. Only thing we can think of is the starter relay.

    According to Haynes repair manual for Ford Expedition and also Lincoln Navigator the starter relay is located on the right side of the engine compartment on the firewall (passenger side firewall). It's not there. We only see the computer.

    After much searching it's still a mystery. Even followed wiring from battery and nothing.

    Or possibly anything else it could be?

    Ok, found the relay in the fuse box...switched relay with another relay to test it and still nothing....any other ideas on what this could be? :mad:
  • jbarnebeejbarnebee Posts: 2
    starter solenoid is was checked also...
  • nolaj1nolaj1 Posts: 1
    worked perfect thanks!!
  • One day I was driving down the road and noticed my 4x4 light on the dash board would intermittently flash. Then a fews days later, both the 4x4 and windshield washer indicator lights would flash intermittently while driving. When this happens, the power windows would fail to go up and down and the windshield wiper would not work, the music/radio would stop. ......Also sometimes when I put the car on reverse while the music is playing, the music will stop, windshield washer and 4x4 lights would flash and power windows would not work, horn won't work....Door Ajar light started
    flashing and making alarming, then interior lights and door lamps came on and won't go off
    even after engine is turned off.....Today the car failed to start and
    the mechanic had to use a cable to start it from the kick-starter relay. And then later on, it started
    and then shut right off ....

    A scan of the GEM revealed the following codes.

    I) B1302 - Accessory Delay Relay Coil Circuit Failure
    2) B1814 - Wiper Rear Motor Down Relay Coil Circuit Failure
    3) P1838 - Transfer Case Shiff Motor Circuit Failure
    4) P1867 - Transfer Case Contact Plate General Circuit Failure
    5) B1365- Ignition Start Circuit Short To Battery
    6) DTC-9202 -Fuel Sender Circuit Open

    Please help are these relay/fuses issues or GEM going bad or what?...Mechanic says fuses and relays are good but
    who knows....
  • I had the same problem. It turned out to be i need to replace the alternator.
  • kw4954kw4954 Posts: 1
    I have 04 Lincoln Navigator currently with absolutely no power. Lights, door locks, ignition, nothing works, completely dead Navigator. Nothing happens at all when try to start, no buzzing, no noises what so ever. Unable to jump. New battery installed. Sitting at dealership, no diagnosis yet. Any idea what causes this?
  • I have and '03 Navi and stopped to go in a store; when attempting to start it, got nothing. The dash stayed lit. The headlights, horn, radio, auto running boards; every thing works, but it won't turn over. It doesn't click, doesn't even try to start. "The biggest quandary I have is that, normally, when I turn the key to the "On" position, the digital odometer displays the mileage, but now it just displays dashes on both the odometer and the trip meter." Was getting a buzzing sound from fuse box, but that has now stopped. I've been told that it's not the starter,not an ignition problems. The fuses have been checked and all are good; same with relay. Check engine light was on before problem. Took to Advance Auto and had a diagnostic check and it showed a code that the thermostat was bad. Hadn't had a chance to replace it before this happened.
    It's now 12:45a.m. and I just remembered about the thermostat after a week of different mechanic checking vehicle. DUH!
    Could the thermostat cause the problem, if not what.
    Also, now on board computer doesn't communicate with diagnostic machine.
    By the way it has over 204,000 miles and never had any, any problems until now.
  • hooiehooie Posts: 1
    I am having the exact same problem now! I have not been able to drive my 2000 Navigator 5.4 in over 3 months now. It started with my EGR valve and moved on to many things too much to write it all down. I was just wandering if you found a diagnosis yet?
  • The Navigator has a coil on plug ignition system. This cuts the need for the old fashioned distributor and spark plugs w/ wires. Now the coils are at the top of the plugs and seated on the top of the manifold. In the summer time or humid seasons there is probably moisture getting down into the coil plugs and fouling out the spark. try tightening the coil plug bolts to secure them better. This will keep the moisture out and make for better spark and easier starting. Then let me know how things worked out for you.
  • risa38risa38 Posts: 1
    So this morning after using my car the night before without a problem, I go to start it(put the key in and as I halfway get to turn the key it seemed like it was going to turn on ...lights on the dash board were lit and the overhead lit up as well. However, turn full circle, it clicked and then died. This had happened to me once or maybe even twice before that. I have a cut off switch on my battery and the previous times I would turn the knob off the battery and then on again. It would start up right away after that. This morning it didn't. I tried jumping the battery but there was no juice. Any thoughts about this?
  • i have 99 navigator. it started up just fine until i replaced the gauge cluster, now it just won't start. cranks just fine but won't fire off. theft light flashes fast so it could be that or needs reset. any answers?

  • elijou1elijou1 Posts: 2
    My lincoln navigator says prndl error no park assist can be
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,480
    Here's a comment from a Lincoln Technician on another board:

    "PRNDL error means the parking aid module is not receiving a valid transmission range signal from the network. This can be caused by a communication issue, a bad transmission range sensor, wiring or any other fault that would inhibit the range sensor position from being received over the network. This is a fairly complex system and a igh end scanner is needed to perform testing on the parking aid module, PCM module, range sensor and network diagnosis."

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  • elijou1elijou1 Posts: 2
    edited June 2016
    Ya le probe un scaner igh pero no lee el pcm que podra ser
  • luvmynavluvmynav Posts: 2
    Hey. I have a '98 navigator. When i try to start it up, it won't start. The dashboard and inside lights come on but nothing when I turn the key all the way. Can someone help?
  • luvmynavluvmynav Posts: 2
    Also, the exterior and interior lights take forever to cut off. Any suggestions?
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