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Lincoln Navigator No Start Questions

I have a 98 Lincoln Navigator that runs great. When I start it in the morning there is a ticking noise that is in time with the revolutions of the engine. The noise goes away after 1 minute to a 1 minute and 30 seconds. When I press the gas the noise accelerates with the engine. I is hard to identify becasue it does'nt stay long enough to pin point it. It only does it if the vehicle sits for a long time. When I park in the lot a 8 and return a 6 it does it. Any hints as to what to look for?


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    With a little luck all you need to do is have the valves adjusted. I suggest asking your question in the Lincoln Navigator Owners: Problems & Solutions where other owners may be able to help you. I also recommend visiting the main Lincoln Navigator discussion.

    tidester, host
  • The problme seems to have stopped. Since my last post I have started putting only premium gas in it and the problem has not returned. I am not saying that fixed it but perhaps there was a connection.
  • Hi, new to the forum, told my son I would do some research.
    His car tries to die when he puts it in drive or reverse when he first hits the excelerator. If it does not die, it runs rough, and is low on power. Anyone have any suggestions.
    We bought PC valve, but can not find it. I thought maybe vacuum hose. Suggestions appreciated.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    It may be a vacuum hose, but first I'd try the IAC module. may just need cleaning, or replacement, but it's likely the culprit.
  • Thanks for the help, I bought my son a Chilton manual and he is going to check that IAC module. He left beaming. He loves that car, now if we can find seats or seat covers. Thanks again.
  • jmr6jmr6 Posts: 3
    Hello all. The other night after returning home I went back out and my Navigator would not start. Power is there to everything ( or at least it seemed ) but the starter does nothing when I turn the key.

    I gave up for the night and woke up the next morning expecting a long day. To my surprise it started right up like nothing happened.

    Today it happened again. I had just turned it off and a couple minutes later returned to the same situation. I figured the starter was going out ( I have seen hot starters do this ), but then I realized that the stereo does not work. It worked fine when I shut it off. I am thinking this has something to do with the anti-theft system. Anyone have any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  • jmr6jmr6 Posts: 3
    Hello again.

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I found the culprit. I can not explain why my radio was affected by this, but after troubleshooting I discovered the solenoid on the firewall was bad. I was able to remove the lead from the relay switch and hold it to the terminal on the solenoid while my wife turned the key and it fired right up. Ten hours of troubleshooting to discover it was a 20 minutes fix (including drive time to the parts store) The solenoid cost $12. I have no doubt I just saved myself the better part of $1000.
  • my 03 navigator will not turn over, dealer said if the anti theft system lite is blinking rapidly, that it is the tranceiver in the the steering column needs replacing, 4 what ever reason dealer said that the anti theft system is not reading my key, its like im trying 2 use a duplicate key and it does not have the chip inside, had it replaced in 2 days started doing the same thing,i am going 2 take it back 2 the dealer.
  • Could someone please advise where do I locate the cabin air filter ? I want to replace it with a new one but my car manual does not mention about it. Thanks.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,062
    I don't see it in the manual, either, which means you probably don't have one. If you did have one it would normally be just below the cowl (bottom of the windshield) on the passenger side.
  • polo4polo4 Posts: 7
    Last week my car was running fine when all of a sudden the engine turned off while I was rolling at 40mph. No one was behind me so I put in in "N", while rolling, and started it again and continued to drive. Then, two days later, I came out from a store and the car would not start. While I had the key turned, there was a horrible buzzing sound coming from under the shift lever. It continued until I removed the key. I shifted through the gears and it still would not start in P or N, buzzing continued, while key was in active positions. I finally got it to start in N after about 5 tries. Dealer can't duplicate and nothing shows up in computer. They thought it could be a sensor, but they said a sensor doesn't buzz. Any ideas????
  • my heater stopped working in my 03 navi the dis[lay on the inside shows nothinh the contols do not light up total loss of power.
  • I had the buzzing come from the fuse panel and my nav wouldn't start. My information panel displayed "PRNDL error" and it ended up being a relay. I believe it was Relay Number 3 which controls PCM. Check that. As for the truck stoppind randomly at driving speeds, I recently had the problem and it was diagnosed to the Catalytic Converters. Sadly my 2003 has 4 cats and are pretty pricey. Im dealing with that right now but am researching reducing it to 2 cats.
    Good Luck ;)
  • Have u checked your fuses?
  • byrongeobyrongeo Posts: 2
    I've been to the dealer like 3x already same problem. 11/2 year ago it to dealer said nothings wrong with it.2nd time a round my kid went to Big Bear and the car will not start called me and complain. a couple hours later it work again and was able to go home 3rd time brought the kid to school park in my garage and later it will not start. have it tow to dealership and the problem they say was a bad key.4th time. went to do some errand went to the bank and start it back up ,no start brand new battery just got service by dealer 4 weeks ago have it tow back to the dealer,calle Lincoln and there customer service rep said they dont have any issue about my problem of the car not starting and they say they will research the problem dealers say they found the problem they need to rewire something say some wires were frayed or was defective. 5th time went to work it will not start again.its back to dealer and this time its the module. NOW I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY> CAN ANYBODY HELP or has the same problem
  • My 2003 Navigator wont start. I turn the key and theres a whirring sound coming from the passenger side near the glove box, and it doesnt even attempt to turn over. I also am getting an error message on the dash saying "PRNDL ERROR" HELP! :sick:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I also am getting an error message on the dash saying "PRNDL ERROR"

    That looks like Park-Reverse-Neutral-Drive-Low to me so I would guess the problem is your transmission position sensor.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • OK I figured it out. there is a problem with certain navigators and explorers made before a specific date where the RELAYS can overheat (these are just big fuses and are located in your fusebox which is located under the glovebox, just remove the panel that is there. it just pulls off so you dont need a screwdriver or anything) (i didnt know any of this stuff until I did a shitload of research yesterday). Here is the Service Message.
    Special Service Message from Ford

    ANYWAYS... all you have to do to fix it is change out the upper right relay (#203 in my navigator) I switched it out with the upper left relay (#201 in my truck which is just for the trailer towing lights and I dont use that right now but will still order a new one up to replace it) I switched them out and turned the key and much to my relief, it started right up.

    so... hopefully anyone reading this can understand that... otherwise just e-mail me.
  • polo4polo4 Posts: 7
    I just discovered this solution about 2 months ago, after 5 trips to a dealer who could not find problem. My relay would buzz ( I guess stick) occasionaly. When it stopped buzzing, the car started. This went anywhere from 1 minute to overnight. I then realized shutting the front passenger door fixed this. The jar of the door closing, so close to the fuse box, would stop it from buzzing. Dealer could not duplicate. If I pushed on the relay, it would stop buzzing and car would start.

    But now, after 2 months of new relay and issued solved, I thought, it is starting over. First relay had black smut on center post and melted plastic around it.

    How do I fix the problem causing the overheating????
  • well for some reason that link up there isnt working but this link should work just copy and paste... 132722_1.png

    I am assuming this service message sent out by ford is referring to the fusebox itself. and that the fusebox needs to be replaced.

    here is the whole page that I found referring to the problem and solution.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Thanks for reporting back and I'm glad you found a solution! :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Hi everyone, I have an 06 Lincoln Navigator for some time now. i want to change it up a little. I like the look of the Lincoln Mark LT Grill. I was wondering if anyone know if the Grill and Hood of the Mark LT will fit on my Navigator.

    Mark LT

  • msj07msj07 Posts: 2

    I recently just purchased a 2004 Lincoln Navigator used. I was washing the truck with keys in my pocket when the truck started! I dont know what my leg did to turn it on, but i need someone to help me with this?
  • bigbear6bigbear6 Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    98 navigator wont start is there a relay like you say for this year also I checked alt,battery,and starter they all passed local auto parts say pull cables see if burned I pulled then and they look fine what else can I check. when starting sounds like battery is low.thanks bigbear new member
  • solo95solo95 Posts: 2
    edited December 2010
  • :mad: :mad: My 2003 Navigator wont start. I turn the key and theres a whirring sound coming from the passenger side near the glove box, and it doesn't even attempt to turn over. I also am getting an error message on the dash saying "PRNDL ERROR".

    The car has been on the dealer more then i have drove the car im getting use to driving the rentals is crazy time for a new car.
  • polo4polo4 Posts: 7
    Check the white relays for burn marks by pulling them out. This fuse box is behind the kicker plate on passenger side.

    I had this problem, it was a relay sticking. If I would kick the panel the buzzing would stop and then I could start my car. I replaced the relay and problem went away.
  • Hi every body I have a 2006 lincoln navigator with trans problem i take it to the dealer they replace the transmission now my overdrive light keep flashing on and off take it back to the dealer cost me $300 they replace the #9 fuse it was a 15 amp fuse it has being replace with a 30 amp fuse now after i drove the car come home get back out the car don't start the # 9 fuse blow again when you put the key in no power go to the starter need help how to fix the problem plz
  • thankyou but I don't see the white relay I have a dead shot can you help me to locate that relay plz
  • polo4polo4 Posts: 7
    Sorry, actually my replacement was white. The factory one was black. Have you located the fuse panel on the side panel to the right of where the passenger's feet would be? When my relay would stick(?) it would make a buzzing sound.

    Use the owner's guide to help you find if needed. You have to remove the panel, which matches your interior, and then a fuse box cover which is black.

    At the bottom of this panel are the fuses, in the middle there are 6 square blocks that are marked Ford. Above these are 3 relays in the shape of a rectangle. About 1" long and .5" wide.
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