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Hyundai Tiburon Clutch Problems

deangarrisdeangarris Posts: 5
edited March 2014 in Hyundai
BUYER BEWARE!! I have a 2003 Tiburon and have had nothing but problems. I have replaced the clutch & flywheel with after market parts because the dual-mast flywheel that is standard in these cars is defective, I have had to replace the transmission and now I believe the starter has just bit the dust, this is of course after I have had problems with the sunroof, power windows & brakes... AND this is all under 60,000 miles. This is the absolute worst car purchase I have ever made. I will never buy a Hyundai again! The service dealerships (I have been to 3 now) are inept and apparently noone knows how to fix these cars to make them last more than a month without something else breaking. BUYER BEWARE!!


  • jrbagpjrbagp Posts: 5
    Hi Dean, I too have a 2003 Tiburon. Last week I had my second clutch replaced at 27,800 miles. The first clutch was replaced at 8,000 miles. I had dropped my car off at the dealer on a Tuesday evening, it took them till the following Monday afternoon at 4:00 PM to advise that there were no defects and I was responsible for the $1855.00 bill to replace the clutch.

    I have contacted the Hyundai, consumer affairs and made a formal complaint. The representative advised she was submitting a request for reimbursement for the bill. I truly doubt that they will do anything. However, your Buyer Beware has really been an eye-opener, and of course, I am planning to get rid of my car asap. The fact that you mention the standard flywheel is defective really caught my interest. My opinion is that Hyundai is an inferior automobile, but our horror stories are not being shared.

    Thanks for sharing. Alan Pavloff
  • Hi Alan,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I have heard their is a class action lawsuit against Hyundai for the clutch on their 03 & 04 Tiburon's. Best of luck.
  • ederekbederekb Posts: 4
    Same exact thing, 2003 Tiburon with 31,000 miles. There was no warning, clutch just suddenly went on the highway and had to be towed. Dealer quoted me $2010 to repair the clutch, which conveniently isn’t covered under warranty and the manager wouldn’t do anything to help. In fact they tried to charge me $100 inspection fee when I told them I was going to take it elsewhere for service. (Auto repair shop for $1000). This is not the first time I have had problems with their service department. DO NOT BUY HYUNDAI. I will never buy one again.
  • this problem was just with the 03 model year I have an 04 with 35000 miles on it with no problem at all. My family owns five Hyundais in all with no problems.
  • richs3richs3 Posts: 20
    Well, a bummer is a bummer. I do not want to discount your situation. I would heartily agree that the cost you mention is way too much, and that it's not a good thing. I pray that my cluctch on Toyota holds out okay, I do a lot of stop and go freeway traffic. As for myself, with the Hyundai Tiburon that I had that I liked, it had the synchro shift thing, or whatever it's called. The automatic that sort of emulates the stick shift, only without the clutch. It was fun. Which causes me to go back and circle around to the point, that the car came very well equipped, with leather, nice radio with boom box, a better functioning moon roof than TC's, more headroom, better leg room for my right leg, and just, in general, a nice package without me having to add numerous accessories. I do say though that I like my Scion, after adding a tie rod to the front end, that helps with the handling, and there are numerous other things I would like to get. But a turbo pkge that adds 35 hp for $3,000? I'm not sure that sounds cost effective, and the muffler they say "adds horsepower and torque", for only $595 plus tax, and plus installation(?) Well, just 'how much' hp? Sure, it looks sort of nice, but is it substantial? I didn't see in literature where they were able to commit to a round number. 2hp, or 3hp, or bargain deal of only $100/per horsie? They didn't say, just add it on, because it somewhat lacks zip in base product. I will agree that Hyundai should have covered your clutch properly in warranty. You have every right to be disgruntled and dissatisfied. Maybe the Toy's hold up longer in long run, I hope to find out, favorably. It does look nice, that's one of the things that sold me on it. Best regards.
  • jrbagpjrbagp Posts: 5
    Do an internet search (Dogpile or google) on CLASS ACTION HYUNDAI and you will find info on the class action suit.

    We have submitted the info the to attorneys in CAL and are waiting to hear from them.

    Dumped out Hyundai for a Honda!!

    We have been spreading the info to everyone that owns a Hyundai in the neighbourhood. We will never buy another Hyundai not only becuase of the Tiburon clutch, but because they knew ofthe problem and didnt do anything!!
  • ttevatteva Posts: 5
    I bought a new Tiburon a month ago, a GT 2.7 liters. It has manual, what I have always driven. So far my husband and I have loved the car. :)

    However today I had a problem with the clutch. I had just exited the interestate and depressed the clutch to disengage the gear to stop for a traffic light. When I did that the clutch pedal did not spring back up! I wasn't able to put it into any gear. :cry:

    After checking if there was anything holding the clutch pedal down (there was nothing) I put my foot underneath the pedal and pulled. The clutch then came up to its normal position. I was then able to drive the car normally.

    I called Roadside assistance and they towed my car to a nearby dealership (South Blvd in Charlotte NC). After waiting 1 hour I was told I was 'ready to go' because they could not reproduce the problem and therefore they could not 'fix it'. :mad:

    Obviously I am not happy with this, the risk is too high if the clutch gets stuck again while driving at high speeds.

    Is there anybody out there with the same problem, with a new or old Tiburon?

  • richs3richs3 Posts: 20
    I can't provide with that, I had an auto. But should there be any doubt as to the faithfulness of Hyundai-Tib clutches, obviously, it would behoove them (Hyundai at large) to remove any such questions. Perhaps try doing a google search for "Tiburon Clutch 2007" or combinations like that and see what pops up for 2007, and or try other search engines like dogpile (gee what a name :-) etc. as well. The Hyu-Guys should want to be able to assure you of safety so you can enjoy driving . . without reservations. They should say: "Hy U, our customer and responsibility, without you, we're nothing." Best wishes, Rich
  • jrbagpjrbagp Posts: 5
    we had to replace two clutches in our 2004 tiburon before it had 18,000 miles. there was a flywheel problem which Hyundai has yet to recognize and reimburse costs. many people have had the same problem. we dumped our Tiburon and will never by another Hyundai because of their non-action. (a class action suit is pending)
  • ttevatteva Posts: 5
    I have gone to the dealership where I bought the tiburon and was told the same information, unless it happens again there is nothing they can do.

    I inquired about the many complains regarding the clutches for Tiburons in 2003/2004 and was told those were bad drivers.. but it's hard to believe there are so many bad drivers.

    In your case, what was the reason to replace the clutch, was it just worn out? Did it happen suddenly or it took time?

  • i have a 2005 gt tib that only has 28000 miles on it and the clutch is already going out on me. i called the dealer and they said it wasnt under now im trying to find an affordable aftermarket clutch.they said basically that i don't know how to drive because it shouldnt go out that fast.i was wondering if anyone had any advice.
  • dump the car while you can.
    see my earier message. 3 clutches in 28,000 miles...not good.
    had many standard clutch cars in many years of driving including a mitsubishi with 176,000 and never an adjustment.

    will never own nor recommend a hyundai again.

    (have a Honda & Acura now)

  • Could somebody give me more details about how the clutch failed? What part exactly, the flywheel, the linings, something else?
  • The same thing happened to me today, except the clutch didn't come back up. I had to be pushed across an intersection. Now that i turned the car off i cant restart it because the clutch has to be in for the car to start. Car on side of road as we speak....
  • ttevatteva Posts: 5
    Did you get any resolution? What year is your Tib?
  • jrbagpjrbagp Posts: 5
    no resolution from Hyundai for my 2004 Tib except they lost a customer and got plenty of bad mouthing.

    My resolution: I bought a Honda

  • one day after work i hopped into my car on my 25km ride home and stopped at a stop light going home put my shifter into first and popped the clutch and rode the gas like ussual but my gear popped into neutral this is the only gear that this happens in i was wondering if anyone is having the same problems or know what might be the problem this problem is continuing throughtout the life od the car and i cant quite figure it out.. any help would be much appreciated.
  • I have a 2006 gt tiburon and i have had my first clutch blown at 29,000 miles; I now today am experiencing problems with this cluth, however no one is at the dealer, or they are afraid to answer the phone. I googled with the keywords hyundai and cluth and found this site; I was thinking it was just me. Go to this firm, Green Welling, has a class action lawsuit filed against Hyundai for the 2003 gt-for defective clutch; looking here it looks like it's more than the '03. The case is 06CC00052, filed i think in southern district federal in orange county California. Im going to contact this firm asap, I am not eating costs, theyre eating the car.
  • I have clutch problems with the 2006 gt tiburon. We all have to go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and file complaint. Make them EAT THIS CAR!
  • vahmedvahmed Posts: 2
    I got a 2003 Tiburon and absolutey loved it. V6 - 6 speed/manual and i noticed from early on that the stick was a little stiff. I would have to apply some force when changing gears. Sometimes it would be a little still if it was cold outside but i really didn't see it as a problem, i truly believed that tiburons were just built a little different. Last week it became almost impossible to change gears and I took it in to my mechanics, thinking i would probably have a $400 - $700 problem on my hands. Now I am in the hole over $2000 because of the flywheel and the clutch being defective to begin with. How is Hyundai getting away with blaming the drivers??? How could so many people all have the same problem? We need to be reimbursed for this! I am an excellent manual driver and never have I had a problem like this. I was thinking of upgrading to the 07 or 08 in a few months but after this, forget about it. I'll head straight over to Toyota and pick up a Scion. :mad:
  • gflemgflem Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 tib gt and already am having problems with my clutch or trans. It has 29,000 miles and this should not be happening. I remembered reading about a defective transmission somewhere so i started researching for some ammo. I found you guys and also heard of class action suit. I will definately look into that one. I just hope everyone that is having a problem will speak up. We have more power in numbers. I will keep you updated on what dealer tells me. gina
  • Our 2006 GT Tiburon had a problem with the clutch linkage, there is a bushing that connects the pedal to the clutch push rod and it had broken, this caused the linkage to have too much slop and the clutch could not be fully disengaged. We took it to the dealer and they had to replace the entire clutch linkage they said. It was covered under warranty. We just had the same issue happen again four months later and now they say it is a bad clutch and not covered under warranty. $1,900 to repair. I know it is exactly the same issue as before because it acts the same way and you can physically see the bushing is broken just like last time. Needless to say, I will be pursuing alternative means to force them to correct this issue under warranty.
  • ttevatteva Posts: 5
    I think you have the right idea, I haven't had any more problems with my Tib 07 (clutch got stuck and then came out) but I don't trust it anymore.
    I found the link for the complaint:
    I would ask everybody that has have an issue with any year Tib clutch to put a complain, if there are as many as it seems we might get some attention. :mad:
  • Must have bought a lemon. I have had absolutely no problems after 86,000 miles. The Tiburon has been an awesome car!!!!
  • I believe that would be your loss. I think people need to learn how to drive. My Tiburon has been flawless for almost two years and 86,000 miles.
  • We bought a 2003 Tib w/20,000 miles + a couple of years back. We recently found the clutch to be very worn and we know it was previously abused. Though it appears to be substandard, the clutch wear is my bad for buying it from the wrong person.

    I don't mind the clutch so much, but who ever heard of a flywheel being worn out at 49000 miles from a 160 hp car? The flywheel is pure trash. Learn from my mistake and DON'T BUY THIS CAR. A flywheel should not be a wear part at 49000 miles unless you're driving AND abusing a 400 hp+ race machine. To top it off we also found the bearing to be bad and the dealer knew of the 'click' before they tore the car apart and replaced all the other parts. Now we need to go back in and replace the bearing "under warranty". Double labor charges for the service dept. Hyundai's "best warranty" is in name only in this case.
  • medic, just an FYI: there are a ton of TSB's (technical service bulletins) on this car regarding the clutch and flywheel issues.

    Like I said in my note above, my bad for not looking before I leaped. But the company should warrant faulty parts that are clearly NOT wear parts. And it looks like they still have some serious clutch issues that are not 'normal'.

    I'm glad that some folks did get a car that works well and that you are one of them. We need our medics to be able get to work safely!! Thanks for doing it!!
  • My Sonata flywheel failed and Hyundai denied warranty replacement. I do not want to buy another Hyundai defective design flywheel; but I cannot find an aftermarket flywheel anywhere???

    Please help -

    Stranded in Georgia
  • Clutch Masters offers a Aluminum After market flywheel. You can purchase this Item through for $400.
  • I have an '05 Tiburon GT V6 Coupe and had to have the clutch/fly wheel replaced twice already. The 1st after 6 months and then again 15 months later. Hyundai says it is normal wear and tear so not covered under warranty. Kottman Transmission dealt with the service rep for the company that makes the flywheel in the Tiburon and was told there is a problem with early failure on the fly wheel. Has anyone else heard this same story? Seems like a costly car to own if every year or so you have to pay $1,500-$1,800 to repair the same problem
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