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Chevrolet Aveo Real World MPG



  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Click on the Consumers rating at the top of the page to see what some people are saying about mileage. It varies but some claim as much as 42 hwy, while other say 32-34.

    The Liberty with the diesel engine is poor as well for such a small vehicle. It is rated at 22/26 and reports are upper teens overall, but people are gullible to keep buying them and learning later that they paid more for less.
  • sparxxxsparxxx Posts: 14
    Thanks for the tip. I had an 03 Focus SE with auto trans and that car got excellent gas mileage. My 06 Focus ST is a manual but it does have a much more powerful engine than other trim levels. Guess there is always a trade off...more power burns more fuel. Beginning to wish I would've kept the 03 focus.
  • vw79type2vw79type2 Posts: 37
    Only had my manual Aveo for two weeks and noticed gas mileage significantly varies depending on type of driving and where.

    Got between 32 to 33 MPG during 20% City 80% Highway driving at my typical driving speed.

    Going faster and upping City mileage to maybe 35% I got between 28 to 29 MPG.

    Just today took a couple hundred mile trip with probably 90% Highway mileage at regular speed and got around 37 MPG. :)
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    Very sensitive to type of road and driving technique. I'd hate to see mileage in 100% city stop-and-go, like Manhattan -- probably high teens.

    My '04 w/AT has improved lately to an average of just under 35 mpg with 80% parkway/highway and the rest moderate suburban with lights and stop signs. The roads I travel every night as a delivery driver have a speed limit of 55 and are well-patrolled, so speeds rarely go above 65 mph.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I have heard of the some of the early models not getting the greatest of mileage because of the computer not programmed properly. I have also heard (earlier in the forum) of dealers flashing the computer to reset it per GM service bulletin which supposedly helped the mileage. Did this situation apply to your car? Anything below 25 mpg in city wouldn't be good in my opinion, and this car is rated at what 27 city. If yours gets below 20 mpg you have some serious issue or a lead foot.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    I've never driven enough city miles to get any mileage readings. It was just a guess that heavy, gridlock stop-and-go all day would seriously drag the mileage down. Most of the work this engine deals with is getting up to speed. NYC taxis that get 18+ mpg on the open road get only 10 mpg in the city.

    My current mileage is probably above average for this model. I never had GM reset the computer and I wouldn't tempt fate by having them touch it. My average is the upper end of the EPA numbers, after all.
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    I cant stand it. I have always got good mileage out of my the idiot at the top have put ethenol in our summer gas supply and my mileage has dropped nearly 15%. Can they not figure if I have to buy that much more gas to cover the same distance it it not going to keep pollution down. By the way my city mileage is down to 27 and my highway is 35. Down from 31/40. By the way this sounds dumb but my brother is a mechanic, and he told me to put in Premium for the summer it would bump up my mileage. I will let yall know.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    It seems like something HAS changed recently. Posted a month ago that I was averaging just under 35 mpg (same 150 mile route 6 nights a week). All of a sudden, that has dropped to about 32 mpg with no other changes.

    Was wondering about the gas since ethanol will drop fuel economy compared to 100% gasoline. All stations in CT use a 10% ethanol blend.
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    Hey guy's I just took a trip to Arkanasa up in the hills for a couple of days was a family trip. My mom and I of all people. Anyway I was driving up from 400 feet to about 2600 and everything between and on the flat land up to Arkansas from Texas....I was driving 65-75mph..I averaged just over 35mpg. Got back to Texas Thursday night and filled up the tank and drove my mom back to east texas and vistited my sister and her family and had to run out to Tyler. I got back to Dallas and filled the tank and got 38.7mpg. End of story..

    I filled up in the areas were they dont use Ethanol.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    I filled up in the areas were they dont use Ethanol.

    What are the gas stations using instead -- MTBE? They switched over in parts of the Northeast earlier this year or late 2005, because MTBE is so toxic and has a nasty habit of polluting the drinking water supplies.

    I thought all fuel supplies were supposed to go with 10% ethanol nationwide.
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    they dont use anything, just in metro areas do they add.
  • heyphillipheyphillip Posts: 13
    I am waiting for the 07 model to come out and then buy one of these cars
  • ron1970ron1970 Posts: 26
    Hi all,

    Just finished 5k miles with an average of 39.53 mpg. I have just seen my first tank at 42.3mpg as well. So far It has done better the expected.

  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Ok. I know you never get what the window sticker says you will get in MPG. I traded in my 3.0L V-6 Ford Ranger with a 5 SP stick shift. I only got 13-15 in the city. My driving is 100% city driving. The truck was suppose to get 20+ in the city. Never got near it. Now the Aveo is suppose to get 24 in the city. I have yet to get more than 18 in the city. and I am driving like a little old lady. No jack rabbit starts. Try to cruise to the red lights. In other fun at all. The best I get is 18 mpg. I have seen on here people saying 34-42 mpg! And the sticker never said anywhere near that even on the highway. And they are getting it in the city??? I know it is brand new,only 1,000 miles so far. But this stinks. I know it is city driving and lots of A/C,here in south Fla. I could have gotten a Yaris,for $4,000 more and maybe get the 40mpg I was praying for. But I bought the Aveo on the spur of the moment,after getting tired of waiting for the Yaris to turn up! And the Aveo Hatchabck is so big inside and so few on the road here,I stand out. And CHEAP to buy! Now that I have added all the extras to the body,hood bra, body side molding, tint, real Daewoo wheel covers, that cover the entire wheel so you dont see the black steel wheel under it. I love not having to shift ever 2 seconds like in my long loved Rangers...6 of them over the years! So...anyone else getting poor mileage? Or what is your real mileage?
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    since they have shifted to summer gas here in Dallas I am only getting about 26 around town and 36 on the Highway before the big change to Ethenol I was getting 31/40.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    The problem is the 100% city driving and a low-horsepower engine with auto trans. I've been following the Yaris and Fit forums, as well, and there are some very frustrated owners there with exactly the same complaints -- very low mileage in the city.

    Nobody is getting 40 MPG in that type of driving in a Yaris or an Aveo!!

    I currently average 34 MPG in a mixture of about 70% highway (55-70 mph) and the rest secondary/suburban with some lights but no congested city miles. That's with a 2004 AT, very little AC use and 82k miles.

    Also, give it some time to break in -- no engine will get its top mileage in the first 10k miles.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Just incase you dont know. Only the sedan will change at all. For some reason the hatchback will remain the same. So if you are holding out for a new body on the isnt coming...not in 2007. The 2007 sedan is nicer inside and looks much different outside...but I prefer the hatchback. :confuse:
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    I know of the break in takes me like 3 years to reach 12,000, let alone 10,000 miles. Thats the problem, I always trade in a truck or car in showroom condition with 10-13k miles on it after 3-4 years! And the dealer thinks I roll back the odometer! And all my driving is is a pain trying to aim for green lights,coast to red lights,combine trips to get the engine heated up to get better mileage. Good to know the Yaris and Fit club are getting terrible mileage to. now i dont feel to dumb. :(
  • I've owned my 2006 LT aveo hatchback since Febuary 14th, 2006. When i first got the car i noticed i was getting between 26-28 mpg, with a mix of city and highway driving while most of my trips are less than 10 miles.

    But i have noticed recently thatn i can barely get over 23mpg out of it and that was with at least 120 miles on the tank being interstate driving.
    I took a trip to KY that was 300 miles 1 way and only got 29 mpg.
    I drive the car very gently and do my very best to try and keep it around 2500 rpms, but its very hard sometimes considering it seems to take forever to shift up gears sometimes causeing the rpms to rev really high.
    I have also hear there are problems with the gas cap causing gas to evaporate on hot days, since i live in Georgia this may be the case.
    I've heard mention of computer problems with 2005 models, but no news on the 2006. The dealer acts like im crazy when i say im getting such poor mileage, but i talked to the owner and they said they would thoroughly test it the next time i came in.
    I've decided to keep track o my receipts and last fill up was 9.622 gallons i got 231.8 miles on it = 24.09 mpg, thats a full 2 miles under the epa estimates.

    Also, i asked my dealer about oil changes and they said not to change it till the check oil light came out(which can be anywhere from 5000-7500miles), because that was how the new gms were designed and i was just wasting money otherwise :confuse: . Is anyone else skeptical about this?
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    I can comment on the oil change issue. Only cars like BMW's,Corvettes,Lexus,and Mercedes have 'oil life' indicators. That tell you in numbers on the dash the percentage of time till you have to do an oil change. Before it 'goes bad' and needs to be changed. That is a VERY expensive item to have programmed into a car and it is not in this super economy car!
    My friends with these cars all have it on their 'engine readouts',and it is not on this car. The owners manual says to change it at 3 months or 3,000 miles,under 'severe diving conditions',which is city driving. I was shocked to see that AFTER I bought my Aveo. That kind of timing went the way of spraying your fan belt with belt dressing, to make it stop squeaking! But like I have said..with such a tiny oil filter, they must be covering their butts, by making you change the oil so save THEM money,under the 5year/50k mile powertrain warranty. They must figure if you change the oil a lot..there will be less engine damage,thus saving THEM money on the warranty. I change it on that time table anyway,because it is a cheap way to keep an engine clean and running good. BUT thre is no light that is going to pop on and say,'time to change the oil'. If there is one..ask that dealer to show it to you, and then tell us where it is...I want to see it on my 2006. :shades:
  • geissajgeissaj Posts: 14
    Check your odometer it may be lying to you. If the car is running good has all the gears, the brakes aren't dragging and the tire pressure is correct it should get EPA posted gas mileage, Unless your diving 3000 miles at 20MPH. Very poor gas mileage should manifest itself as an addition problem such as running rich (fuel injector leaking should turn on check engine light) black smoke out the exhaust, skipping (fouled plug) There's a TSB out for odometer off 7 to 9% I don't have the complete text but this would definitely give inaccurate gas mileage.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    no it isnt doing any of that stuff. I filled up today..still getting 18mpg. I watched Motorweek today and they were doing a special section on how the real milage on cars is almost always wrong. They compared two identical Chrysler 300Ms with 5.7 V-8's,and the way the driver drove..made a 7-43% difference in mpg. Of course city vs. highway made a huge difference. Trouble is i drive like the 'conservative driver and I get 18mpg. Maybe if i have fun and push it...I'll get the 34mpg everyone is talking about! That huge engine got over 17 mpg on the highway!
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    maybe you are lugging the engine and shifting to fast or ...oops if it is automatic ...driving to slow. try driving a little more peppy and see what happens. Dont go overboard and drive like a nut.
  • ron1970ron1970 Posts: 26
    Here is the mileage lowdown:

    I don't shift above 3000 rpm most of the time it is 2500.
    I don't drive above 55mph, because of road conditions.
    80% highway and 20% city.

    06 Aveo SVM.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    I intend on having a bit more fun in driving this car on this tank of gas...and see if driving UNLIKE a 'little old lady' will help the mpg go up. Driving like the car is made of glass hasn't i might as well try to have fun and see what happens.
  • Not sure if you guys use this, but i have recently started tracking my gas mileage on

    The nice thing is you can also see what other people are getting in their cars and your cars mileage will also be averaged in.

    This will be helpful to you and others who are interested in seing if their mileage is uncommon.

    so far at 22mpg, mine is doing the same as the others on the site.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    Not sure if you guys use this, but i have recently started tracking my gas mileage on

    I have mine entered (2004 AT). Interesting to note that the 2004s have the highest mileage overall, and virtually no difference between auto and manual transmissions. There really aren't enough people who've reported to come to any conclusions about that, though.
  • I am getting so disgusted with the mileage I am getting this summer. What is with this "summer gas" is you have to use more gas to get around aren't you polluting more.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Well my air intake setup didnt about a rip have to try to get my money back. It was like trying to put an elephant under the hood,let alone get the parts onto the engine! 15 min installation my butt! 3hours later, I gave up! Well I'm still at 18-19,all city driving. Luckily in Fla,I dont think we have this 'summer or winter' gas, that you all talk about. It's just $2.99 a gallon!!! :mad: Going to fill up today in preperation for the possible hurricane thats coming this way. After last year..I will top off till the last minute. Only 12 gallons to put in it. I have got to have every drop I can get. But where to go when you have no power and your city is in ruins anyway. Worse possible scenerio. IF it is anything like last years 'catagory 1' storm. We are in for deep ----! And this car will blow away,its so light..why it doesn't get 40mpg is still beyond me.
  • i am posting this on multiple forums, so if you have seen it more than once, i appologize for making you read this again.

    I myself have a 2006 chevy aveo lt that is consistantly getting 21-23 mpg regardless of city or hwy driving and running or not running ac. Let me also say that besides this fact and a couple minor things, i ador my car and am very happy that i choose it over all the other in its class.

    for those of you who are having similar issues:

    so i called GM, actual GM, not my dealer to talk with him about the poor gas mileage, and he basically says that no one else has had any issues or at least they haven't called. So i beg those of you who are having gas mileage problems and concerns please call chevrolet at 1800-222-1020.
    They are looking into it at this point, and the more people who call the more we can force them to listen to us.
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