2018 XE - engine cut off while driving

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Just bought a 2018 XE 1 mo ago. Yesterday while the wife was cruising down the highway all of the dashboard engine/warning lights came on, and then the engine cut off . Still not sure how she was able to steer the powerless car off of the road without getting killed during the height of South Florida morning rush hour and where 2 very packed highways merge. Lights, hazards and car remote still worked, but the car could not be re-started and had to be towed. Tow guy couldn't even get the gear shift to pop up to put the car in neutral. Car at the dealer going on day 2, but they still have no idea what happened - only saying that it's not the battery, but could be what they called "catastrophic engine failure." Never heard of anything like this before - anyone else??


  • uffllaauffllaa Member Posts: 16
    update - engine dead and can not be repaired, per the dealer. waiting to hear back from corporate as to if they'll buy back or put me in a new car.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 232,933
    That's pretty astounding for a new car. Not the disabled part... but, that it's actually an engine failure.
    Let us know how it turns out.

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