2018 Standard Features?

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Looking at a car for my mother, specifically for some features.

1. Keyless start? Do any of the Accord trims or options have this, push-button start if she has the fob in her purse?

2. Wireless bluetooth? Standard or part of some package?

3. Sensors when pulling in or backing out of a parking spot? I know rear cameras are now standard but I think more useful would be sensors which beep and display on the screen if she's getting close to hitting something behind, front or to the side of the car.

I see on a local dealer's website that Wireless bluetooth is listed for an LX model so I figure that's standard.

It also mentions rear camera but nothing about the sensors.


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    Hmm, so the parking sensor option appears to be $514.
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    plus installation!
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    Seems like the only way you can get memory seats is to go for the top model, which is $5-6k more than the LX base model?

    Is that for real?
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    @wco81 Well, memory seats are available in the EX model. You also get heated front seats and other options. MSRP is $28,365.

    The top trim model, the Touring, has memory seats, front and rear parking sensors and other options. Its price starts at $34,695. Just go to Honda's website and build/price out an Accord with the features your mom wants.
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