V6 or small V8 engine, 2000 Silverado1500,2WD Reg Cab, SB

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I plan to buy a 2000 Silverado 1500, 2WD Reg
Cab,SB. I would like feedback on the 4.3-liter V6
vs the 4800 Vortec V8 engine. Does the v6 have
enough enough power to handle acceleration and air
conditioning needed on busy highways.


  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157

    I'd get at least the 4.8

    The 4.3 is a good engine....but not for full size..
    Some will swear by it...but I feel it is just too underpowered. It makes the truck strictly a commuter...almost usefull for nothing else.

    Good Luck

    - Tim
  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Member Posts: 265
    No offense intended, but I have for the past 5 months. In the hot Arizona desert, the V6 has plenty of power to handle max A/C and still keep up better than the 350 3/4 ton I previously had.
    Rblystone - like the old commercial - ask the guy who owns one.
    Or, as I have suggested a couple of times before, you really need to test drive a V6 at a dealership, then test drive a V8. You won't notice any difference unless you floor the accelerator - and I never drive that way - do you?
    Make sure you test drive the truck on the same roads you will drive every day. This is the real life test.
    You can go back and check out my previous posts on this issue, but to sum it up, one of our local Chevy dealers has a commercial lot that sells only to contractors and trades people who surely abuse their trucks. ALL of the Silverados they have are V6, A/C, cruise - that's it. If the V6s couldn't handle towing, heavy hauling, etc., then they wouldn't stock only V6s to sell to building contractors, landscape contractors, etc.
    My plan is a 2K V6 for everyday use, and an old 454 3/4 ton for heavy hauling of junk to the dump, infrequent towing, etc. I'll keep the new truck looking nice. I'll rent a 3/4 ton if I have an occasional long haul to make, and save the abuse of my truck. What do you think when you see a used truck for sale with a well worn trailer hitch on it? I think: "This truck has been beat by somebody." Even if it is not true.
    Also, gas mileage is a touchy subject in this neighborhood, but I am using my V6 as a daily commuter on city streets only (4-5 blocks, then stop and wait for a traffic light) and get about 18-20 in town. On the infrequent highway trips I make, gas mileage can be in the mid-high 20s on cruise only and the right conditions.
    As a practical matter, take the savings on the V6
    and consider the better gas mileage, and you could probably pay for 1 year + of gas.
    If you plan a LOT of heavy towing or hauling, then buy a V8.
    Given current gas prices, what do you think has better resale - V6 or V8? Even if the gas mileage is about the same in the city for V6 and V8, people perceive that a V6 is better on gas. Think about it.
    I have owned V8 Chevy pickups (big and small block) for the past 20 years but I now think V8s are a macho thing - we are marketed V8s so that is what we buy.
    If you are buying the super deluxe LT, get the V8 so you don't feel puny next to the Z71 stickers. If you are buying the base Silverado, nobody will ask if you have a V8.
    Hope I haven't offended any V8 owners - but chill out. I've got a 1973 rat motor 3/4 too.
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    I knew someone would pipe up..

    Better than a 350?...what you smoking man?...cuz I sure would like some!
    I know what a V-6 is worth...I have driven in them..but would never test drive one...as I firmly believe in V-8's for power and reliability.
    A v-6 will not stand the test of time....even for a short time in a full size truck. It will feel like those rental cars with governers when you hit the gas in no time at all if you haul often.
    Why do they sell them to contractors?...cuz they know they will beat the crap out of them and want the cheapest truck they can buy...aka V-6 with only A/C.

    Preach all you want...as i will stay by my original theory....the V-6 has no place in a full size truck...

    and gas is back down where it started here...so big deal..

    as for re-sale....a few months ago here An 99 LS 2500 with 34K miles (6.0) sold for $29,000.

    and that gets terrible mileage....so i see it seems to make no difference.

    Good Luck

    - Tim
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    The people that actually haul get the V-8's.

    The grunts get the v-6's to haul the toolbelts around.

    - Tim
  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Member Posts: 265
    Drive the V6, drive the V8, vote with your dollars. Or do like Tim, and don't ever test drive one before you decide.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    Is that what I do?

    Cool...now I know!

    For some reason I couldn't seem to find a V-6 2500 to test drive...maybe I didn't look hard enough?

    Good Luck deciding which is for you....If you want any work out of this truck...get a V-8.

    - Tim
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    A hamster on a wheel under the hood.....

    Get a V-6.

    - Tim

    ( I gotta go find a 2500 V-6 to test drive and see if the 6.0 I got is just too much power?)
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    our TIM (LURD) for you, he kows everything there
    is to know about these trucks. heck just ask him
    and he'll tell you. what would we do without you
    tim? i mean god how stupid we'd all be if you
    were'nt around to set the world in line. i think
    i hear wall street calling you to fix the recent
    stock market problem. YOU GO BOY>

    to the original post; we have been using a reg.
    cab with 4.3 for over 140,000 miles now and it's
    just now starting to show signs of wear and then
    only the ones you'd expect from an engine with
    that kinda mileage. oh btw it's been hauling
    granite slabs for almost all its time.

  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    The six cylinder is fine for the everyday guy who doesn't actually use the truck. Despite most owners fitting that bill, eights are quickly touted and not without merit.
    Any serious towing more than a handful of times requires a good tranny and eight-cylinder motor. I don't care what anyone "claims" to have; mpg is about the same when considering the full-size trucks.
    I own all types for my roofing firm and if you're pinching pennies and really want a full-size then the six is OK. Just don't expect it to tow much and get ready for that sucker to buzz and whirl at the higher rpm. The v-6's work too hard in my opinion. I used to buy the I-6 when Ford offered it for it had great low-end torque---comparable to the 302. But since Ford dropped that six in favor of the new engines--I only buy the eights and tens.
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    You want to start this again?

    As I said...the only time we get dumber...is after reading one of your posts...

    Don't you have a wave to catch??...dude?

    What does California know about anyway?....Fruits?

    ....Seems to know nothing about Trucks?

    Good old Mikee...one week he wants to bash...next week he wants to be our buddy and trys to fit in...next week he wants to bash..

    Kinda like a Dr.Jeckle and Mr.Red??

    Run along now skippy...

    - Tim
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    right. sorry about that, just could'nt resist.
    saw your response somewhere; "translation for
    lurd-- "red" remember that one? anyway just
    kiddin'. i know you're posting your opinion and
    i should have respected that. sorry dude.
    oh, it is fruity out here if you know what i
    mean. we have more than our share of frootloops.
    ha, ha,

  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Member Posts: 265
    and whirl at high rpm" I have not heard this on my 2K V6 up to about 85 mph., which is as fast as I would ever drive with the truck.
    The V6 is the truck for every day use. The gas mileage is not much better for strictly city driving, but on the highway it is much better.
    I would not choose a V6 for heavy or fairly frequent towing or hauling.
    I am talking about a 1/2 ton pickup, not a 3/4 ton pickup - which is a completely different(and heavier) truck. A 1/2 ton pickup in itself is not
    my choice for heavy work, with or without a V8.
    rblystone - you can sort out the considered opinion from the banter on this and other Silverado posts.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    your mind Red...

    Either you are our bud and willing to talk sensible....or a off color wacko that can't contain himself?

    We can get along with all types here....even YOU?

    So think before you post!

    - Tim
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    I have the 4.3 liter in my astro van.
    It has plenty of power. I tow a 2500lb trailer often and I don't even feel it.
    I tend to agree with Tim, as far as the resale value, and you can check that out easy enough.
    The gas mileage will be no better than the 4.8 liter.
    I got the 5.3 in my truck but I think the 4.8 is also very good.
    If you decide on the 4.3, you will get a good engine with a history of engines that often run over 150000 and even 200000 miles. The 4.8 and 5.3 don't have that.....YET!. I think they will,
    they are a well designed engine, in my opinion.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    vibrates. The Silverado has a TSB that states that the 4.3 had a mismachined crankshaft causing vibrations and the fix for it was to replace the motor. TSB No. 99063 date: 11/99 for Y2K Silverado. My $.03
  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Member Posts: 265
    are different on the V8s or V6s - just the engines.
    Let's not overlook the benefits of the "TOW-HAUL"
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    ...where did I mention that?

    I believe all 1500's have the same tranny...and the 2500 gets a beefier one..

    - Tim
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Member Posts: 314
    The 4.3 shouldnt vibrate, they have a balance shaft (had it for a few years now) to make the 90 degree V6 smooth.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    not to question your facts. Just quoting NHTSA TSB. Knowing the General and GM techs, no matter what they tried, there are vibrations that people have found in the '00 model V6 Silverados. TSB's are based on repeated reports from customers and substantiated by NHTSA prior to posting. A quick check with the GMC/Chevy dealer service department would help to clarify this. What's really a concern is the fix...r/r the motor...quite an expensive solution...even under warranty.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    chopped 5.7? I guess they had to add an external balancer to the driveshaft to make up for the part that they chopped off... Now if the Silverado came with that old Ford I6 300 cu in I would definitely consider it. The head on that thing must have weighed at least a 120#...the good old days.
  • dannygdannyg Member Posts: 131
    Regular-cab Silverado 4x2s weigh about 4000 lb, much less than, say, extended-cab 4x4s.

    I've been comparing the V6 Silverado to the V6 compact pickup trucks. The Silverado is rated 17/23 (5sp) city/hwy MPG versus 18/23 for a 3.0L Ford Ranger 4x2 5sp. Almost identical, despite the fact that the Silverado is a lot bigger and more powerful.

    The 5sp Silverado is rated about 3900-4400lb towing versus 2300-2700lb for the Ranger. Anyone out there have any experience with the 5sp V6 Silverado?
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982

    The "whirl" was referring to under towing stress rather than simply high speed. BTW: I have many half-tons for my firm that are work trucks. Since when did the halfs become play/private use only?
  • cottrell1cottrell1 Member Posts: 39
    Go with the 285 HP 5.3 which also has 325 ft-pounds of torque. No matter what Silvo your driving its the only real choice around. Its sad they don't sell the 325 HP 6.0 that's coming out in the HD's with this truck, I guess its just a result of GM's ignorant product planners.
    Just look at the S-10 which should have the 5.3
  • cottrell1cottrell1 Member Posts: 39
    My computer messed up and spit out 2 of the same thing.
  • cottrell1cottrell1 Member Posts: 39
    Go with the 285 HP 5.3 which also has 325 ft-pounds of torque. No matter what 1500 Silvo your driving its the only real choice around. Its sad they don't sell the 325 HP 6.0 that's coming out in the HD's with this truck, I guess its just a result of GM's ignorant product planners.
    Just look at the S-10 which should have the 5.3
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    You have a lot to learn about the auto industry...

    It has to do with Cafe ratings....a board that says that GM's whole fleet must get X MPG.

    GM's rating sucks already cuz they sell too many guzzlers and not enough econoboxes..

    Ford sells lots of Escorts/Rangers to compensate for this..

    The 6.0 is allowed in a 2500..due to the fact that an 8600 GVW vehicle does not fall into the rating system...that's also why a 2WD 2500 (7200GVW) gets a 5.3. Take a look at a window sticker for a 2500...the MPG will not be there as a 1500 does list it....as it has to.

    If the 6.0 was allowed in a 1/2....everyone would have one...and the rating would be even worse..

    Gm trys to offset this by offering the S-0's so cheap...as low as $69 a month.

    Dodge can offer a 5.9 in a Dakota...due to the fact their 5.9 is wimpier than a Chevy 5.3...and the fact they sell lots of econo's and mid size..

    So know what you are talking about before you post a statement.

    I am not a product planner...nor do I work for GM.

    I agree with you...but also realize why it does not happen.
    I love my 6.0 2500 LT....too bad 1500 owners can't experience it.

    - Tim

    BTW...the computer did not mess up...you hit re-fresh....so you messed up. Don't blame a machine for your actions
  • redsilveradoredsilverado Member Posts: 1,000
    is someone a little cranky this morning or what?
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    ...ya know?

    - Tim
  • cdeancdean Member Posts: 1,110
    Tim's exactly right. If GM offered the 6.0 in the half ton, one test drive with that engine, and it would be the only one they would sell. And their CAFE would suffer. that engine would probably get about 16 in the halfton, as opposed to the 5.3 and 4.8 getting 18-20 ratings.

    The Go-Ford-hate-Chevy crowd all love the issue that GM doesn't offer that engine in the 1/2 ton, but reality is, that you can get that engine in a 3/4 ton truck, that is a very small increase in price. A while back, I priced the truck I wanted in 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton variety, and the difference was about $1000. small price for all the extras the 3/4 gets.

    Ford tried this in '97 and '98 and it failed. They quickly discontinued the F250 LD because it just didn't sell. there just wasn't much differentiation between the trucks and people couldn't justify the added cost. hell, the only difference you could see were the tires. The F150 LD dominated. I think the fact that GM offers the 6.0 in the 2500, and different suspension packages has given people more of a choice to put themselves in a class of user: daily driver, light hauler, OR daily driver, heavy hauler.
  • cdeancdean Member Posts: 1,110

    The 4.3 WAS just the 350 with 2 less cylinders. Released back in '88, you could call the 4.3 just as reliable as the 350. I drove the hell out of one of those '88s, power wasn't great, but great, durable engine.

    The '99 Vortec 4.3 is a NEW engine. there is no more 350, so there is nothing derivate from. The 4.3 is built on the same platform as the 5.3 and 4.8. If it were a derivative of, say, the 5.3, then it would be a 4.0. Point is, the engine is totally new, and shouldn't be compared to the 4.3 of last year.

    FYI, i have a friend with the new 4.3 and auto in a single cab long bed and he gets the same mpg as 2 of my friends with ex-cabs with 5.3.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    If you click on the "24" on your duplicate listing..it will open a window and you may choose between scribble which will delete or hide which will not show your posting unless someone clicks on the link.

    Anyone know the rating on the Sierra C-3 which will ship with the 6.0 as 2001 model? Prelims show this truck to be a half ton.
  • cottrell1cottrell1 Member Posts: 39
    and why doesn't GM sell enough econboxes?
    Its because there quality is zilch and
    guess who made those econoboxes? The same Product Planners who made the 1500. Overall what cdean said was right the 2500's worth a whole lot more,
    its what I would buy given the chance. The real reason I was digging at is the fact the 6.0 doesn't fit under the 1500's hood.
  • cdeancdean Member Posts: 1,110
    don't think so cottrell. 1500 and 2500 have same hood space. otherwise, they would have to have a modified 5.3 to fit both chasses. 2500 has thicker and heavier chassis, but interior hood volumes and dims are the same.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    theories Cotty?

    - Tim
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Member Posts: 314
    hate to burst your bubble but the 4.3 isnt new for 99, upgrades maybe but the same 350 minus 2 cyl that dates back even before '88. It has seen upgrades like a balance shaft and SFI but it isnt new.
  • cottrell1cottrell1 Member Posts: 39
    Is vile, I would bet that "Tim" didn't know that on his own...
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    the 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 is the same block with different bore and cam.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    it seems you "don't know" anything about trucks?

    - Tim
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    What a Crock! What's this I'm hearing?? Ohhh CAFE regulations?? LOL!!!! Whatever.........

    General Motor COrporation sells more econ-boxes than Ford....BOYS! Children...er...kids, look. Don't make excuses for GM's failure to reckon truck buyers needs as if the gov't forbids it!! LOL! I will bet any man 25 grand that GM sells more Cavaliers/S-10/sonomas/and all other Chevy crap that has a 4 cylinder motor than Ford.

    Face the music. GM failed. They failed to recognize that buyers want a fourth door. They failed to realize that people don't want their trucks vibrating. They failed to reconcile that Ford is the king of trucks. Boy....I didn't hear this type of whining before the new design. Gee..What's up Chevy girls?? Why can't you accept that the bow-tie boys screwed up??

    Uh huh...blah...blah....blah....Hmmmmmm

    Seems like another year locked for Ford. ;)

    (Hey--it could be worse!! You could be a Dodge fan!)
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    ..uh Ford has their own vibration problem ace...go take a look at other topics..

    In numbers...GM may sell more econos...but in percent...it's still not enough....

    You seem in rare form here Roc.....Must have sucked in too many tar fumes and now ya got some free time again?...LOL

    Where the hell ya been?

    - Tim
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    Oh I've been around.....just at those vibrating Ford topics! (?) ;) (Sounds like that ficticious crack in the door.....)

    I'd still bet the percentage is there. Ford sells boat loads of suvs and pickups so hpw can they meet CAFE restrictions and not GM?

    As you can tell.....I get a little Miller in me on Friday nights....
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    hpw is code for how.........Why don't I use the spellcheck???? (Wouldn't help, eh?)
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    with it cuz the Escort and Ranger...especially the escort...sells tons!

    Don't you think Gm would put the 6.0 in the 1500 and make more money if they could??

    - Tim
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982

    Yeah, you would think so.....then again after Ford AND Dodge had four-door ext.cabs---wouldn't you think that GM would recognize this desire from truck buyers---AND make more money??
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    I have no answer there...except they are up to parr now....there is also the theory that people will buy the new model...then buy a newer one right after when the 4 door comes out?....who knows..

    The 6.0 is Cafe....any way you wanna slice it.

    - Tim
  • cdeancdean Member Posts: 1,110
    Look at it this way: Is the 5.3 uncapable of towing the maximum capacity of any half ton on the market? The answer is no. its got all the haul in it of any half ton. and before ya'll spout about how much less torque it has, drive one first. You'll be real surprised at the amount of pep it has a low rpms.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    I liked the 350 also....but that "on paper" torque loss the 5.3 has over the 5.7......give me a break....
    I drove a few 1500/s before buying a 2500....and they had plenty of get up and go...

    - Tim
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    I too wanted to keep a 350 or bigger under the hood....and went with a 6.0.

    The only Chevy people that will dislike the 5.3.....are 1998 and older owners who have 350's.

    Once you drive them...you will have no problem with them....I started out hating the idea of a 326 instead of a 350....and went to a 2500....then realized the 2500 was what I should have been driving all these years due to a better ride for me.

    - Tim
  • cdeancdean Member Posts: 1,110
    350 was always heralded as better than the 5.4. reliable design, but also more power, better mileage. well, the 5.3 will outrun, outpull, out-everything the 350.

    but all of a sudden, the 5.4 is 'leaps and bounds' better than the 5.3. not hardly. they made great improvements to the 5.4 and made it a very powerful engine. point is the 5.3 is no slouch.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    I see with these engines getting smaller and more HP....how will they last in the long run?....especially with Alum.heads?

    I hear my 6.0 will have Alum.heads next time I buy instead of cast.....GRRRRRRRRR

    - Tim
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