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Wheel bearing replacement warranty

chas35chas35 Posts: 7
edited May 2018 in Nissan
I had the right front wheel bearing and axle assmb'y replaced Nov. 2015 - 2 1/2 years ago. It's out again now. Would these guys have any obligation to honor any kind of warranty for this? Could anything else affect this breaking down again - motor mounts, alignment, etc?
I bought this car and the next day spent almost $500 to do this. I used to work at this shop 30 years ago, but am just an 'ordinary customer' now.
Unrelated, but also a concern...unless I use the recirculation mode for a/c, heater, etc., there's a super noxious smell coming from somewhere. I can't place it and haven't been able to figure out what this is yet.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 63,914
    I don't think any shop would warranty a part beyond the part-makers warranty--which would be one year at its best. And even if they honored the parts warranty, they'd still charge you the labor (not their fault the part failed, they'd say). Not sure of the set-up on your car for the front axle/spindle/bearing but I suppose there could have been an installation error. It would certainly be hard to prove.

    The noxious smell is probably mold in the vents. There are products you can buy at Autozone, etc. that might help with this.

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  • chas35chas35 Posts: 7
    The shop I took it to says, "whoever did this previously, did it improperly." The mechanic told me that the bearing was in at an angle. They had a hard time getting it out. He took pictures too - scoremarks on the hub from the cockeyed bearing.
    The noxious smell is more like something that would come from the catalytic converter, 'treated' exhaust or the like.
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