Is it possible to get a car dealer for a mechanic to check before buying?

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I have to buy a used car and I'm considering buying from a dealership (for the first time) due to time constraints and limited private party selection. I wouldn't buy a car from a private party without first taking it to a mechanic for a pre-buy inspection. Do any dealerships allow you to do that? How would it work -- the car would have dealer plates that would allow you to drive it to the other auto shop? Even if the dealership has a service department that they say has inspected the car for problems, I wouldn't rely on that due to the inherent conflict of interest. I'm not looking forward to paying an inflated price for a car from a dealership, and I especially wouldn't be enthused about doing it without being able to get the car checked out.


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    I think it would depend on the individual dealer, but I would imagine they won't make it easy for you.

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