transmission seems to slip

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This is an awesome truck. New engine only 72K miles. The (automatic) transmission only has about 100K miles. It stated to do this first in cold weather only, now it does it unexpected in hot weather.>> after starting first thing, I drive a 100-150 feet and the transmission seems to disengage. No engagement in any gear. Let it run 30 seconds to a minute and you hear it go back in gear and all is well. When it happened in cold weather, many guys said, "yeah that''s common." Yesterday at a stop light about a half mile out, when I attempted to pull out a bit faster than I usually do, it dropped out. A few seconds later it came back with a clunk in the back because the rpm was up. Today in the heat it dropped out, came back, and dropped out again twice within 25 feet.
Please advise.


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    When was the last time you check the transmission fluid level?

    When was the last time the transmission had an oil change and filter service?

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