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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Can someone please let me know if this is a good deal?

    White RX350 FWD - Prem/Nav, Comfort and Luxury package with heads up display

    MSRP $50,800

    Dealer offered $46,756 + $559 (dealer fee)

    thanks in advance for your reply.
  • It's ok deal. I have seen people getting 5K off MSRP and those had lower MSRP then yours. Considering 2011 should be here soon, It's not good deal. If you really have to buy it then go ahead.
  • jtlajtla Posts: 373
    I think you should try to negotiation another $1,500 off. With dealer fee, your quote is discounted by less than $3,500. As funnyguy pointed out, people are getting $5k+ off on a lesser car. The invoice on that car is about $45,000. At $5,000 off the dealer is still making $800 plus dealer holdbacks.
  • I got an AWD RX350, MSRP $52,600 for $47,000. Plus they took my 2007 RX350 which had a $26,000 balance on the lease, and gave me $30,000. However, it only had 18,500 miles.
  • I'm in the process of buying rx 350. The dealer ship in new orleans wants to sell the suv for 47,500.00 That price is to high. I would purchase for 39,000.00.
  • What is the MSRP?
  • Hi
    I am getting a deal
    $47250 @ $550 pm/12K miles lease for a RX 350 - 2010 AWD + Nav. I asked him to include the DVD but he said it would be $1500 more for the flip one.

    Let me know if this is a good deal?

  • Sorry I forgot to mention $2500 cash down includes regn fee..etc + first month payment.
  • Do you have sales tax to pay or is that rolled into the lease?
  • samwalsamwal Posts: 1
    edited February 2010
    I've just got RX350 (Blizzard Pearl color w/ 19" wheel) last week 2/21/10 and paid $41,418 + Tx (incl. Prem./Nav and Luxury pkg.) at Longo Lexus, El Monte, CA.
  • That's included in the lease. $550 incl taxes.
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    What was MSRP?
  • Just got a rx350 MSRP 45,486 for 40,000 plus taxes and registration in Southern Cal. area. Includes Navigation and premium package.
  • This is an amazing deal. We went to a NJ Lexus dealer today, for a RX350 AWD with PM, HS, EC, TO, & WU packages plus some little things (like cargo net, wheel lock), without NV, they wanted $40,900. I wish I could get similar discount for the RX configured as I want.

    One question, the dealer said all RX came with previously mentioned packages, however I only want PM and EC, do not care about HS, TO & WU packages. But they said those kind of configuration needs to be specially ordered. Is that true? Thanks!
  • Hi Rxowner,
    Would you give me the dealer's name that you bought the car from? Is your car a FWD or AWD?
  • Was just quoted $43,919 + t&l for 2010 RX 350 AWD with PM, NV, CP, EK, FT, PA, PM, TO, WU packages. Is this a good price or should I be more aggressive with it? I'm in Socal.

    Also, my request to the dealer was with only the PM, NV, HS, EK and WU packages. The dealer tells me that I cannot just get these but have to get all the ones listed above (such as CP instead of just HS). Does anyone know if Lexus takes custom orders so I'm not paying for options I don't want/need?
  • Dealer offered me $40,900 on RX350 with every option but Nav. MSRP is $43,800. Is this a good deal? What is best deal some of you might have received for this same configuration?
  • rxownerrxowner Posts: 2
    edited March 2010
    It was in the LA area. A few of the dealerships in the LA area will sell it for $40,500. You have to really work them to get to $40,000. I bought the fwd.
  • adam2009adam2009 Posts: 13
    Hey Dong99... could it be possible to give me the contact info of the dealer in NJ.. I am also shopping around for an RX350 with CP ,NAV & RE(Rear entertainment)

    Thanks for you help
  • rar2rar2 Posts: 13
    Hi, Jabberjaws, I have been quoted $39200 for RX350 AWD with Premium pkg, heated ventilated/seats,wood/leather steering,towing prep package;backup monitor in rearview, plus remote starter (believe I included everythin) with an MSRP of $44090. I'm in Mass. It was in December but they have called me as recent as end of February with same pricing.
  • Thanks for your info rar2. I went again yesterday and tested one with nav., premium and comfort package that was about MSRP $47,300 -- they will sell at $500 over invoice which is around $43,000. Is this a good deal?
  • adam2009adam2009 Posts: 13
    Hey jabberjaws, I am in NY and I was quoted 46,500 for the same configuration... you seem to be having a good quote... would you mind giving me the info for the dealer and contact... Mas is 2 hr drive for me... i am thinking of getting it from Mas if the they can give me for the same may be worth the drive... Also how much would it be for the rear entertainment package...

    Thanks and appreciate your help
  • mefromflmefromfl Posts: 32
    Is it normal for my dealer to ask me for 1k deposit to special order my car? Is there any trick with this?

    they say they don't have a prem with nav, comfort and luxury and those needs to be special ordered.

    Please let me know what I should say when they want deposit.
  • marabuntamarabunta Posts: 24
    I don't believe that it is unusual for a dealer to request a deposit when specially ordering a vehicle. Just make sure that you get locked into a good price. Your deposit will probably not be given back if you change your mind so you want everything spelled out in your agreement.
  • What -- you were quoted $46,500 for a vehicle with $47,300 MSRP? That is definitely not a good deal. All dealers in the Atlanta area are around the $42 - 43,000 range on $47,300 MSRP config so contact any of them in the area and they can get you much, much better deal. Try Nalley Lexus -- they are great. I am not getting the rear entertainment package so don't have price on that option.
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 94
    that is a worst price I have seen here... Anything below $4k - $5k discount is NOT a good deal.

    Actually, since this almost end of 2010 RX, I would say wait a little while, you could get $8k - $10k off when 2011 comes out.
  • Updating my post from before (2010 RX 350 AWD with PM, NV, CP, EK, FT, PA, PM, TO, WU), I have a dealer offering $43,684 on a sticker of $49,044.
    This seems like a pretty good deal to me. Is it?
  • I got one with everything including the luxury package, heads up, and Mark Levinson sound system. The dealer checked with other dealers and I got it the next day.
  • I saw an earlier post asking about McGrath Lexus of Westmont. I had a horrible buying experience with them. You should avoid McGrath. There are plenty of other Lexus dealerships in the Chicago area that are more reputable and will treat you better.
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