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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • az602az602 Posts: 8
    I received a 3 day "Private Offering" via email from a Phoenix, AZ area Lexus dealer. The offer was to "make your very best deal on any new Lexus and then present this invitation for an additional $2500 off"

    Well, I went to the dealer and negotiated a price of $400 over invoice with a salesman. Then I presented the coupon. He called over his manager and they refused to honor the offer minus $2500.

    I am disgusted at this treatment, especially after driving a hour to take advantage of this offer.

    Thoughts or suggestions?
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    ..did you read the small print?.....there must something there that gives them a way out...the old adage..."if it sounds to good to be is"...come you think that after getting $400 over invoice you were going to get an additional $2500 off?....
    Good luck to you....
  • Yes, see my earlier post. Got it in one of NJ dealerships end of september.
    2010 RX350 AWD w/Navi, Comfort pkg. MSRP $47,407.
    Sales price was about $42,300, i.e. ~5k below MSRP.
    This is still slightly over Edmund's invoice, but that does not include advertisising fees etc. I am still not clear what the actual "dealer cost" is, but from what I can tell this was a pretty good price. Wonder if anyone did even better in this area?
  • Hello everyone on this board. I am in Roanoke, Va. Looking for a 2010 350RX with premium package, comfort package, navigation, tow, wood & leather and running daytime lights. Roanoke has 2 dealerships but are not a LEXUS Dealership. Theses dealerships carry 2010 350 RX but they receive their Lexus Cars from Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Kennersville, North Carolina. My better half says that the Roanoke dealerships will not budge from the MSRP and that I will not obtain a car at invoice or less than 3 thousands from MSRP. Everyone on this board seems to be obtaining an awesome deal. My question is can I negotiate a better price through the internet and a phone call to North Carolina Dealerships or do I need to travel to North Carolina to negotiate a deal with a Lexus Dealership? I don't want to pay full MSRP. Looking forward to everyone's comments and suggestions. Burgundy2 :confuse: :blush:
  • Deereguy,
    Did you negotiate your deal for your 2010 350 RX at the Lexus Dealership or Did you call direct at the dealership or negotiated by the internet to the Raleigh Lexus Dealership? I guess I don't want to drive 200 miles to negotiate. Looking forward to your reply.

    Burgundy2 :confuse: :surprise:
  • I've used this site's methodology to negotiate the purchase of four cars. I've gotten a few under invoice, though I haven't used the method on a Lexus.

    In essence, you get a throw away e-mail address from gmail/hotmail/live/etc. and use that for several of the online car buying services. Once you get the offers in hand, pit the dealers against each other and drill them down on price. It's much easier than wasting hours in the showroom.

    The other thing that I've noticed is the best deals I've gotten were at the end of the month--I suspect that's due to salesmen having monthly quotas or something, but it could be just a coincidence.

    Best of luck to you! I think I'll be joining in the search for a Lexus RX 350 soon.
  • az602az602 Posts: 8
    As far as I can tell, there is no fine print that gives them an out. In fact, there are INCLUSIONS on this offer that you don't normally see:
    - Can be combined with other offers
    - Can be used on any new or used vehicle in stock

    Yes, I realize that $400 over invoice PLUS an additional $2500 off would be a fantastic deal, but it's a deal that THEY offered. (By the way, it's actually $700 over invoice according to my recalculation.)

    The coupons specifically says to negotiate your best deal. I negotiated what many others have already: $700 over invoice--in fact others have negotiated much better (up to $800 below invoice). Then the coupon says to present the coupon for an ADDITIONAL $2500 off the best offer. They refused to honor this.

    I have sent a letter to the GM of the dealership. I'll see what he says.
  • jako1jako1 Posts: 22
    Final price $41,200.

    Was this OTD price?
  • Hi a5fung,

    I am in Seattle area too. Would you tell me where did you get your RX please? Seattle or Bellevue dealer for $41,200. I believe it was before tax and license, right?

    Thanks a million.
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    Please let us know what the GM says. The dealership might say a manager never accepted the terms so it was not an agreed upon price, if in fact, it was a salesman that accepted the deal.
  • I'm also looking for a new 2010 RX350 w/ Premium, heated seats, backup mirror in the St. Louis/KC area. Any buying experiences to report?

  • Dear dcmachead,

    Thank you for your kind assistance and great advice. I have e-mailed Lexus Dealerships in Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, N.C. and Richmond, Virginia Beach, VA, Johnson City, TN. and Columbus, Ohio. Does anyone on this board recommend a Lexus Dealership that you experienced good negotiations (bottom line price) on the East Coast. Shipping costs from California would be to expensive. I will share what I have experienced with these dealerships.
    Thank you!
    Burgundy2 :sick: :D
  • a5funga5fung Posts: 3
    Hey Mafuwah,

    This is @ Lexus of Bellevue and yes its before tax+license. I'm closer to Bellevue and they have better service imo, like free car washes and stuff.

    Price wise i think you can go lower (maybe 40500 I feel) but definitely not as low as some other states, so if you're in Bellevue/Seattle area you're stuck with higher prices.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks a5fung,

    I was at the Bellevue of lexus the other day. Now, I am confidence to ask for lower price. Would you mind tell me who is the sales guy? I know a guy name Robert Lee.
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
  • az602az602 Posts: 8
    Manager somewhat rudely offered me the vehicle at invoice (their invoice, which includes holdback and financial reserve). I will be writing letters to the BBB, Attorney General and Lexus to tell them about this fraudulent business practice. The dealer shouldn't offer a coupon they have no intention of honoring.
  • biggdbiggd Posts: 4
    Could you please tell me what dealership you bought it from in New Jersey?
  • I am in Portland and also looking for a 2010 RX350.May we get a good price if we go together? :)
  • jtlajtla Posts: 373
    It seems that Lexus has raised the price on RX recently, by about $1,500. The same configuration that had a MSRP of $45,847 two months ago in post #2763 is now north of $47,000. Similarly, non-Navi car that can be had for $41,500 MSRP now approaches $43k. Anybody know when and why? At this economy? :confuse:

    Accordingly, the Edmunds' invoice price information seems outdated as well. The invoice price salesperson claims -- and offers to show -- is $1,000 more than that's on Edmunds. :cry:
  • I am in Portland 97230 too, intend buy 2010 RX350 with premium package 2 ($4190), Truffle Mica exterior and Parchment interior, Lexus web MSRP $43715, do you visited dealers and what expect deal price can get?
  • My friend and I both want to buy RX350. We went to Portland dealer 2~3 months ago. Did not have good deal from them. There is only one Lexus dealer here.So sad ! :cry: Have you visited them? maybe we should try together again or Bellevue? Anyone around Portland wants to raise hand? we have 3 now. :)
  • jtlajtla Posts: 373
    Not only is the GPS highly overpriced, but Lexus also makes you buy other stuff (comfort package, 12-speaker audio, 19" wheel,etc.) in order to get the GPS. I was ready to shell out $2k for the in-dash GPS, but gave up when I realized the total cost would be about $5k when all the extras were added. No, thank you. I will keep my Garmin.
  • I have not visit them yet instead direct issue order with cash on hand, but looks Portland dealer only offer 2K discount from windows price, their price may be little better when I show my cash but can not expect too much.
    I contacted with Stevens Creek in south CA, their price is not idea enough too, only $3500 discount (my expect arround 4.5K-5K), another worry is CA tax (I am not sure they can waive sales tax for OR resident or not).
  • sam159sam159 Posts: 13
    When I was shopping in Chicago land area, I noticed the price was much different from edmunds and When I asked the dealer, the response was " Dont know, dont care, take it or leave it. We dont go by the prices on the public site". I left and went with Acura MDX!
  • I was quoted the following

    In stock I have white /beige and Truffle mica/black. Both have the comfort package,Audi system w/12 speakers,Nav,Prem Package ,Tow Package,Wood steering wheel and gear shift knob,cargo net and mat,wheel locks

    MSRP 47250 Sale price out the door 46800.16

    By McDermott in North Haven, CT. This is their OTD price. I wonder if there is any way I can get a better deal.

    Appreciate any help. Thank you.
  • You will save few thousand dollars if you buy from CA. You don't need to register in CA/pay CA taxes if the vehicle is not operated in CA. Most of the dealers will ship the vehicle to whereever you live so you can register locally. I live in Seattle area and I won't recommend the Bellevue lexus.

    I bought mine (MSRP $48,473/Invoice 43,743[my price] - NV, CP, PM, PA, TO, WU etc.) from Oakland Lexus dealer and I am saving about 4K after shipping.
  • FYI:
    negotiated all in one day and am going to pick up black/black RX 350 FWD with Navi, Premium Package, Parking Assist and Comfort Package, leather wrapped steering wheel and knob, 19" alum alloy wheels,
    42,000 Car

    $4100.36 Tax
    $55.00 doc fee
    $579.75 Lisc fee

    Total. $46,735.11
    Got it from Santa Monica Lexus (which is normally not the best in terms of dealing). I called and dealt with around 6-7 dealers.... originally they were quoting numbers in $43k...and then $42,600.... and i guess since it is close to the end of the month, they just wanted to sell the cars.

    it's a hot car!!! good luck to you all.
  • Was it an AWD or FWD?
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    What was MSRP?
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