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Porsche 911 Lease Questions



  • bosco42bosco42 Posts: 20
    Car Man......from the dealers I have spoken with the residual numbers differ from what you have posted.....are you sure yours are accurate ??
  • noahsdadnoahsdad Posts: 26
    i have checked with dealers...they seem to accurate. many dealers are trying to pad the .00146 buy rate, so beware
  • bosco42bosco42 Posts: 20
    Is there an official online source that quotes the residuals

    I was told by 2 dealers that the residual was 55% on an 09 C2S coupe with 10K per year

    "Hi glbmw. Dealers that have certificates available can offer the following terms. Porsche's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 911 C2 Coupe with 10,000 miles per year are .00146 and 58%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of an '09 911 C2 Coupe S are .00146 and 56%. The numbers for an '09 911 C4 Coupe are .00146 and 56%."
  • mghboltmghbolt Posts: 1
    Hello Car Man:

    Would greatly apprecieate advice on negotiating a lease on a basic '09 Carrera coupe manual (MSRP range 79,450-82,000). I live in California and the state tax is ~9.25%

    1) It seems that from the forum that the best Money Factor is .00146 on a 3 year lease, does that hold true for 15K miles/year lease as well?

    2) I've heard that this special low rease rate will run through the end of May'09 and it will change for June, either up or down

    3) What is the residual percentage for a 3 year 15 K miles/year lease, and through the same source, I heard the residual percentage may go down for the worse after May, any truth in that

    4) How much off MSRP can I realistically get in this economy, is 15% too much for an '09 Carrera Coupe basic model, or is 10% more realistic, one dealership gave 8% off MSRP without too much haggling

    5) I won't need the car till later in the summer, but do you think its worth putting a deposit by the end of May (capitalize on the low money factor), and have the dealership let me pick up the car end of June which would be the start of the lease. Will a dealership let me do that and have the car sit on their lot for a month before triggerring the lease just with a deposit?

    Greatly appreciate all your advice.

  • mk2001mk2001 Posts: 2
    Hi Car man,

    I looking at a 2009 Targa 4s and appreciate your guidance on uterms to expect on this model. I understand you mentioned the current buy rate for leases on 911s is 0.00146. I assume this also applies to the Targa, but appreciate if you could confirm. Could you also advise what the residual percentages are on a 36 and 48 mos. lease for this car based on 10/12K miles? Need also your input on discounts to MSRP and other incentives to reasonably expect on this model. Thanks for all the help.


  • vexedvexed Posts: 10
    Any new information?
    Specifically, are there any current incentives to dealers for a purchase of a C2 or a C2S?

  • Thanks for the info, bosco42. I had heard that the program was wide open to all current Porsche owners and lessees...but I didn't know that there was no restrictions upon it at all.

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  • Hey bosco42. I'm pretty sure that the residuals that I have posted previously are correct. If you'd like, let me know what car, term, mileage allowance you're interested in again and I'll make some calls to double check.

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  • Ahhhh, I see that you did just that bosco42. To the best of my knowledge, the 56% residual value that I mentioned is correct. I don't see why dealers would quote you anything different since they don't have the ability to alter banks' published residual values.

    Unfortunately, I am not aware of a resource that provides accurate information on banks' current lease programs to the general public.

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  • Hi MGHBolt.

    The mileage allowance that you choose will not have any impact upon your car's money factor.

    Porsche's current lease program is scheduled to run through June 1st. It is difficult to say what its June program will be like at this point.

    Porsche Credit's current 36 month, 15,000 mile per year residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 911 C2 Coupe with a manual transmission is 55%.

    I am not personally familiar with what sort of selling prices consumers have been able to negotiate on this car lately, but you might be able to get an idea by stopping by the "Porsche 911 Carrera Prices Paid and Buying Experience" discussion.

    I don't believe that you will be able to lock in Porsche's current lease program by putting a deposit down on the car that you want in May. Usually, the program that is available on the delivery date is the one that has to be used to calculate your monthly payment.

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  • Hey mk2001. Yes, the aforementioned .00146 money factor would apply to all 2009 911s. Porsche's current 36 month, 12,000 mile per year residual value for the 2009 911 Targa C4 S with a manual transmission is 51%. The residual value for an otherwise identical 48 month lease is 45%. If you were to lease with only 10,000 miles per year, this car's residuals would be 1% higher.

    For feedback on this car's pricing, try stopping by the "Porsche 911 Carrera Prices Paid and Buying Experience" discussion.

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  • mk2001mk2001 Posts: 2
    Thanks a lot, Car man. Can you confirm what the residual is for the PDK on a 36mos. and 48 mos. (12K miles)? Just want to confirm difference. Also, any guidance on a realistic discount to expect on this model from MSRP? I realize that Targas aren't moving in the current market but appreciate any insight on realistic expectations in light of the standard invoice/margin on this car.
  • No problem mk2001. The residual values for the aforementioned vehicle are 1% lower on models that are equipped with PDK.

    Unfortunately, I am not personally all that familiar with what the market is like for 911s right now.

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  • My local Porsche dealer in Marin County Ca, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge is advertising a brand new 2009 911 C4 manual coupe, msrp of $86,870.00 for a 36 month lease of $980.57 plus tax and $5,500.00 down.

    Seems like a good deal if you are tempted to acquire a 911.

    Unfortunately for Porsche it seems most people, including probably myself, are concluding that their current car they own now is just fine for a while. In my case it is a BMW 745i, so the 911 deal while very tempting to me, may just fall into the "possibly want", definitely "don't need" category.
    Either the price has to get even better (which it very well may) or I have to get more passionate about buying another 911.
  • If that was a 911 C4 S or a 911 C2 S, then it would be a good deal. But not on a standard 911.
  • What are the residuals on a 2009 Turbo cab? 10, 12 and 15,000 miles? Are any additional incentives being offered now?
  • First time Porsche buyer here, Interested in getting a 2009 911 coupe. I found this lease deal on and its seems to be a pretty good one. Its 825$ ( 900$ tax included ). Will it go down further?
  • I'm looking at a C2 fairly loaded MSRP $90325. I would like some information on leasing. 12K for 3 years. Any change in money factor or residual since the last posting. Do you think that the market now could handle a 10% or higher off MSRP
    I live in Los Angeles area and you guys know the market here. Thanks.
  • Looks like a large cap reduction ~5500 drive off making the lease payment more palatable.
    I just took delivery on a 09 C2. 3500 cap reduction, lease payment 1059 (total) for 36 mo @10k miles a year. MSRP was 88k, sale price 80k. Felt like I got an okay deal... did get exactly what I wanted with options/color. They did a search and found 7 911s close to what I wanted in the southeast.

    09 C2 manual /arctic silver
    black adaptive sport seats (AWESOME option)- heated
    sport chrono, 19" CS wheels
    bluetooth/ipod/bose high end/satellite radio

    Definitely look at how much you are spending over the life of lease (cap+payments)... easy to get excited about 825/mo, but read the fine print.
    Good luck!
  • Hi autojack11. Porsche is providing a special lease money factor of .00146 through its captive finance company on all 2009 models right now. Make sure that the dealer uses that money factor to calculate your car's monthly payment. As far as its residual values go, Porsche Financial Services' resid for a 36 month lease of a 2009 911 Turbo Cab with 15,000 miles per year is 47%. PFS' 12,000 mile per year residual value is 2% higher than its 15k resid and its 10,000 mile per year residual is 3% higher than the 15k.

    Porsche has come dealer cash incentives floating around out there, but none that I am aware of that are available on leases.

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  • Hi Car Man,
    For 36 month lease of a 2009 911 C2 Coupe with a manual transmission from what I see in your earlier postings:
    15k mi/yr is 55%
    12k mi/yr is 56%
    10k mi/yr is 58%

    Can you tell me what these would be for 48 month lease?
  • Hi chips. PFS' September buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 911 C2 Coupe with 15,000 miles per year are .00146 and 55%, respectively.

    You definitely do not want to lease this car for 48 months. If I recall correctly, its special lease offer is only available for 36 month leases. If that is indeed the case then if you were to lease for 4 years, this car's money factor would more than double from .00146 to .00310. Ouch.

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  • Hi All

    So this weekend I found my dream 911 C2, discussed the finances worked out the numbers and sat down with the dealer to finish the deal.

    The dealer took down my information ran my credit and told me that I have a 740 score but PFS might not approve my lease because I don't have comparable credit.

    My current car is a 17000$ Toyota and PFS might not agree to lease a 911 to me as its too big of a jump.

    Apparently their automated system turned it down and the dealer might need to discuss it with PFS over the phone ( PFS is not open on a Sunday )

    Has anyone in this forum faced a similar problem with not having comparable credit??

  • Thanks for the info cardiohex. Will definitely watch out for the fine print.
  • Carman or anyone else,

    Is it still 51% and 56% for 36 and 24 months, 15k?
    Does PFS bump up 3% for 10k miles?
    And .00146 MF?

  • Hey weakestlink. PFS' special .00146 money factor is good through the end of the month. However, its residual values for 24 and 36 month leases of the 2009 911 C2S Cab with 15,000 miles per year are now 54% and 51%, respectively.

    Yes, you would add 3% to these residual value for leases with only 10,000 miles per year.

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  • Car-man - is the special lease money factor .00146 still offered in Sept? West LA dealer quote on 2009 911 cab w/ minimal options (PDK, heated seats, floor mats) LMF .0024 (if lease paid up front of $42K) or .0031 (w/ monthly payments $1250, $3K driveoff) on 3 year lease 12K miles year..

    Is the lower LMF of .00146 still being offered?

    If dealer lists:
    CashSalePrice $77K , but 3 yr lease based on MSRP $94K, I think the lease calculation is based on MSRP. Dealer said vehicle MSRP for lease is based on MSRP, not the CashSalePrice. Does Porsche negotiate the MSRP and residual used in the lease calc or am I stuck with MSRP and 54% residual?
  • Hi tb,

    From my pretty extensive research, the .00146 is available on all 997 leases in September. And the incentive on all RWD 997s is $10k. The $10k incentive cannot be combined with the subsidized lease program so you should add $10k to the cash sale price ($77k + $10k = $87k).

    BTW, on a $94k MSRP, the markup is 10% so the dealer cost would be approx. $84,600 ($74,600 if buying). I've found several dealers on the East Coast willing to sell for $1000-$1500 over invoice.

    Hope this helps. You may want to get Carman or someone to verify my facts but based on my own searching, I'm pretty confident they're correct.
  • tb310tb310 Posts: 2
    thanks for the insight. With your advice, I'm going to purchase the car and have a better idea how much I can negotiate on the price with the dealer still making a fair profit (but at least saving me thousands of dollars). Without your guidance, I was reluctant to pull the trigger on the purchase as I feared overpaying. You do a great service and I appreciate it dealer and will think of you whenever I drive my 911!
  • What if you take cash discount ($10K) and use 3rd party lease deal? I've always gotten a lease based on cash purchase price in the past. As long as you don't take lease special from Porsche. Is that possible?
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