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Toyota Prius Audio & Entertainment System Questions



  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247

    The guy who asked was in message #28. ;)
  • Oops... sorry terry.
  • I am the new owner of a red 2007 Prius with package 2 (single CD, no satellit radio) and need help to decide how to upgrade for at least XM radio, maybe with a new 6-CD changer if that's available. I asked the dealer when I bought the car, but they don't seem to know about the options.

    One source I found is Factory Interactive, offering an XM kit that integrates directly with the existing radio and Multi-Function Display (MFD). That sounds like a tuner and software solution that might be a good compromise.

    Does anyone have experience and advice to share please? Does Toyota sell any replacement hardware for upgrades like this?

  • Classic Toyota in Round Rock, TX installed XM satellite radio into several non-touring 2007 models on their lots. They skinned a few with leather seats, pinstripes, woodgrain trim plus other high margin dealer add-ons. I can't imagine them (or any other metropolitan area Toyota dealer) not being able to switch out the unit for a 6-cd changer unit for a small fee plus parts.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    I was wondering if I can get the upgraded radio from say package 4 or so, the one that has the 6 disk changer and plays MP3 disks. That is really all I need, as most of the time I listen to AM talk radio, which this radio seems to do quite well, but there will be times when I wouldl ike to listen to music. I am 42 Years old, and dont need a cranker boom boom system, and not interesetem in XM. Basically, is is possible to change out the radio to a different one without modifications to the car? :confuse:
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Your dealer can add the 6 disk CD changer at any time to the lower "grade" audio system. It's a Toyota accessory.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Still trying to figure that one out, I went to the dealer, and the cd player they show doesnt look anything like what is in there, and doesnt look like it would fit without modifying the dash. I am wondering if the 6 disk MP3 player/radio unit from an 06 will plug right in and work as I found one of those.
  • Does anyone know how to work the mp3 player/Aux on the '07 Prius? All files on the player are .wma or .mp3's and when I plug it into the Aux it shows it playing but there is no sound. Dealer told me I needed to increase the volume on the player itself and increase the volume of the car stereo. That didn't work. Any suggestions??
  • charlahcharlah Posts: 1
    I have found that when I play my Palm (mp3)via the AUX output it only plays on the left side speakers. I am going to try a different connection to see if it will out put on both sides. Also need to make sure your balance is set correctly.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    You have to select the aux. jack input on the MFD Audio screen. Once you do that you should get full stereo. If you only get one channel, then you have a connection problem. Check the cable, make sure the jack is correctly wired.
  • sapa1sapa1 Posts: 1
    Does anybody know how to set up on a Prius 2007 my Motorola Razr?
  • I have a 2004 Toyota Prius with the #9 package including JBL Sound and Navigation. The car has a little over 26K miles and has been relaible, comfortable, and economical so far. I have noticed a problem with fairly severe "bleed through" of electrical static and whine through the audio section when the radio is played in AM mode. Its a function of the throttle position and is definitely related to the hybrid drive power output. The dealer noted that a shield cover had fallen off the dash speaker. After it was replaced I had no static for about three weeks, but its back now with a vengence. I have found reference to the static problem in one other place, and suspect that its a lot more common than that. The problem started soon after the display was replaced. ANyone have a similar experience? If so, was it resolved?
  • ilya3ilya3 Posts: 1
    I have Prius 2004, and my CD is not working. I can't retrieve CDs, Display shows "CD Error" message. Looks like one CD stocks somewhere in the middle of tracks or any other mechanical failure. At DealershipI was told that the whole unit needs to replaced (exchanged) and it would cost $600.
    Is anybody have a similar experience, or suggestion on what can be done to reduce the repair cost?
  • I've got the same problem. This should be covered with the warranty, correct?
  • Okay, I've got a 2007 Prius, package 2. When I am using my mp3 player and the AUX connection, I get a "pop" between songs. Other than that, the sound is fine. Anyone have a similar problem? So far, I've tried two lines and heard the pop with both lines. I've got a Sansa mp3 player. When I borrowed an ipod, no pop. So, it seems like the player is the problem. Suggestions?
  • I have a 2008 Prius with 6 CD mp3 player and an auxiliary jack. When I plug in my mp3 player (Creative 30GB), the player almost immediately resets and rebuilds its hard drive, and it continually does this making the mp3 jack useless, and perhaps endangering my mp3 player. This is unique to the car stereo, as I hook the player up to my home stereo, computer speakers at work, etc., with no problems. I figure the car stereo is sending some electric current into my stereo, rather than passively accepting the audio, but whatever it is I'd like to know if anyone has suggestions?
  • woody53woody53 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Prius and want to have the display screen stay in audio mode displaying the mp3 information longer than the 20- 30 sec's it does now before defaulting to the main screen. anyone know if this is possible and how.
  • bobc9bobc9 Posts: 1
    to install a recently purchased satellite radio, i need to find the fm antenna, can anyone help with the location on 2007 prius
    thnx, bobc
  • stevegoldstevegold Posts: 185
    My BlackBerry 8130 Pearl works perfectly as a phone.
    How do you set up the music player.
    The 2004 Prius does not have an AUX music input jack.
  • I don't see too many people posting that they just bought a USED prius. Maybe that's a good thing, Maybe not? Makes me wonder why the one owner before me got rid of it, lol.

    Anyway, I just bought a used 2006 prius. Don't know what package. Is there any way to tell?

    Also, I was under the impression that all 2006's had the AUX jack? I'm a huge audiophile, and being chained to regular radio is driving me nuts. I do not own an ipod (for god sakes, there's better things out there than those things). Can anyone tell me how I can find the AUX input if there is one. I looked all over and inside the center console and dash, but cannot find it.

    If I don't have one, is there a way I can hook one up directly to the factory radio, besides the FM modulator route.
  • biomanbioman Posts: 172
    Our 2010 Prius and our 2 HTC Incredible phones were working perfectly until yesterday. Now, when we try to make an outgoing phone call, using dial by name or dial by number, the process begins and then suddenly cuts out and the radio comes back on. Receiving calls have also stopped coming in to the car. I have tried pairing and re-pairing both phones and the problem is the same. The problem is not the phones, for each one works just fine on thier own. Any hints as to what is happening? Has anyone else had this problem? If yes, how was it resolved.
  • i just purchased a 2011 prius and am trying to put the my cell phones contact list onto the system. I was told that without the nav sys i would have to do it one contact at a time and there is limited memory. Is this the case? if so, hoe do i load 1 number at a time?
  • gem4skisgem4skis Posts: 1
    Might there be a secret compatibility or size limit USB Flash Drive on the 2010 Prius? I was able to load and play from one brand's 1-GB drive, but the system never read any data from another brand 4-GB drive. Thanks!
  • I have a single disk CD player that came with the car. The manual says it should play MP3 CDs, but when I insert one, nothing happens. How do I get it to play?
  • Suddenly, when I am listening to my iPod through the AUX channel, it switches to some other channel and the AUX is lost. What is wrong and how can I fix it?
  • mandelamandela Posts: 1
    Yes of course you can play mp3 cds which you have made.

    The music CD which you buy from the market are burned using the same software which we have at home. So no doubt if you manage to burn using nero and make the cd mp3 which the toyota music player can read then you must be fine. see here how to download music
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