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Toyota Prius Audio & Entertainment System Questions

dbrandondbrandon Posts: 2
I am picking up a new Black Prius today. I was wondering if you can play mp3 cd's that I have made myself or can you only play mp3 using say an Ipod in the adapter?

Thanks David


  • i just bought an 06 prius which comes with an aux jack in the center glovebox. attached my ipod to the audio system via this jack thinking it would play what i pick on the ipod. instead, the car uses the ipod more like a disc and only plays the mp3 and wav files while skipping through all of the songs bought through itunes. any suggestions? don't like the fm transmitters and would rather not install a whole bunch of new equipement...
  • My i-pod mini works normally with the Aux-in jack; it plays both the AAC (itunes) and MP3 music. I don't think the aux-in jack has any intelligence - it's just a input source. Does your ipod play correctly through headphones?

    A couple of minor quirks - 1) the car sometimes switches to "cd" from "Aux" after it's been shut off. 2) if I charge the Ipod from the power adapter while connected to the Aux port, I hear a faint hiss under the music. Otherwise no complaints.
  • rukindrukind Posts: 17
    I'm interested in your experience with the cross noise. Have you tried this in another vehicle? Is it your car or all models? Have you tried someone else's iPod to see if it is isolated to your unit?
  • Greetings fellow Priusseurs. I just took delivery of my Blue Package 1 on Sunday. Great car. It appears that Toyota is adding XM radio as an option in April. Has anyone done the research and found out if it will be retrofitable (by Toyota dealers), or only available as a pre-installed option?
  • bowdenbowden Posts: 1
    Has anyone ever found out how to use an IPod in the 2006 Prius equipped with MP3 inputs? Thanks!
  • Last week I called the Toyota Customer Experience Center and inquired as to the availability of a retrofittable XM Satellite Radio for the '06 Prius. They stated it would be available at the end of April. Today I called a dealer in Rochester-NY and their estimate of availability was the middle of May.

    I'll be the first in line to have it installed. Currently I have a "Roady 2" installed in my vehicle but it's performance is marginal, the main problem is interference on most of the available FM channels.

    I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has the factory/dealer installed version as to it's performance.
  • marieh2006marieh2006 Posts: 2
    I'm picking up my new Prius tomorrow. Found the one I want at a dealer in another town, and the salesman I spoke to was honest enough to admit he didn't know about hooking it up for XM Radio. He's talking to his service/install people and is supposed to let me know something tomorrow. If it can't be retrofitted at the moment, could you please tell me how the Roady 2 works? Do you just have the antenna in the dash somewhere or is it wired into the radio? I hate to sound stupid, but I can't really tell how it's supposed to work from the package, and I don's want to buy one till I know how to make it work. I'll probably be back here with more questions after I drive it home! :D
  • The Roady 2 has pretty much been phased out of the market and its equivalent is the Delphi XT which sells for about $60.00 at places like Walmart. I would strongly recommend having either of the two profesionally installed at an audio shop because some drilling is required, it will probably cost about $150.00 and you might get a better deal purchasing the radio from the installer.

    Both Roady 2 and XT are pocket size units which can be mounted on the dash or on the center console. On my Prius the antenna is mounted on the front passenger windshield, on a previous car it was on the rear window.

    I can't speak for the XT but i'm not satisfied with my Roady due to having difficulty finding an open channel. The Roady/XTs have to be tuned to one of 7 or 8 FM frequencies such as 88.1, depending on your location there may be another non XM station with a strong signal that interferes with the XM. I find myself changing frequencies often which is difficult to do while driving. The interference tends to be heavier when near a larger city with a greater concentration of FM stations.

    When I find the right frequency the Roady gives acceptable reception. It may well be the XT gives better reception. I'm waiting for the Toyota integrated unit to become available and take the chance that a Toyota dealer will install it correctly. Being the XM radio addict I am i'll just have to put up with the Roady until then.
  • marieh2006marieh2006 Posts: 2
    Cheryl, thanks for the info!
    I am NOT drilling on my brand new car! My salesman told me today (when I picked it up) that the integrated units are supposed to be available at the first part of June, so I think I can manage for that long with the cd player. I'd rather have the Toyota dealer put it in, then they're responsible if there's a problem ;)
  • kuenskuens Posts: 2
    I think it depends on your CD player, some CD player do play MP3 disc. But if you have a MP3 player and if you want to play MP3 in car, it is very easy.
    I have purchased one of those FM Transmitter from ebay. It works very good. Here is where I bought the item.
  • I just had the integrated XM radio installed on my '06 Prius by a Toyota dealer.

    In urban driving so far reception has been excellent but recently took a 300 mile trip that was mostly rural and hilly. Approximately 25% of the trip resulted in "No signal". I covered the same route with the same car when my "Roady" was installed and less than 5% was "No signal".

    With the "Roady" the rubber antenna was mounted on the roof,with the integrated unit it is mounted on the far lower right(passenger side) of the windshield.

    While more testing will be required to form a conclusion i'm hoping that the current antenna position will not result in consistent signal loss.

    I'm interested in hearing from anyone with the integrated XM radio on their Prius as to reception issues.

    From the ergononmic standpoint the unit is excellent.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Having the antenna on the roof is the difference. It may help to move the antenna up high on the windshield, or even put it up high on the rear window. Best is still on the roof. I think they are just trying to keep aerodynamic effects at zero. An XM antenna on the roof would have so little aero effect you wouldn't be able to measure it. I suppose owners would be upset if the installer drilled a hole in the roof though. I always put my antennas on the roof. They work so much better there. There are very reliable through roof antenna mounts that don't leak. I think the XM antenna would look good front centre just back of the windshield.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,432
    I always put my antennas on the roof. They work so much better there.

    My GMC PU has XM factory installed. It has a small antenna on the roof. The only time I lose signal is in my metal shop building. It does not cut out when going through an underpass. I have not had it in a tunnel which I assume will lose the signal. Part of the system has a memory circuit that stores the signal coming in to avoid losses.
  • Thanks to both for your responses.

    My friend has a HCH with integrated XM and the antenna is mounted on the upper right corner of the windshield(passenger side). He has no reception problems in hilly terrain.

    Also I noticed on my Prius there is a 2.25inch square metallic plate on the interior windshield surface covering the rubber or plastic portion of the antenna. I never saw one before but I can't help but think that it doesn't impede reception.

    After some further road testing i'll probably end up back at the dealer requesting some type of antenna modification.
  • mtuftsmtufts Posts: 12
    I need to find a good source for a NON I-pod conversion kit for my MP3 player so that I can play it in my Prius. Any ideas? I'm the one who also wants seat covers. :shades:
  • Finally had XM installed by the dealer on my 2006 Prius. The dealer originally quoted me a higher price than noted on Toyota's PDF e-brochure, but met the price when I showed them the printout. They did a great job installating the unit. The antenna sits on top of the dash in the far right corner, passenger side, next to the glass and is hardly noticeable. It took them less than two hours to install. The XM reception is excellent and far better than the reception from the antenna for the radio.
  • Check on eBay for Prius cloth seat covers & leather seat skins (full replacements).
  • My current car has an iPOD ready stereo, where you can control the iPOD from the radio and it also charges while it's plugged in. Does anybody know if that's going to be an option on the '07 Prius? I asked at the dealership. She said the Scion is the only one that currently has it and she wasn't sure if the Prius would. Toyota needs to realize that even us 50+ types have iPODs! Besides, at this age, who can see the screen on the iPOD while you're driving. ;)
  • I'm interested in knowing the overall reception performance of your XM after a month.

    I have the same setup as you do, i'm assuming that your antenna is on the lower portion-far right portion of the passenger side windshield, as opposed to the upper far right position.

    After nearly a month with this setup i'm having serious problems and am getting "No Signal" repeatedly in flat,level terrain. Overall i'd estimate "No signal" 10% of the time. I'm ready to go back to the Toyota dealer who installed it.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to mount the after-factory Prius XM antenna at some point other than the lower far right or is it something Toyota just refuses to do?
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    I have two after-market installs of XM, one of Sirrius. All three have the antenna mounted on the roof, via a half-dollar size magnet attached antenna.

    My lady has a MB, factory installed, and it too is roof mounted. I think this is a dealer/manufacturer deal. Perhaps they don't want to breach the seal of the windshield for some reason, although I have never experienced leaks or the like.
  • Something ios definitely wrong with your installation. I had (did continue free 3 month subscription) a factory installed XM system in my Honda Accord and never had a loss of signal failure in the 3 month trial period. Always crystal clear.

    Most like cause is the antenna. I would go to a professional setroe or XM dealer to resolve the issue.

    Good Luck,


    Liked Local Talk shows, NPR, and FM Jazz station better. An CDs and Autoselect AM/FM stations on road trips. Also, didn't want to pay $13 per month.
  • The XM antenna on my Prius is located in the same location as yours. I have only experienced two minor "No Signal" errors, once when driving in a freeway tunnel and the other momentary no signal when passing under a high-power line.

    This is the third vehicle I've owned with XM and have never experienced the problems you are currently having. I would certainly take this up with your Toyota Dealer. When I spoke with my Toyota dealer, they would only install the antenna on the dash where ours is located for warranty purposes. I'll be interested in hearing how they remedy this for you.
  • Thanks for your response, also Midnight Cowboy&Jeffreyboy.

    Ironically I have an XM roof mount antenna already installed on my '06 Prius. This is because I had a "Roady" installed before the Toyota XM integrated unit became available. The Toyota installer obviously was aware of this, but it appears their policy requires windshield mount antennas.

    I've made an appointment for later this week with the XM dealer(non Toyota) who installed the "Roady". Hopefully the roofmount antenna can be connected to the Integrated unit although it might jeopradize the warranty.

    If that can't be done i'll have to take the matter up with Toyota.

    The radio itself is excellent with the screen being easily visible while driving.
  • I got my Prius mid last year (tatally love it!). I've been streaming my iPod through the radio using the FM transmitter. This, of course, is pretty bad, and I can't do it while driving in NYC. Does anyone know whether it's possible to hack an auxilary RCA jack into the 05 Prius? Thanks!

  • I took my '06 Prius to a non-Toyota audio dealer, he was unable to determine how the Toyota dealer had connected the Integrated XM unit to the windshield antenna, so he wasn't able to connect my "Roady" roof antenna to the Integrated.

    Instead he suggested a simple modification which was done within fifteen minutes. On my windshield antenna the silver metallic strip was attached to the front lower right windshield and positioned between the windshield and the black plastic rectangular antenna unit(also attached to the windshield). The technician's opinion was that this was likely to impede reception of the satellite signal.

    The set up was repositioned: the silver metallic strip is now flat on the dashboard instead of attached to the windshield and the black unit is directly on top of it with nothing between it and the windshield. No antenna part is attached directly to the windshield.

    So far the preliminary reception results appear promising, but i'll have to do more driving to form a definite opinion.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015

    They sell such things.
  • Does anybody know if any of the following work well in the Prius: Samsung D807, LGcu500 or Motorola SLVR? Thanks.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    The better Moto, the RAZR does. I believe I have read here the SLVR does as well. Toyota can tell you for sure. :)
  • Hey Cheryl,
    I think your reception should improve considerably with the new location of the antenna since it appears that it is in the same position as the one I have. Let me know how it works out for you.
  • Hey Terry,
    I have a Motorola RAZR phone that integrated perfectly. The set-up was quick and simple. I also know that the Motorola Z600 should work as well but the RAZR is much more user friendly.
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