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sillyivansillyivan Member Posts: 21
edited May 2018 in Mazda
Looking for recommendations for seat covers (w/gel inserts?) for my CX 5 leather-etted front seats. Trying to decide if exterior sunshade is worth the hassle - vehicle will be parked in open air hospital parking lot for 12 hour shifts starting mid June. checked out solar fans for interior but they don't sound very effective. Any other cooling tips appreciated. Thanks.


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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    I once bought some seat covers online that were actually made from a wetsuit material--these covers were designed for folks who used their cars a lot for sports, so they might be wet, grubby, etc.

    I thought they were pretty good--they remained cool and they wore well. Of course, like all covers, they move around a little.

    Sunshades do work, so it's something to consider even if they are a hassle.

    You can also buy a cleaner/conditioner that is somewhat UV absorbent.

    Window tinting would help a little

    But Arizona---that's a tough climate. Some dashboards have been measured in bright sun to reach a surface temperature of 190 F !!

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    sillyivansillyivan Member Posts: 21
    Thanks for the fine suggestions. the wet suit seat covers sound worth tracking down.
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