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The new design Acura RDX 2019 Models hit the market Friday. Price drop on the used ones?

km782km782 Posts: 3
edited May 2018 in Acura
I would like to buy a used Acura RDX. The newly designed 2019 models go on sale at the dealerships on June 1st so I'm hoping that will lead to price drops on the used vehicles with the old design. Does this typically happen? How much can I expect?

Right now there is a 2016 that I am interested in. It has 18k miles, AWD and the technology package but it is listed for $30k. That seems a little high to me given that the brand new ones retail for around $41k and a 2016 model is now 4 model years old. Based on the Carfax report it looks like the vehicle was originally a lease and has now been on the dealer's lot for 2 weeks.

I got a quote for a new lease and the depreciation for a 3 year 36k mile contract was about 45%. The used one I am looking at doesn't have quite that many miles but that would suggest a price of $22,550 to the dealer (that is also assuming that they paid full price at the beginning which they obviously don't). Assuming it costs $1k to fix it up and I'm not sure it costs that much since it appears well taken care of, that would argue that the dealership is in for $23.5k. If you add $2k in profit margin that gets you to $25,500.

Is this the right way to think about it? I should aim for something closer to $26k when negotiating? My last car I owned for 10 years so I don't have very much experience buying them. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!


  • km782km782 Posts: 3
    I forgot to mention this is at an Acura dealership and the car is certified pre owned.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 107,693
    km782 said:

    I forgot to mention this is at an Acura dealership and the car is certified pre owned.

    You can't really back into what a car is worth, based on lease figures.
    The market is the market.

    Post a description of the used car, here:

    Someone can tell you the trade-in value, and what it should retail for at the dealer.

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    Edmunds Moderator

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