My 2004 Buick Rainier AC quit working.The display screen is black. Is their a fuse for that?

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Hello; I left the key on, so the battery lost it's charge. I charged it up and started the engine. Now the AC, and heat does not work at all. The display screen is not working. I checked all the AC fuses and their all good.
Does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks, Marv. PS I love this forum

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    Hi Mr. Shiftright. I charged it up with a battery charger. It started right up everything worked fine except for the AC-heat. Is there a fuseable link under the dash? Thanks Marv


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    Yes there are fusible links in every car these days. They can usually be traced off the positive battery cable. You'd need to have a wiring diagram to see what circuits they might affect.
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    Do your turn signals work? If so then the ignition on fuse that powers up the HVAC control head is OK.
    The keep alive memory fuse is in the rear fuse block, fuse #36 10amp.

    You are probably going to need someone with a scan tool capable of accessing all of the modules on the car (TechII) to work through this.
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