Which is better? Diesel or Gas engines



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    When I bought my boat that is what I was told, I took their advise with a grain of salt and went with the 502 anyway. I am very glad I did and like I said I have never heard of a 502 failing in anything boats or cars. Another reason I like the 502 is the sound nothing like the sound of a 502 started dry at the boat launch. everyone says my boat sounds like a dragster when I start it. Speaking of my boat it is almost time to go out on the river.
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    Cool. I also have a 502 in my tunnel boat, it was supercharged up until last year. I yanked the S/C because I kept getting a lean condition in the #2 cylinder and sucking exhaust valves(twice in a row)I think I figured out the problem but it was after I was almost finished installing a 4 bbl manifold so I figured I'd run it slow for a while. It was a 105 mph boat on radar supercharged and MAYBE a 90 mph boat now on the speedo. Anyway, your boat shop was wrong and you made the right choice. It's Lake Mead for me.
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    My boat is a riverboat 21' semi-V it is made to run in about 6" of water (it takes 3' of water to get it going) it runs about 60 mph basically it is a 21'x6' jetski, it is a lot of fun I use it for fishing hunting and playing in the rivers. All I have on it is a 4 bbl propulsion comes from a Hamilton 212 pump.
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    You freaked me out with the two user names! I was getting ready to apologize for messing up your name. Jet boats are cool. I raced one when I was supercharged that had a similar motor in a picklefork(full tunnel) He killed me so bad for about a 1000' I'm sure everyone was laughing. I went by him at over 100(he said his top speed was about 90) and got the last laugh but jets are definitely quick!

    You know, some boats have diesels.......There, we're back on topic!!!!!
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    I have a PC at work and one at home couldn't remember the password so I have two ID's. Anyway yes thare are diesels in boats I have only seen one riverboat with a diesel and it had a Perkins diesel in it. Now big ocean boats they need diesels. Most river boats here use outboards but those of us who use inboards the smallest we like to go is 350 or 351 with most of us using 454 or 502's.
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