2017 SF Sports still on the lot?

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A dealer near me in California has a handful of 2017 Santa Fe Sport Ultimates on the lot, in June, with the 2019 redesign ready to hit in a few months. I looked at one and they're calling them "2017-18s." Interestingly, the one I drove had tire pressure down to about 27 psi on all wheels, which tells me it's been soaking up sun on their property for a long time.

So I'm trying to figure out what they might go for. Another dealer in the area is advertising a new 2017 same model and options for $29200. But if these cars are still there in August or September, I'm wondering if they'll take my offer of 25k plus ttl. Any thoughts from more experienced gurus out there?


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    Generally, if I see a car that's been sitting on the dealer's lot for a long time, I assume it's because they aren't selling at a reasonable price.

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