Hyundai Azera Real World MPG

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No, I don't own an Azera, but maybe it's time to add this discussion so owners can boast/lament their fuel consumption issues.


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    I have the Azera Limited. Fuel consumption is consistantly around 20mpg (Mixed driving) The best I have ever got was 25 on a 500 mile trip to San Diego driving at night non stop averaging 80mph. The fuel computer is a little over enthusiastic informing me I have gotten 26.5 when indeed I have managed 22.
    The initial break in for the first 1200 miles was a miserly 18.2 and that was gentle driving and acceleration with no AC.
    I use the car for long trips only now as thats where it excels in performance and comfort and makes very light work of the miles and one arrives refreshed and ready to go.
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    I have 4,500 miles on mine, average about 21 mpg mixed. Driving from Aspen, CO to Denver I got 30.5 mpg computed by me, Azera computer reported 30.1 mpg. I was averaging about 75 mph, but Aspen is at about 8,000 feet and Denver is about 5,000, so gravity likely helped some. I consitantly get about 29 mpg on level highway driving at 75 mph.
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    Just completed a 1200 mile trip (all highway) in my Azera My fuel consumtion according to computer was 25.2 MPG.
    A friend of mine made same trip in his new Avalon and had a fuel usage of 30.1 MPG, although he uses premium fuel and I use regular.
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    Just completed a 1200 mile trip (all highway) in my Azera My fuel consumtion according to computer was 25.2 MPG.
    A friend of mine made same trip in his new Avalon and had a fuel usage of 30.1 MPG, although he uses premium fuel and I use regular.


    Regular vs. premium fuel is worth about 2 mpg in cost. So, although the Avalon uses premium, it is still a more cost effective engine than the Azera

    I think one of the reasons the Azera is lower is that it weighs slightly more.

    My gas mileage with the Azera is

    17.2 city only
    19.5 70% city 30% highway.

    Since I haven't taken a highway trip longer than about 40 miles yet, I can't say what my pure highway mileage is.

    But with gas prices what they are, it's too bad the Azera is a little better in this area.
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    I have a 2001 lincoln town car which is a pretty large and heavy car...I was thinking about getting an Azera but it seems the gas milege is about the same? I get about 19mpg city and 23mpg hwy with my lincoln.
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    In true city driving in Denver I get about 18 MPG with my Azera. In open road, level driving on the interstate at 75 MPH I get a solid 30 MPG, 32 MPG if I drive at 65 MPH.
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    I do not own an Azera, but I do own a 2006 Sonata I-4.

    I have come to believe the Consumer Reports numbers to be accurate except for there town milage. They must use a test cycle that is more like a NY City Taxi driver's usage.

    However they say that they got 12 MPG city and 29 MPG highway on there Azera. One more MPG on the highway than the EPA got.

    There 150 mile test trip netted 23 MPG, and there over all milage figure was 19 MPG. I feel there Highway figure of 29 MPG is correct, for most drivers.

    I feel that a city MPG of apx 18 or 19 should be accurate for careful drivers, based on the figures I am seeing here and else where.

    Actually I feel these numbers are good based on my MPG of 20 to 21 city and 30 to 33 MPG highway, given the fact that the Azera is quite a bit heaver and a much more powerful car than mine.

    My 2 cents.
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    I just got my new Azera and I'm getting 20 to 21 mpg in city driving. I haven't had it on a trip yet but I expect it will do much better on the trip. I don't use all those 263 horses all the time but I've tried them out. Gas mileage can be very dependent on the drivers style. My wife has a bit heavier foot than me but she is the one average 20 to 21 going to work. Not sure if I just got one of the "good gas mileage" engines but all of these miles have been in the heat with the ac on.
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    3600 miles and I get 21 MPG mixed city / highway around chicago. makes a big difference if you don't do a lot of hard braking and fast acceleration. in the city with only stop and go, i can watch the mileage drop. also, make sure the A/C is not running even though the A/C light is not on. see other post on turning off the A/C compressor for vent only.
  • cookoocookoo Member Posts: 6
    Anybody compared a MPG with and without air-conditioner on?
    I got 19MPG and 27MPG avg. for the same 20 miles route with air-conditioner on and off respectively. The traffic conditions were the same and I reset the avg. MPG meter just before each trip. Don't you think the difference is too much?
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    That seems WAY off, cookoo! I'd like to hear from other Azera owners testing things under similar conditions... :confuse:
  • richwoodsrichwoods Member Posts: 53
    VERY disappointed withmy Azera's gas mileage.

    e oil changed at a Hyundai dealer at5,300 miles
    Have approx 8000 miles on the car, had th
    e air on constantly.
    getting 13.6 to 15-16 mpg - although herein Phoenix I have th

    AmI expecting too much?
  • cookoocookoo Member Posts: 6
    I just posted about avg. MPG yesterday.
    I got the similar poor avg. MPG like you around 15-17MPG and couldn't improve it even I drove very gently. Then I just turned air-conditioner off manually and took test drive and MPG was improved dramatically. I know your area, Phoenix, is very hot and not good for this test but just try it and you will see a big improvement in MPG such as 24MPG. Please post your result after.
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    As far as fuel consumption goes...I've gotten 28 mpg (highway) on a trip to NC and this was with myself and 3 passengers, the A/C running and averaging about 75-80 mph and a loaded trunk.

    Living in DC, I generally do a lot of mixed driving and I've seen the numbers be from 17 mpg up to 20 mpg.

    These are numbers I was more or less used to with my '02 Sonata, so it hasn't been a big adjustment for me.
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    We have 1569 miles so far and the trip computer indicates an MPG of 21.3 at an average speed of 38 mph. Going to reset in the morning at fill up. First reset since new with the breakin of 1200 miles.

    A/C has been on "Auto" the entire time, always working in this valley.
    Driving is mixed city & highway.

  • pahefner01pahefner01 Member Posts: 202
    I live in St. Louis and it has been hot and humid all summer. I have almost 2000 miles on my Azera and I am getting close to 22 mpg on every tank so far. The AC has never been turned off in this car. I'm not sure if the air in Phoenix makes a difference because I'm not sure of the altitude. While I use the onboard computer I have also checked the mpg by the old miles driven and gallons used and the mileage is accurate. Maybe the altitude is an issue.
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    cookoo, I am in Phoenix and our mileage is running about 17 in all city driving with the a/c turned to Auto. Any idea why going out of Autom mode would improve mileage? Can it be that the compressor doesn't run continually?

    I'm trying to figure why this would make a significant change in mileage.

  • donvickdonvick Member Posts: 38
    Wife drove from Fresno to Burbank and back, 425 miles on highway 99 & I-5. According to the trip computer average speed 56 mph and 23.5 miles per gallon.
    A/C on Auto throughout, traffic was thick so cruise control wasn't used coming or going over the Grapevine.

  • pahefner01pahefner01 Member Posts: 202
    Almost 3000 miles on my Azera limited and my mileage is improving. I'm getting 23 plus mpg combined city and highway. Haven't taken a highway trip in it yet.
  • pahefner01pahefner01 Member Posts: 202
    We took our first long trip in our Azera. We started with 3000 miles on the car. Drove 300 miles one way or 600 round trip. On the highway mileage only we got 29.8 with the AC on all the way and running right around 70 miles per hour. The car had a great highway ride on some bad Arkansas pavement. It was a very pleasant drive and I'm pleased with the mileage.
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    GARY S. CALIFORNIA :confuse:
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    Some moron actually stole a Hyundai? If he wasn't legally blind (blonde?), the poor fellow should be sentenced to counseling and then entered into the witness protection program with a new identity for a fresh start in the general population...

    (By the way, Gary, it would be considered a kindness if you'd turn off your caps lock... ;))
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    With almost 10000 miles on my Azera, I am getting about 16.5 MPG city and 24 Highway.
  • windycity7windycity7 Member Posts: 24
    i get 21-22 mpg with a 50/50 hwy/city driving with air on half the time. i get 28 easy if i reset before i get on the highway so the reported numbers look correct. street driving stop+go and long lights really bring down the numbers. i did city driving and the numbers drop from 22 to 18 in one day (20 mile) of additional driving!

    I do notice i try to coast more now that I see the mpg readings.
  • garywaynegarywayne Member Posts: 3
    Thank you (windycity7 )& (floridabob1) for your input on the AZERA milage report. Great car but a big dissapointment on milage. Here in So. California the air is certainly used quite frequently. The newly aquired horsepower is nice, but you sure have to hold it down for the fuel milage to be reasonable.
    Thanks again,
    garywayne :
  • donvickdonvick Member Posts: 38
    We just made a trip to Silver Springs, Nevada from Fresno, Ca. area of 727.9 miles.

    Went north US 99 to US 50 @ Sacramento, east through Placerville, Tahoe, Carson City to Silver Springs. Mountain roads, single lane etc.

    Reset trip computer to all zero's at home prior to leaving. Stops were for gas, another for lunch and another for groceries prior to arrival at destination. The trip back we stopped for gas, another for dinner and another for restroom.

    Trip computer recorded 52 MPH avg. speed for 727.9 miles traveled. Mileage is 27.1 miles per gallon roundtrip. The one way trip time is typically 6 to 6 1/2 hours. Much of the driving was up at 65-75 MPH.

    Except for probably half of highway US 50, cruise control was used extensively. The cruise control buttons are real handy to use and manipulate.

    The shifting while in cruise was smooth up and down the hills/mountains. I manually downshifted going downhill and it worked quite well at slowing the car down. Very little brake useage on my part while drivers in front of me were constantly flashing brake lights. I didn't use cruise going downhill or in single lane mountain roads.
    I did notice at speeds of about 45 mph and definitley 35 mph I had to manually downshift from high gear to keep the car from lugging or lurching while in cruise conrol. Slow speeds are not good in high gear.
    All downshifts and upshifts were impressively smooth. I like this transmission.

    Getting close to 5 hours in the seat I noticed the seat seemed to be getting harder on my butt. I asked wife how she felt as she was shifting around quite a bit. When we were shopping for a new car, a drivers side lumbar support was a primary factor. This is her car that she drives to work daily and needs the lower support. Passenger side seat does not have lower lumbar support. Other than that she was fine with seat etc.

    When we started through the mountains I discovered a lack of lateral support in the seats. Nothing serious, just noticeable after doing this road over the years in a Grand Am GT.

    We are 56 and 54 years old and not quite in the iron butt condition we were in way back when. We came out of a 1996 Grand Am with cloth seats and better lateral support. The Azera handles as surefooted as anything I've driven through the mountain roads, very predictable. Its like a big sports car with heated seats. :) I'm certain thats the Electronic Stability Control at work.

    We'd buy it again. Still no problems with the car after 8900 miles. Other than a buzzy speaker at low tones.

    We are still looking for another Azera on the road. All that driving and we have not yet seen another Azera to wave to or see what we look like.
    We had the climate controls on Auto and temp set around 71 degrees. We did use the individual seat heaters. She likes hers set on 2 and I like the 1 setting.

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    I just got the car monday and i drove it about 60 miles the past 2 days. I've gotten 15.0 average in the city. This is much lower than I expected. The amount of traffic in the city seems to lower the mpg significantly. The first day, I got 18mpg driving to work in the early morning. The rest of the 3 communtes to and from work, there has been more traffic and the average has been pulled down to a 15. :-( I hope after the break in period the mpg will go up. Overall, I still love the car. I can't wait to go on a long road trip in my Azera.
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    )) "Still no problems with the car ... Other than a buzzy speaker at low tones." ((

    Someone commented about the Azera's buzzy-bass several months back. As I recall, he noted that the sub-woofer driver didn't quite fit flush with the metal work of the rear window package shelf and that there was a metal tang that was looped around a speaker lead for support that was touching the speaker's metal "basket" framework. He repositioned the errant lead support away from the speaker and temporarily removed the bass driver. By cutting an additional speaker surround gasket out of cardboard and tack-gluing it to the original speaker frame mounted gasket to fill the former space and then remounting the speaker, no more aggravating buzzing when reproducing fundemental bass content.

    (Dunno 'bout you, but if there's "thunder" in the music, I wanna hear it cleanly and feel its solidity. Ask me why the Telarc CD of Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture" canon fire comes to mind... ;))
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    Your new engine and transmission are still "tight". Track fuel useage initially for fun, but don't take it seriously until you've rolled up several thousand miles of mechanical break-in. By experiential comparison, my '03 Sonata 2.7L V6 was rated 19/27 by the EPA. Initially I only got 17/24. At 5,000 miles it was around 20/28. Now, at nearly 24,000 miles, it's settled in around 23/30 - a little better than that with denser summer-blend gasoline.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    RE 30
    Although your Azeras' MPG will probably increase somewhat with more use, it will never be great.
  • donvickdonvick Member Posts: 38
    Yeah, I just made a trip to the Post Office and checked the onboard mileage/trip computer. From the 27.1 MPG we posted to Silver Springs and back, we are now at 21.8 MPG local driving. And this is all flat land driving, 30 miles to work and back home.

    Mileage wasn't that big of a factor when we were looking at new cars. We have 220,000 miles on a Grand Am and we felt very good about getting 19/22 MPG. We wanted a roomy car, a nice luxurious car and didn't want to go above $25,000 to get one.

    Give the car about 3500 miles or so to breakin before you start having concerns with MPG.

    Still think the Azera is best bang for the buck. We've got 9200+ miles on ours since July.

    I'm gonna have to take a look at that speaker buzzing. A cardboard gasket did the trick you say. I too like my thunder loud, crisp and clear.

  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    Got gas last night at local station, and was talking to fellow filling his Prius at next pump. He claims that is in averaging 55 MPG city driving. Although not the same type of car, I was wiping away my tears as I pulled away.
  • donvickdonvick Member Posts: 38
    Yeah but, its a Prius.

  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    RE: 34
    Some of my friends tell me, yeah but it's a Hyundai.
  • luckylouluckylou Member Posts: 308
    Hi Bob
    In a crash would you feel safer in a Prius or on the Azera ???
  • guestguest Member Posts: 770
    RE 36
    I would feel safer in a Hummer or under the bed.
  • luckylouluckylou Member Posts: 308

  • jaymagicjaymagic Member Posts: 309
    My average for first 500 miles (including two trips into Colorado mountains and lots of snow and ice driving was 22.3.
  • pahefner01pahefner01 Member Posts: 202
    The "yeah but it's a Hyundai comment" only helps to keep the prices down for the rest of us. I might have said that ten years ago but not any more.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    RE; 40
    I believe that most Hyundai buyers, myself included, have made price and warranty a large factor in their decision.
  • mbhollambholla Member Posts: 37
    This question is simply outta curiosity; but have you noticed a difference in your MPG since slapping on your 20" wheels?
  • mortgagemeccamortgagemecca Member Posts: 5
    I measure city mileage by Drive Time because depending on what city I'm in I could get 10 miles to the gallon or 21.5 because let's face it, you get zero miles per gallon while sitting at a light. I usually get about 12 hours of operating time in the city with the air on.
    On a level highway it is about 31.5 at 2000 rpms. Through the hills of West Virginia it drops to about 29.5.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    RE: 43
    Amazing! I have never experienced anything near the highway mileage that you are reporting.
    You must be a very careful driver.
  • donboy93donboy93 Member Posts: 14
    I also get about 30 - 32 mpg on a level highway (used to anyway, my Azera was stolen a week ago...)
  • gamlegedgamleged Member Posts: 442
    I played around a bit yesterday and I think I found how to keep the AC from coming on (robbing gas mileage) when you really don't need it.

    Switching from "auto" to "off" appears to keep the AC from cycling IF you don't then hit the fan button to get a bit more air circulation!

    Remember that little grilled "humidity sampler" to the lower right of the dash control cluster? If it senses that the interior is getting too humid, it will cause the AC to cycle on, even if your desired temperature setting wouldn't require AC.

    But it seems to work only if the fan is on. I'd been using the "off" setting (as opposed to "auto"), but I'd turn on the fan as compensation, and it was clear that I was getting AC to come on here in currently humid SW Florida, but last night I deliberately didn't hit the fan, and it began to get quite humid inside, and after a while, when I DID hit the fan button (still not in "auto" mode) I got a nice, chilly breeze from the vents and the moisture was gone in a couple of minutes, ergo: the AC won't cycle on unless the fan is set to run.

    Now, maybe if it gets really, really humid, the system might automagically turn on both the fan and the AC, but I haven't put that to the test as yet, I like my comfort... ;)
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    You bought a near luxury car, don't you want to drive in as much comfort as possible? If so, use the AUTO setting.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    Regardless, I feel gameleged makes a valid point desiring a totally manual mode (with concurrent fan availability) for drivers wishing for a specific operational mode when climate permits.* The 2006 and later Sonatas also have this obligatory A/C "feature" which Hyundai's shortsightedness forces on owners. (The addition of a simple push-on/push-off SPST switch in series with the A/C compressor clutch wiring would address the issue perfectly. Any auto-electric shop could install one in half an hour to a convenient location in the console's vertical cluster. When left in its "in" position, A/C compressor cycling would occur as the car was delivered from the factory. In the "out" position, A/C compressor cycling would be totally disabled at driver discretion. Those switches are even available with a built-in LED (blue might be an appropriate choice) to indicate when the A/C compressor is subject to normal operation.)

    *I own a prior generation '03 Sonata with manual A/C. There are many occasions in my low humidity region in the early fall and late spring when bringing in plain or slightly heated outside air provides perfect ventilation without the noise and buffeting of an open window. Why would I wish to waste $2.50/gallon gasoline cooling that air only to reheat it back to a comfortable level? That's not luxury at all; that's simply dumb.
  • sundevilssundevils Member Posts: 100
    I agree that the Azera's climate control system is a joke.

    Want to just open the vents and let the outside air come in? Sorry, no can do!

    Want to turn the fan on and have interior air recirculate without the A/C on? Sorry, no can do.

    Want to put it on AUTO and have the car tell you what is currently running (e.g., AC, filtration system)? Sorry, no can do?

    Want to be able to select between heat and cold? Want a real thermostat like the $50 one you have installed in your house? Sorry, no can do.

    This has to be the worst climate control system I have ever encountered on a vehicle.
  • gamlegedgamleged Member Posts: 442
    Juuust relating my "scientific experiment" for the benefit of those who may want to milk that last mile-per-gallon or two from their car. ;)

    Actually, I'm pretty happy with the "auto" mode, as it does a very good job of "set it and forget it." I'll see next year how well it does for those SW Florida days (not very frequent, but they happen) when both the temperature AND the humidity top at 93 or so... :D
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    RE: 51
    I live in SE Florida and have had my Azera for almost one year. The Auto AC system seems to work pretty well for me, although it has never had the conditions to cycle to the HEAT side. As the rear vent does not have it's own fan, this appears to be the "weakest" part of the system.I keep my system set to the recycle interior air position.
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