Should I buy a 2013 Honda Accord or a 2015 Hyundai Sonata, and why?

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This is my first car purchase and I'm a little nervous about making the right decision (both cars have approximately the same mileage).
Would it be possible for me to add turbo to either of these engines in the future?
Someone told me that the Honda is much better for customizations. Is that true, and what does that really mean?



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    What are the mileages? Are they about the same price?
    I don't think you should put a turbo kit on either of these cars. First of all, turbo kits aren't cheap; secondly, they decrease the value of the car at resale time; and third, a non-stock turbo will exploit any weakness in a used engine.

    My advice for first car "newbies" is always this: If you find you want a faster car, go buy a faster car--don't try to make a slow one fast. You can sometimes make a fast one faster, but something that was never designed for that is really not a good base for development.

    You do have the right idea, though---a turbo is where you get the biggest bang for your buck. The problem is, you don't want a literal BANG by overstressing an engine that was never built for turbo power. Turbo engines from the factory are usually strengthened internally.

  • nickc23nickc23 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for your insight Mr Shiftright. Both cars are priced at approximately $11k and have 40-50k in mileage. I just want to know which car is better and why. People usually say Honda is the better make, but I haven't heard a detailed description of why that's the case.
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