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Hi All,
I am planning to buy a BMW X1 2016-2018 certified pre-owned. I usually look at to check prices. I found a BMW X1 2017 sports M Sport Package, which was listed for $33,500 online. I went to an authorized BMW dealership near my place and he tried to scam me by quoting $38,500 and I backed out (of course after a failed negotiation).
Now, I am seeing a couple of dealerships in my area which sells used BMWs and call themselves as “certified BMW” or “Certified Beemer”. However, according to their website, these dealerships are “independent auto dealers and are not affiliated with BMW or any other auto manufacturer”. Some of them have excellent ratings in google and the number of ratings are also high. So, I am thinking of purchasing a 2018 or 2017 X1 Xdrive from such places. Can you tell me if this is a good idea or not? What bothers me is that according to BMW (here the warranty applies only for CPO vehicles. Given that these dealerships are not affiliated with BMW, they cannot certify the vehicles (correct me if I am wrong). I asked this question to the dealer regarding a 2018 BMW X1 with just 238 miles. They replied back to me saying “this vehicle has over three years of BMW factory bumper to bumper warranty on it”. Now, obviously the vehicle has just 238 miles and technically they will have warranty, but does this warranty hold good even for a non- CPO vehicle? More importantly, can this warranty be transferred?
I appreciate your help and response in advance.



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    That's correct. An independent dealer cannot sell a CPO BMW.

    The remainder of the original factory warranty would still be valid (4yr, 50K), but the maintenance program would not transfer. And, of course, there would be no CPO extended warranty.

    I'd be worried about a nearly new BMW at an independent dealer. Maybe, in an accident, and no BMW dealer wanted it after repair? If it was a year old with 10K miles, then maybe the original owner didn't like it, and traded it. But, 238 miles?

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