Honda Fit Audio & Entertainment System Questions

happyfithappyfit Member Posts: 1
I've had my Fit for 2 weeks and am very happy with it. However, I am still perplexed by the Aux plug for the Ipod.

I was told by the salesperson that the Ipod would be charging as it was playing. This does not seem to be the case. Am I doing something wrong? Do I have to buy a car charger to use while playing the Ipod?

I also have to put the volume all the way up on my Ipod to be able to hear it through the speakers. Is this normal??



  • mebmanmebman Member Posts: 100
    Yes, the IPOD cable is a separate and proprietary connection from the aux/mp3 plug next to the power outlet.
    The stereo on the sport has controls that directly do all the ipod functions such as folder navigation while charging your ipod at the same time. The aux jack next to the power outlet is an input jack that will play from any source with a walkman (3.5mm) jack. (XM, ANY mp3 player etc.)But if you use the aux jack next to the power outlet you must control your tunes from whatever device you have plugged in.
    By the way after looking at the sport fit at the auto show I can answer someone’s question that the steering wheel does NOT telescope, it only moves up and down.
  • jonniedeejonniedee Member Posts: 111
    and the Honda IPOD cable ain't cheap - installed on an 06 civic it cost a friend over $300! A major portion of the dash has to come apart to install k.pdf
    Hope the Fit ain't so labor intensive but I'll bet it's quite the same when all is said and done :(
  • mebmanmebman Member Posts: 100
    Although I didn't see the ipod cable on the sport fit at the auto show, I believe that they took it off for the show so someone wouldn't steal it. My understanding is that the Sport model has the ipod cable already installed. The price for the cable from the dealer is for putting it on the base model.
  • jonniedeejonniedee Member Posts: 111
    College Hills on their Fit accessory preview pages has the cable listed as a dealer installed option -
    My friends's loaded EX Civic did NOT come with it installed from the factory. :confuse:
    Nor does the NA Honda home page show it on any vehicle standard - even EX Accord has it shown as a dealer installed /inflated price option. Ipod Music Link is also optional on all Acura models that have it available...
  • brek1brek1 Member Posts: 19
    has anything changed as to whether or not the Ipod cable is dealer or factory installed?
  • jonniedeejonniedee Member Posts: 111
    The Canadian Dealer's accessory list over at Fit Freak shows the iLink cable as a dealer installed option only...They're getting Fit at the very beginning of April In Canook land :mad: and already showing models at some dealerships - ALONG with factory printed accessory lists.
  • badfish1badfish1 Member Posts: 1
    Is there any means to perform folder navigation etc from a non-ipod device through the stereo controls? Understood regarding the limited utitlity of the aux jack. My MP3 is so small that it's kind of dangerous to try to use while driving.
  • dewaltdakotadewaltdakota Member Posts: 364
    In one word... "Nope."

    The only way you get the folder navigation is through the iPod music link kit accessory. For non-iPod devices (and iPods, without the special kit), your only option is to use a double-male mini jack cable, and plug one end into your device's headphone port, and the other into the aux-input, next to the cupholders. At that point, all you are able to control is the volume through the head unit.
  • brek1brek1 Member Posts: 19
    it turns out the music link accessory is not compatible with 3rd generation Ipods. A huge selling point of the fit for me was this option.
  • anotherscottanotherscott Member Posts: 93
    Why not just buy a new, compatible iPod? Looked at as an accessory for the car, its cost is negliblible. You could even get a lot of it back by selling the 3rd gen on eBay.

    The funny thing is, the attachment to control the iPod may actually cost more than the iPod itself...
  • cmkcmk Member Posts: 59
    What can you do with the MusicLink if you do not install their software? Can I play playlists? I don't care about search functions.
  • sd_driversd_driver Member Posts: 49
    For the experts here:

    I’d like to a) “hotwire” the stereo in my Fit so I don’t need to have the key in the ignition to listen to it (BTW: I’ve never drained the battery listening to the stereo in my car); and b) have a “hotwire” rocker-switch to power the windows when the ignition is off.

    Can this be done?

    If, yes, is it simple enough for a good stereo installer to do?
  • bellab929bellab929 Member Posts: 4
    I just got my car back from the dealer install and please please please, don't waste your money. I should have known when no one on the lot was familiar with it, but it is nothing like the marketing. The voice is horrible and never works and you can't see song titles or artists b/c nothing is displayed. Its awkard to manipulate. I am kicking myself for putting it into my Sport. I definitely feel like a sucker. Honda made a great car and a horrible accessory. :sick:
  • stravagliastravaglia Member Posts: 1
    Agreed. I got this installed in my Civic yesterday and the Music Link is amazingly bad.

    Avoid it and use the mini stereo jack if you have it.
  • drknifedrknife Member Posts: 25
    I recently had my 07 Fit Sport in the dealership shop having the HML(Honda Music Link) installed.
    I wrote a review about functionality and such.

    check it out at

    One good thing, IT WORKS WITH OLD iPODs.
    The HML worked with my "4 button iPod".
  • giarcpnwgiarcpnw Member Posts: 1
    Hey, does the mini jack external jack come on all the Fit cars or only on the sport? I took a test drive in a base model yesterday and the litte jack on the center consol was not there. Had a plastic filler. I sat in a Sport and the jack was there with the rubber door cover. Just curious. I'm more interested in a base but i want that option if the Music Link suck so bad.

  • rxbrxb Member Posts: 6
    My Fit is waiting go get picked up and paid for. They installed the music link this week. From everything I've read the last couple of days it looks like even trying to use it will be an exercise in frustration that I paid $380 for. I wonder if I asked them to uninstall it and keep it they'd just charge me for the installation labor and not the part?
  • rxbrxb Member Posts: 6
    Someone posted in the Fit forum that music link works with his older ipod. He also links to his review, which describes how, without using the music link software, you can shuffle through albums, sort of using your ipod as a giant serial multi-cd changer. From what people have reported, this might be the least-frustrating way to use it, unless you have a huge number of albums on your ipod. Anyone have advice on this point?
  • farnshartfarnshart Member Posts: 1
    If the Honda Music Link isn't worth the money, then do any of you have suggestions for what I should buy in order to use my ipod nano in my new Fit Sport? Is there anything on the market that would work in both the Fit and my 2000 CRV? Thanks.
  • jethadenjethaden Member Posts: 36
    Simply plug it in to the AUX jack on the front of the center console and run it as AUX. It should work just fine. You just have to control it by the IPOD, but that will not be that impossible while driving. Particularly if you start it going before starting to drive.
  • jonniedeejonniedee Member Posts: 111
    Thanks drknife -
    Not everyone hates MusicLink - it has a learning curve that some don't seem to want to invest the time in.
    But anything that keeps your eyes off a tiny iPod screen and on the road is a big plus for safer driving... ;)
    PS Really nice Blog! :D
  • bellab929bellab929 Member Posts: 4
    Its not ideal but w/o the TTS if you select a playlist on your ipod hit pause. Then plug it into the Music link. You can forward through that playlist. Once you hit the seek button for over a second, that will kick you out of the playlist and you'll be back in random mode, its not the best solution, but it does help if you want to go through a certain playlist.
  • tbone63tbone63 Member Posts: 2
    These are all the things you can't do when using the Honda Music Link together with the TTS software to play your iPod.

    -You can't access your podcast directory. The only way to listen to podcasts is to move them to a playlist in advance (more work for you).

    -The TTS (text to speech) software will only allow you to select the first playlist that starts with each letter. (Example: if you have two playlists, "Celtic" and "Country", it will select "Celtic" when you select "C" at the playlist voice prompt.) You can do a reverse search to select "Country" (more thinking on your part), but if you have 3 playlists that start with the same letter, you'll never be able to access the middle one (short of doing things like renaming it "Kountry" or something else that will force more thinking on your part.)

    -There is no ability to search within a track (e.g. rewind or fast-forward within a track). If you missed something you want to hear again, you have to start the track over from the beginning and let it plod along till it gets to that part again. Joy.

    -If you stop a bookmarkable track (podcast, audiobook), and go and listen to something else in another playlist or playmode, and then return to your podcast or audiobook, it will not remember where you left off. Because you can't search to get back to where you were (see above), you'll have to listen to the track over again in realtime. Double joy.

    -Of course, you can't see any information on the artist/song that is playing, so if you have music that you're not familiar with, you'll have no idea who it is. Only way to find out is to not change playmodes and then unplug your ipod and scroll back through the playlist to try and figure it out. If you change playmodes, you'll never be able to retrace what it played.

    -Got a bad track? No way to mark it for deletion. Likewise, you can't give star ratings for tracks you like.

    -My Music Link Cable is very difficult to squeeze to remove it from the iPod. A little worried that the pins are not retracting fully, which could damage the iPod.

    Honda Music Link and doesn't work for you, you work for it!

  • drknifedrknife Member Posts: 25
    I reviewed the Honda Link without TTS software. I will review the TTS software later.

    The site is
    the ipod link review is
  • SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
    That's nice- if you wouldn't mind re-posting it here so other members to learn here that would be greatly appreciated.
  • thatsmycallthatsmycall Member Posts: 54
    you see the dark side now. Oh well, cut your loses and just use the Aux. Maybe the sound isn't as rich, but it's not much hassle. There was a really good review at TOV on this guy's problem inter facing the software with his ipod. It is somewhere in the civic section I think, but I couldn't find it again.

    If your here to consider music link, I say save your money, which may include frustration and time. That's what they made playlists and shuffle for. Enjoy your AUX jack.
  • bellab929bellab929 Member Posts: 4
    On the bright side, I don't mess with my ipod in traffic anymore. The quality is good and I've learned to cope with popping it in with a playlist on so that I can scroll through the individual playlist. IMHO, they should send all the music link owners a gift certificate for other acessories b/c this accessory is a :lemon:
  • citizenkeithcitizenkeith Member Posts: 2
    I thought the stereo's auxillary jack was available in both the base and the sport models. Since there are different steros in the base and Sport models, you'd think that the base's stereo wouldn't have that big "AUX" button. In fact, the manual says the auxillary jack is available on "all models except Canadian DX." Hmm...

    I thought I'd be able to play my iPod through the Aux input (note that this is different from the Sports' iPod cable... that hooks into the iPod's USB port, sends track information to the Fit's display and allows the iPod to be controlled from the Fit's stereo).

    I'm going to call the dealer to see how much it costs to install the jack. Anybody know of any third party products?
  • dotseuratdotseurat Member Posts: 14
    I see that only the Sport model has the mp3 auxiliary jack thingie. I hate iTrips, anything that connects to the radio so I refuse to use that. I saw a few places online that sell their own versions of a direct Is this legit? Should I just get myself a Sport and use the aux jack and save myself the frustration? I did want to save money but the ipod thing is essential to me...I have quite a commute to work each day. I personally just keep my ipod on shuffle and don't mess with it, and if I have to change a song, I just hit the button. So I don't need it to link to the actual display on the stereo.

    I dunno, the more I think about it the more I think I should spend the extra bucks and go with the sport. Not only for the mp3 thing, but the keyless entry and sportier looks kind of make it worth it. I really wanted a great deal though.
  • kagedudekagedude Member Posts: 407
    Just want to compare which setting Fit owners use on their stereo. I use the EQ Vocal setting with Treble at 4, Bass at 3 and Fader at R2.

    The non-bass at higher volumes do seem to show and making me wish for a subwoofer.
  • ac2capeac2cape Member Posts: 1
    Dr k et al,

    just got the ipod set up and the learning while not terribly steep just takes patience. Now the issue...
    Plugged in today and old menu system appears..seems to be charging but no check mark...didnt like that anyway but now no music and all things being equal...that stinks..
    Anyone? :cry:
  • bucknrosesbucknroses Member Posts: 4
    Some other options (don't have any experience with them):

    This has it's own control and display:

    This may be a nonhonda version of the musiclink:
  • tonkstonks Member Posts: 12
    I've been using the MusicLink for a few weeks now with absolutely no problems (knock on wood). The learning curve for navigating the artists/albums/playlists in Text-To-Speech is pretty steep, but not insurmountable. The hardest part is navigating within playlist "letters" to choose the one I want. It usually takes me a couple of tries to tap out the Morse-code-like dot/wait/dash to select "Cream" instead of "Carla Bruni" or "Cat Power".

    One concern I have, however, is that each iPod battery has a limited number of charges it can handle. Because the MusicLink always charges my iPod when it's connected, am I somehow significantly cutting into the life of my battery? :confuse: I hope not.
  • johnerobitailljohnerobitaill Member Posts: 1
    I've had mixed success with the Honda Music Link.

    I have been able to select which playlist within a letter. Start by pressing the search and hold until the beep. It will then start announcing letters. Once the letter is announced, you need to press and release the search, and immediately press and hold it again until you hear the beep. It will then announce each playlist. When you hear the one you want, press and release. This works the same way for artists and CD titles (disks 2 & 3).

    As I said, I have had mixed success with this, but I'm starting to get real good with it. What I mean by mixed success, is that sometimes after an update to the iPod, I will run into a situation where I select a playlist, but a different one is played. When this has happened, I had to wipe all tracks from the iPod, and resync everything. This worked for me. I have a feeling that there is an easier way to fix this or figure out what the cause is, but I haven't nailed it down yet.

    Another problem I ran into this weekend was that the iPod was suddenly not being recognized by the radio. I would connect it, it would be charging, but no connection to the radio. I tried all sorts of things to fix it. I completely reset the iPod and updated the firmware, with no luck. The final resolution was remove the fuse for the radio to get it to reinitialize. I had to re-enter the unlock code for the radion, but it has worked fine ever since.

    This thing is definately buggy, but with a little practice and some trial and error, I'm finally sort of happy with it.
  • dewaltdakotadewaltdakota Member Posts: 364
    There's two different ways you can connect an iPod to your Fit. The first is through the Aux port that is located below the power outlet, next to the cup holders, and the other is via an iPod Music Link. Only the Music Link gives you the ability to charge your iPod, while listening to it, as it uses the dock connector on the bottom of the iPod to connect to the stereo head unit. The Aux port uses a male-to-male 3.5mm jack, that plugs one end into your iPod's headphone jack, and the other goes into the Aux port.

    The Fit Sport comes with the Aux port, but you have to specifically request (and pay for) the Music Link accessory. Installation is pretty complicated, as well.

    If you did not buy the Music Link, and you're using the Aux port to listen to your iPod, then you will need a separate charger to keep your iPod juiced up. It's normal to have to crank up the volume on your iPod, when going this route.

    I believe what would work best for you would be something like the Monster Cable iCharger Ultra-Low Profile Charger for iPod with Dock Connection (model #AICHG2 IP). It will both charge your iPod, and gives you access to the line-out function available through the dock connector. You would get a stronger and clearer signal going that route.
  • crimsonacrimsona Member Posts: 153
    Turn up the volume dial on the Fit's radio too (or instead)
  • mohonkmtnmohonkmtn Member Posts: 6
    "I see that only the Sport model has the mp3 auxiliary jack thingie."

    Jeez, this bugs me. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be buying a Fit Base Model--I have no need for the other features in the Sport at the price. In 2006, why doesn't every car stereo come with an aux jack? I've even been thinking of buying other cars (like the Scion xA) just because an aux jack is standard. I know this reveals an unhealthy dependence on the iPod...

    A dealer in NJ quoted me $400 for the Musiclink and installation. Given the cost, I might just get an FM transmitter. Anybody have luck with these?
  • sozekizersozekizer Member Posts: 8
    Yeah, I've been using an FM Transmitter for awhile now.
    Griffin Transmitter
    It has multiple pieces for use as an extension and you can angle the post in multiple directions. It comes with adapters so you can plug in the ipod video,photo and nano. works well in signal transmission. The Apple Store is charging 90 dollars. I got it for about 80 bucks from Best Buy but from what i've been reading it souns like a heckuva better deal than the music link.
  • mattschechtermattschechter Member Posts: 58
    Another option that I'm looking at is having the Honda dealer techs install Kit #016163 which is the Aux input for '07 Fit. It fits into the 14-pin plug at the back of the Base Fit's stereo (same plug for CD changer, etc) and they route the user end out to the cabin. It functions with any 3.5mm plug device. This is better than MusicLink because you're not tied to using only the dock connector iPods... it's totally forseeable that Apple ditches the dock connector after a few more years or another brand of music player becomes dominant... the only hitch is that this cable kit is kindof expensive right now (not many avail.) and I'm sure instalation is a bundle too... (my guess is $200-$300 installed, but check w/ your dealer). Hope this helps.
  • mohonkmtnmohonkmtn Member Posts: 6
    Thanks! I'm going to look into that if I ever get a Fit.
  • fitman548fitman548 Member Posts: 172
    I have a G4 ipod, and when I use the aux jack, I have the ipod volume at about 95%, and I still have the radio at 13-15 volume. Is this what others a re doing? I can listen to the radio at 7-8.

    (ipod: soundcheck and eq off)
  • jethadenjethaden Member Posts: 36
    I found about the same thing with my Gen 2 IPOD. The head phone level out of the ipod is just a lot lower than the Aux level the radio wants. I tend to turn the radio volume up more so I don't have to over stress the ipod, if that's possible. Just don't go back to radio without turning down the volume, else it might just hurt the ears (or at least surprise you).
  • crimsonacrimsona Member Posts: 153
    Using Ipod dock, lineout - 45G/A

    Ipod volume does not affect lineout volume (fixed at one level). I have the unit's volume at 6-8

    Tested with 4G and 3G ipods
  • fitman548fitman548 Member Posts: 172
    Line out would be great. When you use the 1/8" jack into a line level input, the bass response is much better than it is with the headphones, at least. But dock is ideal.

    RE: Volume, I've noticed that the stereo remembers the volume for each input, so if the AUX is up to 15, when I switch back to the radio, it's back at 7 where I left it.

  • jeduffy123jeduffy123 Member Posts: 1
    I purchased an Ipod music link with my new honda fit. It cost $300 on top of the price (I bought the base model) but the software cd is broken. I haven't had time to return to the dealer; does anyone know if there is a website with the software?
  • mattschechtermattschechter Member Posts: 58
    So I live in LA and have an iPod and Base Fit with no Aux and no music link. I hate the iTrip style FM Transmiters as much as the next guy because the sound quality is poor and interference is ramapant. However I've found that by putting the transmiting iPod deep into the glove compartment with the iTrip-end pointing toward and parallel to the front bumper I have almost no interference using a clear-ish radio station. My guess is that the antenna cable runs from the roof behind the glove-box to the radio and by placing the iPod in the glove box it is in very close proximity to the antenna cable, thus making the transmission clear. I just thought I'd share for those frustrated Base/iPod owners out there.

    The next step is to figure out a way to add an aux line-in to the base radio. I know that the connection is there in the back of the head unit but the harnesses don't seem to exist yet for commercial sale. Oh the pain of having a new-to-US car! :P
  • tonkstonks Member Posts: 12
    My Music Link has spontaneously stopped working, and I wonder if other users are having the same problem.

    When the iPod (nano, in this case) is attached via the glove-box cable, the iPod screen displays the check-mark and "okay to disconnect" message. This is normal.

    However, the stero display now displays CDC and a flashing 6. (This seems to be an error message of some sort.)

    I don't think it's a problem with the hardware, since when the iPod is disconnected it displays CDC EJECT (also normal).

    Unfortunately, this happened after I updated to the most recent version of iTunes and updated my iPod software to the most recent version. I wonder if this is the problem.

    I have, in trying to troubleshoot, completely wiped my iPod playlists and library and reinstalled my playlists, uninstalled and reinstalled the Honda Music Link software and re-run the TTS software. No luck.

    I'm hoping someone out there has had this problem and knows the solution. Thanks.
  • familyofmoonfamilyofmoon Member Posts: 9
    I want the Music Link on my Sport AT, but not if it really doesn't work.
    I wonder how Honda can sell something that doesn't work, surely some people must be having a good experience with their Music Link.
  • tonkstonks Member Posts: 12
    Yes, I'm replying to my own message. ;) Seems there might be a compatibility issue between the iPod 1.2 update and the MusicLink. I restored settings to the iPod 1.1 software on my iPod and it's working fine again.
  • familyofmoonfamilyofmoon Member Posts: 9
    do you like your music link?
    does it work well?
    would you recommend it?
    thanks :confuse:
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