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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan Real World MPG



  • My wife has been getting 36 mpg on the highway in our SE I4 5A. We usually get ~32 with mostly highway driving, but city only tanks of gas have been giving us 16-19 mpg. Some of this is attributable to aggressive driving, but I suspect it also has something to do with poorly placed shift points in first and second in the automatic.
  • ken74ken74 Posts: 13
    "I'm getting my first oil change this week and hopefully the PCM/TCM update."

    What PCM/TCM update?
  • This one.
    FORD: 2006-2007 Fusion
    LINCOLN: 2006 Zephyr
    MERCURY: 2006-2007 Milan

    This article supersedes TSB 06-18-7 to add a production fix date.

    Some 2006-2007 Fusion, Milan, and 2006 Zephyr vehicles built before 9/4/2006, equipped with a 3.0L engine, and Aisin F21 automatic transmission may exhibit one (1) or more of the driveability and/or transmission symptoms listed below:

    Engine Driveability:

    DTC P0606
    Powertrain lacks response
    High idles after starting engine and lasting about 2 minutes
    Intermittent hard to start

    Shifts too early / too late / too often
    Gear changes take too long to complete
    Shifts rough or jerky from park
    Slow downshifts
    Takes too long to engage and/or hesitates while shifting from park to drive or reverse

    Reprogram the powertrain control module (PCM) and transmission control module (TCM) to the latest calibration
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    "What PCM/TCM update?"

    I own an 06 SEL v6 and had this done. Having owned the car for almost 9 months and knowing how the car drives/shifts. To put it in a nut shell the car is more responsive. All 06 owners of Milans/Fusions should have the updated codes put in. Its under warranty and its worth it. :shades:
  • I'm not sure if my car needs the PCM or not but I'm going to ask about it when I take it in for an oil change and such. So far I have 1600 miles on the car 12oo of which is freeway driving the rest city. In city I get about 13 or so and so far my best which was on my 1200 mile road trip was 22.3 however keep in mind I have the AWD model and I'll admit I have a lead foot and tend to speed (did 90 most of the trip)
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Um, yes, thats the TOYOTA part.

  • Don't want to get into an arguing match but....
    the problem is more with the software and electronics not the transmission itself...if it could even be construed as a problem at all.
  • wiredpairwiredpair Posts: 22
    I am driving about % highway/15% City driving:

    Picked up the car one week ago. I am getting 26.2 MPG overall since inception per the trip computer at 512 miles. I will be calculating manually as well once I have a few tank fulls.

    Trip computer says average speed 38 MPH so car must have been idling quite a bit at the dealer before delivery. I average between 60 & 65 MPH on the highway.

    I believe I will get closer to 28 MPG once it is broken in.

    I was initially questioning myself on getting the V6 but am sure glad I did.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    I am sure Ford has programed the updated PCM software into all 07 and probably late year 06's. My average MPG is 23.6 for my SEL V6 at about 11,700 miles. This isn't a "problem" per say. More of an upgrade/improvement.
  • urnewsurnews Posts: 668
    We have 1,900 miles on our 2007 V6 AWD SEL and have consistently averaged only 13 mpg in city driving, which is 95 percent of our total. We have nicknamed the car "The Guzzler" because of the crummy mileage. Our terrain is flat, the climate is mild, the tire pressure is correct and we are both conservative, gentle drivers. We are very disappointed with our Fusion because of this wretched mileage.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    What did you drive before and what kind of mpg did you get for the same type of driving?
  • urnewsurnews Posts: 668
    Our 85,000-mile, 1997 3.8-liter V6 Thunderbird with four-speed automatic transmission delivers the same mileage, 13 mpg, over the same daily route and it's 10 years older and weighs 500 more pounds. The 13 mpg on the 2007 AWD SEL 3.0-liter V6 Fusion is extremely disappointing.

    The difference between 19 mpg (EPA city estimate) for this power train and 13 mpg is $539.24 EXTRA a year, based on 10,000 miles driven with gas at $2.22 per gallon. :sick: :lemon:
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    That T-bird is rated 18/26. AWD Fusion is rated 19/26. So I don't see why you expect mpg to be much different between the two?

    You just must have a commute that results in poor mileage. I was getting 19 mpg in with that Ford 3.8L in a '97 Windstar. But now my kid is driving it to school...shorter trips...and getting about 10 mpg.

    When CR did their much tougher mpg test of the Fusion V6, they got 14 mpg city and that was w/o AWD. You drive must be more like their test than EPA's
  • chevyk10chevyk10 Posts: 12
    Boz man,
    Please don't fill up this board too. Everyone who drives a Fusion knows you are having gas milage problems.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Well, I wanted to wait a while before posting this. My Fusion has ticked up .2 miles to an average of 23.8MPG. This is per the computer in the car. This is combined city/highway driving. I would say about 65-70 percent of my commute is freeway. I now have about 12,900 miles on my Fusion with no problems to report. Wind noise however seems to have increased a tad in the drivers side door. No rattles or squeaks on the interior. Cheers!.. :shades:
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 1,007
    Yeah,you must have an awful commute. My 1995 T-Bird with the 4.6 V-8 gets an easy 18 MPG and I don't think i've ever gotten less than 17 MPG even with all city driving.
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
  • wiredpairwiredpair Posts: 22
    Just an update. I've owned the car 41 days and just under 3,000 miles. I commute 150 miles round trip per day of which I'd estimate 80% to 85% is highway driving with the cruise control set at 60 MPH. The car does not get used for any other purpose. Yes, I try to drive like I have an egg under my foot.

    I have a SEL V6 (no AWD) and my computer shows 27.4 MPG while my hand calcs are at 27.1 MPG - a slight variance.

    Each tank has gotten a little better as the engine breaks in, two of the past three tanks have gotten slightly more than 28 MPG (I believe it was 28.13 and 28.17).

    The engine is turning around 1800 RPM at 60 MPH - I did notice an increase of about 1.5 MPG lowering my speed from 65 to 60 MPH.

  • kmaurerkmaurer Posts: 48
    I have had my Fusion for five weeks now (1,200 miles). My average MPG has been 20.8. I manually calculated this number - the car shows 21.0. My driving is 100% city (12 miles one way). After my first tank of gas, I've been very careful to accelerate and brake slowly (my frist tank of gas was 15.8). Overall, it's about what I expected.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Update: I now have about 13,500 miles on my Fusion and the MPG has decided to take a jump these last 3-4 months. It just ticked over to 24MPG average and the trend is upwards. I am curious as the where it is going to level off. Seems like about every week of driving it ticks up about .2 MPG.
  • oshkosh49oshkosh49 Posts: 13
    I own a 2006 Mercury Milan Premier with the 3.0L V6. I drove back from the Madison area to Oshkosh a couple weeks ago. Before I left, I filled up the tank and immediately reset my trip computer after filling up. The car had 12,000 miles on it. According to the trip computer, the trip was 97 miles long, I averaged 62 MPH, and I averaged 32.2 MPG. On the divided highway I had the cruise control set at 74 MPH. On the two-lane highway I had the cruise set at 64 MPH. I'd say roughly 6 out of the 97 miles was city driving.

    The bottom line is this for those of you complaining about the mileage with their 3.0L V6 in their Fusion/Milan, your fuel mileage will definately improve as you put more miles on your car. Last year about this same time, I made the same trip when I had my Milan only a few weeks. Then I only got around 28 MPG. So all I can say is, be patient, the fuel mileage does improve over time.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,036
    one of the things i do is track my mileage in 6 month intervals. i live in new england. my explorer in odd number 6 months starting in august: 15.6/15.8/16.2/16.6 even numbered: 16.3/16.6/17.0
    i am not posting the numbers since my kid started driving the explorer. :cry:
    focus starting in may odd numbered: 28.8/30.1/31.9 even numbered: 27.6/29.3. fwiw. :confuse:
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • wiredpairwiredpair Posts: 22
    I have owned my car since 2/24 and just fueled it up this morning at 5692.8 miles per the computer. Overall, the computer is showing 28.5 MPG since new while my hand calcs show an overall average of 27.75 MPG - a difference of 0.75 MPG.

    Like I said, about 80% of my driving is highway and I have the SEL V6 model (no AWD). Also, I keep the cruise at 60 MPH at almost all times on the highway. I am happy with the MPG numbers.

    I plan on switching to full synthetic oil around the 10k mark (I've used the Motorcraft 5W20 Syn Blend that came from the factory and changed at 2,500 mile intervals thus far) and wonder if that will help the MPG.

    I'll update as I go along. I will be commuting less in the next few months so the miles won't be racking up as quick as they have been.
  • urnewsurnews Posts: 668
    Please don't fill up this board too. Everyone who drives a Fusion knows you are having gas milage problems.
    Yeah. But how come everybody else seems to be getting decent mileage with their Fusion when our 2007 SEL AWD V6 really sucks? 14.8 mpg at 3,000 miles is the pits. We are both conservative, gentle drivers. The terrain is flat. The climate is moderate. The tires are properly inflated. Do we have a mileage lemon or what?

    It's been two months now since my last rant. No improvement. Service manager at the dealership checked the car with a computer at 1,500 miles and said everything was according to specs, AOK.

    We should have bought an I4, I guess. The revised (downward) EPA estimate for this power train is 17 mpg. I would be delighted with that. The original EPA city rating was 19 mpg and most posters seem to be getting that, or better.

    We like and enjoy almost everything about this car EXCEPT for the rotten mileage.
  • mmcar2mmcar2 Posts: 6
    I am considering the Milan V6. I test drove it and liked it very much, also the reviews are mostly good. I am currently driving a 1993 Camry. It has been an excellent car but I have decided against the new 2007 Camry due to the reported transmission issues.

    My only concern with the Milan V6 is the city gas mileage. I drive approximately 70 city/30 highway. Most of the folks on this forum have reported mostly on highway driving. I would love to hear more from the owners, how is your mpg in the city after the break in period?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    IMO, it is not very worthwhile to compare mpg from different drivers, driving under different condions. "City" MPG will vary a lot depending on how and where a car is driven.

    For most midsize cars CR will routinely gets 14-16 mpg in their city test. Meanwhile EPA will get 20-24, for the same cars in their city test. These large differences are just due to the way the car is driven in each test.

    The guy with Fusion mpg remorse, likely drives more like the CR city test rather than the EPA test. CR reported 14 mpg for "city" in a V6 Fusion. The I-4 got 15 mpg in that test.

    If you get less than the EPA figure now, expect to get about the same amount less with any new car. This will be more accurate than looking at what other drivers get in their Fusion/Milan.

    You can look up the EPA rating of your current car at, if you do not know it.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    I have a 12 mile, 30 minute commute with some stop-n-go. I usually average around 24 mph. I typically get 20 mpg with a range of 18-22 depending on traffic. On a weekend with no traffic and favorable traffic lights I can get as high as 24. Throw in some highway driving and that would 2 or 3 mpg higher.
  • urnewsurnews Posts: 668
    I am currently driving a 1993 Camry. It has been an excellent car but I have decided against the new 2007 Camry due to the reported transmission issues.


    What transmission problems? I thought the Camrys were bulletproof. Is your '93 a V6 or an I4? What kind of mileage do get now?

    Based on our experience with a 2007 SEL AWD V6 Fusion (14.8 mpg city), I would not recommend the V6 if mileage is a big concern of yours. Obviously it is or your wouldn't have asked for forum input.

    Everyone's driving routes and habits are somewhat different, so for every "bad" mileage report there is at least one "good" mileage report, mostly.

    In retrospect, I wish we had purchased an SEL with an I4 and 5-speed manual. Most of the people who have that power train combination seem to be satisfied with their mpg figures, if four forums are any indication.

    It's not very realistic of me, I realize, but I believe modern cars in today's world should at least deliver the EPA estimate. Ain't gonna happen in my lifetime, I guess.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I believe modern cars in today's world should at least deliver the EPA estimate">

    Drive like this and you probably will get the EPA city MPG :)

    <img src="
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Get the 4cyl automatic Milan in the premier package.. Good MPG and a very nice car.
  • mmcar2mmcar2 Posts: 6
    Thanks everyone for your input. I have not calculated the mpg on my V6 Camry but I will check. The EPA is 18/24 so if I do get the Milan, as long as I can get the same or better, then ok. I was a little concerned based on a couple of the posts here, plus with the rising gas prices, but hopefully that is not the norm.

    Re: I am currently driving a 1993 Camry. It has been an excellent car but I have decided against the new 2007 Camry due to the reported transmission issues

    The Camry was redesigned in 2007 and I have read alot about issues here and on other sites. It is probably not the majority but based on what I have read I don't want to take the chance. Some are saying wait until 2008.

    If you are interested, this will give you some idea, or just check the Camry 2007 discussions and reviews:
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