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Freelander Transmission Problems



  • I have an 02 Freelander with only 34,000 miles and it's falling apart around me. I had been trying to sell it for a week and had a very interested buyer when the transmission went out! I had decided to sell it fearing that this may happen and it did! LR paid for 60% but I still had to pay $1400. The other things that have gone wrong in the past couple of months include the front driver door, the rear window and just this morning the back driver door went out! aagh! I'm at my wits end. A volvo dealership just offered me $7000 for a trade-in. I had been hoping to sell for $12800, should I just ditch this lemon and get the hell out now?
  • The result of my transmission ordeal:

    I was finally able to get Land Rover to warranty the transmission since I was only a few months out of the original warranty. However, they refused to pay the labor portion. The dealer had previously offered 20% off on the labor and stuck to that when LR came through with the warranty to cover the new part. So, instead of $5700, I only had to pay $2200 and $700 of that was for another part. While I appreciate that he dealership gave me a discount when they didn't have to, I'm still a bit irritated that LR wouldn't cover it. But, after almost 3 weeks of waiting on LR corp, I finally have my car back. Never heard any word regarding my inquiry about the lawsuit, so I gave up on it.

    I must be an anomaly since I've never had any issues with my Freelander until the transmission went out. I've loved my car and love to drive it. I feel for everyone out there with multiple issues that have plagued their Freelanders. I'm not sure how I got one that isn't falling apart all over the place, but I'm grateful.

    Hoping I avoid any other Freelander meltdowns,

  • Anybody on this forum in Portland, Oregon?
  • Hi,

    I'm new to the Freelander forum but so far I've the info here very helpful, but it would be EVEN MORE helpful if the folks who post would include the following with their posts...

    Freelander year, model (HSE, SE, SE3), and mileage.

    Also, doeas nayone know if the 05 SE3's are any better than earlier models?


    ~ Jeff
    2005 Freelander SE3
  • Here is some info I came across that might help, at least to see another option!
    "Loud Land Rovers land company in class-action lawsuit"

    read about it

    I sent him an email trying to find out more info what can be done.

    By the way my engine went out Dec 23rd 2007 Merry Christmas!
  • Hi all,

    I'm new to the forums and have found the info everyone has posted to be very useful.

    I took a chance and purchased an 05' SE3 w/26k the other day...and so far I love it!

    I am however very concerned about the future with my new freind after reading the numerous posts here and elsewhere on the web.

    My main question is if anyone knows if there were any mechanical updates to the 05's due to all the core problems (coolant leaks, tranny & electrical probs, etc.) or is my 05's engine & trans exactly like an 02 or 03's?

    Also, has anyone had any experience working with the Chicago LR Service Dept. at Howard Orloff's on Armitage? If so, I'd like to hear about your experiences and who you recommend speaking with there.

    Finally, any mechanically minded Hippo owners on the forum that could advise me on any preventative maintenance things I should do now BEFORE my warranty runs out in May of 09?

    Thanks for all you help!


    ~ Jeff
    2005 SE3 25k :)
  • I have same problem- replaced transmission at 35000 miles and motor at 65000. Now at 100000 miles it needs a transmission again. Can anyone help with information on class action law suit. New York area
  • I have the same problem. My transmission was replaced at 35000 miles and the motor at 65000 miles. Now it needs a new transmission at 100000 miles. What can we do? New York area
    Any Law suits options?
  • Can someone email me at and let me know how to get on the class action law suit. I'm in new york. I informed yesterday by land rover customer service that they could not help me. My transmission was replaced at 35000 miles, the motor at 65000 miles and now the transmission is bad again and the dealer wants $3000.00 for the part and $1700.00 for the labor. They said "to Bad it's your problem the car has to many miles on it" It has 100000 miles. So I asked her what their excuse was for replacing the transmission at 35000 miles and she had no reply.
  • You may be gone now but I am in Portland with a pice of S%$T Freelander, what can I do to help?
  • laff2laff2 Posts: 8
    I got rid of the damn thing. I fixed the transmission and sold it. I will never buy a Land Rover again. As everyone else dealt with, Range Rover would not assist in any way and I was two months out of Range Rover Extended Warranty and had it certified 10K miles before this happened. While I like the vehicles, the company does not step up (and I also had a Range Rover Sport on order).

    It sucks, take the loss and getr out as soon as possible. Your life will be easier without them. :lemon:
  • for everybody, take your time and file a defect complaint with the Office of defects at this site
    if we can find a lawyer willing to take the case it will be great but at this time I haven't heard from any.
    lets keep searching.
  • A few months ago my 2004 FL transmission did the same as others here, wouldn't shift/accelerate, check engine lights flashing, hobbled into the local dealer at 30km/h, the mechanics diagnosed and changed the solenoids and had me back on the road within an hour, no charge, under warranty. I think some of your local LR mechanics must be incompetent if they're recommending new transmissions for this problem, particularly at full cost.

    Did just have a new motor installed for coolant leaks though. Again, under warranty, no hassle other than out a vehicle for almost two weeks.

    If your vehicles are still under factory warranty BUY THE EXTENDED WARRANTY. I love driving my Freelander, but parts are expensive and there are bits that go and service to be done.
  • jet8jet8 Posts: 2
    Well, let me join the rest of you who have been bitten by the Land Rover Freelander bug. Here is my brief story. My 2003 HS Freelander transmission display began flashing F and 4 while I was attending my aunts funeral 300 miles away from home. I call the 800 number for Land Rover seeking techincial assistant and said take it your nearest dealer. I got it back to Dallas and took it to the Land Rover dealership where I had my warranty inspection (where it passed the warranty test that I ask them to perform before the warranty ran out) they told me my transmission can't be repaired only replaced and then I ask the $64 thousand dollar question, how much? Approx $6,000+, when I start breathing again, "I said how much?" He said it again. I could only shake my head. I am still fighting this and I hope by me venting my thought in this forum maybe someone can assist me in getting some justice out of this.

  • Your common tranny problem doesn't mean "bad transmission". It means "incompetent land rover dealership". The guy that posted just before you must have one of the very few dealerships that actually fix things. Most of them, if they can't fix it by hooking up a computer to it, they're only answer is replace it. My advice to you is find a reputable independent shop to diagnose and replace the bad solenoid(s) in the tranny pan. One guy on another forum heard the same thing from a dealer and did it himself by buying a $42 solenoid. A far cry from $6K. I've got just over 55,000 miles on my 03 SE just waiting for it to be my turn. Good luck!
  • We'll I took the car to a local transmission shop and he replaced the bad solenoid at it only cost me $650.00. Alot better than $5000 for a new transmission. The dealers are a bunch of crooks. They know there transmissions are bad. Instead of helping their customers fix the solenoids they want you to replace the whole transmission.. I just traded the car in for a toyota. I only got $3000 for it (I took a $4500.00 loss on it) But its worth it. I can finally sleep at night. Just a note I am giving the car to the dealer today and these are the current problems: Brake light doesn't work, Blinkers don't work (car starts to dye if you use blinkers), Oil Leak, Back windows dont't work motor broken, No inspection wouldn't pass. Let's say I cut my losses now and I am done with the nightmare. Land Rover NEVER AGAIN!!
  • Take the car to a good transmission shop. The solenoid is problem bad. I got mine fixed for $650.00. The dealer said it couldn't be fixed, they wanted $5000.00 to replace it.
  • nwestnwest Posts: 2
    Had my oil changed at 50739 miles on the transmission, now reverse does not work. Even purchased and used the recommended land rover fluid. Dealer wants 4500 for parts and labor for a new transmission, that's from two different dealers in Seattle. Any ideas?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Just curious - was it a fluid change or a power flush?
  • Stop going to dealerships :P Take it to a reputable transmission shop as many others do and save $1000's
  • nwestnwest Posts: 2
    It was just a fluid change, and not by the dealer, that was their issue.
  • Hi,

    I was wondering which state are you in, maybe I can take my car for repair in the same shop. I am in Arizona, and one shop was saying dealer charges $9,000 for transmission and he wants to charge $5,000. He said the transmission is intercahngable with Volkswagon and he said I have electrical PCM to ECM problem, etc. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
  • laff2laff2 Posts: 8
    I would get a second opinion as well as check a few dealers. While a dealer may be a little more, they may be able (as well as any reliable shop) find a rebuilt one.

    Overall, the 2002 Freelander is a piece of crap one it goes wrong...and it will go wrong.
  • benm2benm2 Posts: 1
    Well it looks like everyone has had trouble with their Freelander. I bought this car because I thought it would be a safe and dependable ride for my wife -- I was wrong about the dependable part. It is a 2002 Freelander S with 85,000 miles.

    Here is my story, if ANYONE can provide some insight, Id truly appreciate it.
    We got up Easter morning and attempted to go to church. When I put the car in Reverse, the engine revved up but the car didnt move. When I tried to put it in drive, same situation. Finally after much trying the car did decide to back up enough to get it out of the way. I checked out this message board and decided not to tow it to the dealership (70 miles away) and took it to a local Aanco transmission shop. They said they found that there was no fluid in the transmission and the whole thing was shot. They quoted a rebuild job at close to $3,000 or said they could put a salvage one in for 2500 plus 500 labor. Is there a cheaper option?

    Do I need to look for another opinion? Can this be the soleniod that many of you have talked about thats an inexpensive fix? And Im not a mechanic but when in the heck didnt they put a dipstick on the transmission so that you could tell if the fluid was low. Only on the way to the shop did it flash the F 4 code and blink the hill decent icon.

    Please help.
    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • 03hippo03hippo Posts: 6
    No fluid in the transmission? If that truly is the case then I can imagine there is some pretty major damage. I can't say I've ever heard of one losing tranny fluid though without leaving puddles or showing some sign of leakage somewhere. I'd try to get another opinion if possible.
  • gac62gac62 Posts: 6
    It is possible to lose trans fluid without an external leak. Your transmission connects to the radiator to provide cooling to the transmission fluid. Look at your radiator fluid, I bet you'll find transmission fluid there. Also, the rebuild price of $3K is, believe it our not VERY reasonable for the transmission in the Freelander. Certain parts are dealer-only items that are very expensive.

    As far as the flashing F-4 and hill decent icon, it very well could be the solonoid pack. But if what fluid is remaining in the transmission is burnt, then you have "hard part" damage and it needs to be rebuilt/replaced.
  • nikkienikkie Posts: 2
    I just a 2002 Freelander back in Nov.,2007...currently has about 50,000 miles on it & recently got an oil the car revs when it goes over 30 or 40 miles.....what would be the reason....transmission???
  • laff2laff2 Posts: 8
    Check the fluid...You should have it checked out. Could be a bad solenoid otherwise, its the transmissions. If so, say goodbye. Trust me, letit go away. Liked mine till the trans went...and that was the beginning. :lemon:
  • jet8jet8 Posts: 2
    The only alternative I know, is to take to a AAMCO Transmissions Dealer, they are the only one I know could do the work for half the cost. They were going to replace my transmission but my warranty did cover transmission. :lemon:
  • nikkienikkie Posts: 2
    ok I believe my warranty covers the transmission.....once fixed should I get rid of it.....will there be continous problems? I still owe a ton of $$$ on this thing!!
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