Freelander Transmission Problems



  • kostashedkostashed Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 freelander automatic V6 which change every time the SPEED niotho intense kickback can tell me what comes from and how to fix
  • kostashedkostashed Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 freelander automatic which change every time the SPEED i feelling intense kickback can tell me what comes from DO AND HOW corrected
  • doanimdoanim Member Posts: 1
    Have the same problems now with the flashing of the F-4 and the Hill descent light coming on. It normally happens when cold and the moment the car heats up and restarted, it goes away and with a smooth drive. It never used to be like this, but i think it is going to be a big problem. I have never flashed my transmission before and now thinking if i have it flashed it will stop. Any experienced advice out there?
  • loriprogarloriprogar Member Posts: 1
    I had to replace the engine at 30,000 miles while it was under warranty. Of course, they would not pay for it. There went $6000. Said it was because not all of my oil changes were with synthetic oil. I have spent thousands, and thousands, and thousands like all the other Freelander owners. Now I am having transmission problems. I just spent $1000 to fix the drive shaft and the only reason that it was not $3000, was because I went to an independent place that sent the drive shaft out to be repaired. Who knows how many thousands this will be this week. Last month my sun roof was replaced. The whole thing. A few months ago, it was something else. Always something and never less than $1000 through the dealer. What ever happened with the lawyer in New Jersey? Is their a lawsuit out there that I can join?
  • louishnlouishn Member Posts: 8
    see my message 142. Contact Howard Gutman, attorney.

    Tell him I sent you.

    Louis N
  • kiasridevwkiasridevw Member Posts: 1
    Well it's not experienced advice, but it's exactly what we encountered. $5000 and 2 transmissions later (at 46,000 miles) we now have a check engine light on, an apparent coolant leak, and problems starting the darn thing.
    On our way home from a long trip, we got stranded basically in the middle of nowhere after the F4 and hill descent light came on. We had to drive the last 45 min home in 2nd gear with our hazards on. We had the transmission replaced with a used one (warrantied for a year), but when the shop drove it, it was doing the same thing. They then found a rebuilt with a 3 year warranty and put that one in. Now we are encountering all these other issues. This is the worst vehicle we have EVER owned. We love it, but it's a real piece. Definitely will be looking into legal counsel. Good luck to you!!
  • vaguemoonvaguemoon Member Posts: 1
    Our 2002 Freelander SE just blew a gasket at 49,000 miles while driving on I 10 towards Phoenix, AZ near Palm Springs, CA ! We are under total astonishment to what happened? We Drove it from Providence RI to Berkeley, CA where at the local dealer in Walnut Creek we had our oil changed and asked them to check if anything else is needed since we will be driving back to RI which is more than 3,000 miles. We were told all is good that probably once back to RI we will have to change the brake pads and of course oil. We ended up having to tow it to the closest (45 miles) LR dealership in Rancho Mirage. There we paid 145.00 for them to tell us it would cost 10,000 to replace the engine! We ended up selling it for salvage for $500.00! Is there something we can do about this with landrover? The mechanic at Rancho Mirage secretly told me that I should check why Walnut Creek dealership didn't detect any problems? But again, maybe it is the fault of the engine and nothing could of really been detected in advance. Is it worth it to write to Landrover? Sad story...
  • louishnlouishn Member Posts: 8
    edited November 2012
    I have posted this before; it is time again...

    see message 142 for a good lawyer familiar with Land Rover problems.

    and no, there are no favors and no kickbacks.

    One more thing - the engine blew on my wife's Freelander. She now has a Honda CRV.

    Louis N
  • jokwochejokwoche Member Posts: 1
    Well i had same prob with mine, but after i took it for diagnosis and found a problem with the airflow meter, i read about this on the internet and then took out the air filter, cleaned it properly, and also cleaned the airflow meter, since then till date i had no such problem again. I am enjoying my freelander now.
  • jkinglistjkinglist Member Posts: 2
    Hello, I have a 2003 Freelander and my mechanic says I need to replace the solenoids. The dealer wants an insane amount of money for them as it uses 9 solenoids. I found a place online that has all nine of them for $296.99 plus shipping. Has anyone ever purchased from Cobra Transmission?

    Thanks in advanced!
  • cockercocker Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 model freelander and need urgently to locate the ECU. Any one can help pls?
  • jkinglistjkinglist Member Posts: 2
    I have an update on the solenoids. I ended up ordering the solenoid kit from Cobra and replaced them. It fixed the problem! The kit solenoid kit came with a free gasket too. Here is the link where I purchased it from: 8_987&products_id=803021
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