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I had bluetooth/handsfree link added to my 2008 Honda accord and it has quit working.

othermamaothermama Member Posts: 1
edited July 2018 in Honda
It was placed where the sunglasses holder is. The left map or interior light has also stopped working when it is set on door. How do I figure out where the problem is?


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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Who installed it? Who makes it?
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    thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,753
    The map light is relatively easy. Since it works on manual that confirms the fuse, socket, and wiring to that point are all good which means you then concentrate on the ground side control. At this point you need a scan tool to confirm the door switch input to the drivers MICU (drivers door module) and from there depending on what you discover the specific steps can vary significantly. Here is the Honda schematic for just the map lights.

    Take note of the blue call outs like the fuse numbers, photos, splices, and page continuations. They don't put the entire schematic on one page, and everything that you see in blue is a hyperlink to specific information about that item embedded in the schematic. The page continuations like "see page 14-18" take you to the next section of the wiring schematic.

    I used the word relatively earlier. If you have a Honda HDS scan tool, or one like the Autel Maxisys then you can access pertinent data from the modules involved in the system and quite often make two way commands to activate a controlled component which would allow for the rest of the circuit to be examined between the lamp and the controller. Without that it can be a very labor intensive project and often lead to mis-diagnosis.

    The Honda factory hands free system was able to be added and if that is what you have the routine is heavily dependent on scan tool driven routines. There are a number of modules involved and quite a few pages to the schematic. About all you can do without all the tools and information is check all of fuses in both the under dash and underhood fuse block assemblies. The best way to check them is to see if you have power to, and then through them with a test light.

    Here is just one of the schematics involved in part of the hands free operation. It's noteable that this is also part of the interior lamps circuit as a number of components are shared between the two systems.

    It's very likely you are going to need the help of a skilled and properlly equipped technician with this.
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