2018 Grand Cherokee Limited 4x2 Lease - What is a good deal?

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Hi All,

I am trying to buy a 2018 Grand Cherokee Limited 4x2 in Houston, TX (Zip 77020). I received an offer from a dealer as follows:

-MSRP $40,090
-Dealer savings $3,500
-Customer rebate $4,500
-$0 Down payment;
-36 months w. 12,000 miles per year;
-APR 9.25%
-Residual value 54%
-6.25% tax rate

I got a monthly lease payment of $475/month. I'm new at figuring a lease using these factors so I'm trying to figure out a fair range of price that I will be able to negotiate based on the MF you provided earlier. I am sure I CAN DO BETTER, right? Thanks in advance for any help here!


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    One issue with Texas: They collect sales tax on the full selling price.
    That is $65/mo., more or less.

    That looks like an Ally bank lease quote.
    To get that payment, there has to be another large rebate involved...otherwise, the payment would be over $550 with those parameters.
    What is the amount due at signing?

    Chrysler Capital: .00016 MF and 52% residual
    $4000 incentive.

    Seems like the payment would be better with CC.

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