Buying out of state to save Sales Tax

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Hi All,

Sales Tax in CA is insane around 10%.

I am thinking of buying a Car in Oregon, Register the car in Oregon (I have family that can help me provide Address Proof and forward any mails I get)

I can then drive the car to CA

After a few months I can register the car in CA as a family transfer.

Has anyone done this in CA or any other state, Please share your experience.

PS : I dont want any trolls on how this is wrong.


  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 197,544
    If you don’t have an Oregon driver’s license, I doubt you can buy it in your name.

    “Wrong” or not, you are taking a big chance. Also, I’m guessing WA, CA, ID and UT have their antennae up, on transfers coming in from Oregon. It may not be that easy.

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  • texasestexases Member Posts: 9,697
    You won't get away with it. Think you're the first person to come up with this? CA will get your tax eventually.
  • dealerfrienddealerfriend Member Posts: 9
    I've seen this attempted before and usually if your DL doesn't match up to the address you're claiming, it can't be done. Otherwise everyone would be registering their cars to some empty field in a different state and then switching it later. In my experience, there really isn't a way around saving money on taxes. One way or the other they still get it out of you.
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