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Good price on used (not loaner) 2018 X3 xdrive with 500 miles

belwah87belwah87 Posts: 23
edited July 2018 in BMW
I'm trying to figure out what a reasonable or good price would be on a used 2018 X3 xdrive with 500 miles. Dealer says retail price is $57,000. They are asking 48,000, which is a 15.8% discount on the stated retail price. But, the vehicle is truly used (not a demo) with a clean carfax -- titled to an owner in January 2018 and traded back in to the dealer last week. I assume it's not eligible for a lease deal or new car dealer financing or the various available incentives.

The car has the following options: Driving assistance package, Executive package, Premium package, M sport package, panoramic moonroof, Apple carplay compatible, rear manual side window shades. I'd like all of those options, except possibly the M sport package.

I can pay cash, but would also be willing to finance if the deal was right. If a good price on a loaner is 12-15% off, in addition to any incentives, would 25% off the MSRP of this used vehicle be reasonable? For the asking price of only 16% off on this used vehicle, I think I'd rather go for a loaner for about the same discount and get even more off using the available incentives for a 'new' car.

Also, I plan to ask for the service records of the vehicle before proceeding. I want to know why it was driven so little over 6 months, but definitely have concerns that it's a lemon.

Insights and advice very welcome. Thanks.


  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 128,067
    Don't you lose the maintenance package on a used car, now?

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    Edmunds Moderator

  • CarGuy356CarGuy356 Posts: 7
    edited August 14
    Normally, I see a newish car being sold used like that one above and I think it's because something changed in the owner's life like finances, or location, or divorce, etc, and it looks like a good opportunity to me. But after reading the X3 forums with all the crazy problems on these cars, I would run away from a barely used X3.
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