When my engine gets hot my temp. Gage goes between 160 and 210 it tries to die and backfires but

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When Engine cools it drives just fine I have a 2001 chevy suburban 2500 anything would help at this point thank you


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    Well it's hard to know where to start with this if you don't have a good professional scan tool to capture data.

    You could get a cheap fuel pressure gauge--sometimes the parts stores will rent you one, too--and see if this behavior is related to a drastic drop in fuel pressure. That could suggest a fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, or fuel pump problem. The fuel filter can easily be changed--the fuel pressure regulator can be tested by pulling off the vacuum line going to it and if fuel dribbles out--it's bad. As for the fuel pump, if you've eliminated the other two, that's a good guess---but ONLY a guess.

    Pic of Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Another avenue to travel is loss of spark, perhaps due to an overheating coil pack. Short of a substitution swap, I don't know an easy way to test for a weak coil. You can use a spark tester but it's not quantitative--it pretty much only tells you if you have spark or not. I suppose you could tell if the spark was "weaker" than when you tested it on a cold engine.

    Pic of Ignition Coil Pack
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