car in flash flood

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We were in Colorado Springs on vacation. After a trip up to Pikes Peak with sister in law and her husband we went to late lunch and back to the motorhome to let our dog out and rest a bit. Suddenly it started hailing like we've never seen so we take pictures of our car which is parked in front of the motorhome at Garden of the Gods R.V. Resort. A few minutes later it started pouring down rain and I got up to see if the hailstones were melting and saw flood waters racing toward our car, swirling wood, what also looked like railroad ties (there was a road construction project right after the 3 spaces next to us which started crumbling possibly from the flooding) . There was no way to safely move the car and there were rescue people on the road above us and to our right in the r.v. resort so we waited until they told us it was safe to leave the motorhome. We watched in horror as the water kept rising and the wood and who knows what else under the clay laden water was hitting our car as well as the motorhome. Finally the rescue people came and told us to evacuate as they were concerned more flood water was 'coming down the mountain'. We got out and made it to the cabin our family members were in. While still in the motorhome I contacted Geico to make sure they were aware of the ongoing problem. I was told NOT to start the car. The following day the car was towed and we had to sell the tow dolly that hauled it behind the motorhome as there was no way to get it back to Texas. We had pd. $1,000 and had to take $375 for it. The car has since been towed to yet another facility where it is to be taken apart, I was told they still don't want to try to start it. It's over a week since all this happened and we're scared they're going to take it apart and replace whatever they see wrong and put it back together, now no longer factory built and did they forget any pieces? The car could have problems LONG down the road and the value has depreciated who knows how much due to the flooding.


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    Well you can't force the insurance company to total the car if they don't want to eat the whole thing. I'm a bit surprised they didn't total it but then I'm not there to assess how high the water level was in the car. Being river water, that's certainly better than salt water.

    It's possible they may decide after some disassembly to total the car. Did you consider just taking it back home and having it worked on there?

    What year/make/model?
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