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Won't start

Curtis Jim LillerCurtis Jim Liller Member Posts: 5
edited August 2018 in Kia
I have a 2004 Kia Amanti with the 3.5l engine i have replaced tge ignition coils and the fuses but still won't start it is getting fuel and i have pulled out the plugs in the front to see if it has spark and nothing the car ran until I parked it to find the harmonic balancer pulley for the alternator split. Does this car requires the pulley and belt to be together or can i check it out?

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  • Curtis Jim LillerCurtis Jim Liller Member Posts: 5
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    Found out there was a bad wire for the security system that was in need of replacing and now it runs!


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Have you tried to pull any OBD codes?
  • Curtis Jim LillerCurtis Jim Liller Member Posts: 5
    It isn't finding any codes only thing i haven't replaced is the CPS does that usually show a code
  • 0patience0patience Member Posts: 1,712
    Fix the known problems first.
    If the pulley is broken, then when it came apart, it may have damaged other things.
    Timing belt and crank sensor run off of the crankshaft, so a bad pulley and there may be more damage than what you can see.
  • Curtis Jim LillerCurtis Jim Liller Member Posts: 5
    Ok so i have taken the timing cover off and i can see the CPS but the belt is in the way how do i loosen the belt i don't know which pulley is the tension pulley and the only damage i have found was the a.c. belt was ripped and the power steering belt was frayed along with the harmonic balancer issue but before i change the cps I still feel like it should be throwing out a OBD code if faulty should i still change it or leave the sensor be cause i see no frays on its wires or anything 
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