Bought a 2008 Corolla CE with 89k Miles for $4,000. Did I get ripped off?

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Bought a 2008 Corolla CE with 89k Miles for $4,000. The cosmetic condition I would say is a B or B+. Basically just some scratches on the interior console, top of roof, and a bit on back bumper. Everything on it is great mechanically but it has a small evaporator leak and needs a knock sensor replaced. Will probably need new tires in a year. I talked them down on price $500 but worried with the repairs needed, it may not have been enough and that I overpaid. What do you think?


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    those hold their value. you paid so little that it really can't be by much if you did. Take care of the minor items now, keep up on preventive maintenance going forward (regular oil and fluid changes), and can likely drive it for the next 10 years pretty cheap.

    Don't just look at purchase price on a used car. Factor in ongoing running costs, and with those, can't get much cheaper than a Corolla.

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    You paid just about market price or a bit below due to low miles, so whether it was a good buy or not depends entirely on how serious these repairs turn out to be. I'm not sure how you determined that it needs a knock sensor, or the overall condition of the AC system. You could get off cheap or you could have to cough up some additional money that you weren't planning on.

    I think stickguy is right--you have a little cushion here to invest in the car, but if you need a complete AC system overhaul or some serious engine timing issues, then maybe you'd need to think twice about it.

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    They were codes on an OBD scanner. One for knock sensor and P0441 for evap emission. Taking it to mechanic in the morning to see what the damage is.
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